Overview of the New and Improved iPage Web Hosting

You might already know that iPage hosting has been in business since 1998. The company as well their official website has been constantly improved over the years. Today, Andrew Wright, iPage’s new General Manager, announced on the official iPage blog, the new and improved iPage.

So what’s new with iPage?

Ipage got a new, modern and more professional logo. Their website has also been upgraded, got a new style and new colors, to meet the current web design trends. They paid close attention to details, making their site more mobile- and user-friendly, making it easier for their current and new customers to access the tools and services they need.

Here is a screenshot that represents the old and the new iPage design:

ipage old vs new

New iPage Tools and Services

Upgrading their main website and changing their logo is not something that affects much their customers. So my personal opinion is that this not counts as a very huge improvement. But before we start criticizing let’s see what is going on under the hood.

iPage Website Builder

If you are familiar with iPage’s hosting service, you know that the Weebly site builder has been available at iPage for a very long time. It is still available, and you can still build your website using Weebly and publish it to your iPage hosting account.

However, now you can use the new, in-house designed iPage Website Builder, which comes with lots of features and functionality. This drag-and-drop site builder is perfect for beginners who just want to set up their website quickly without the hassle of going through the long process of learning programming.

The new site builder integrates perfectly with all other iPage tools and services like emails, domains and others.

new ipage website builder

Plan Upgrade & Product Marketplace

Each website and each customer has different needs when it comes to web hosting. iPage knows this very well, so they are planning on offering more hosting plans to their customers. These plans will be designed to offer more flexibility and options. These plans are not available for purchase just yet, but they work hard to make them available in the upcoming months.

Soon, each customer will have access to the brand new Marketplace via the hosting control panel. Here customers will have access to lots of free and commercial add-ons. There is not clear yet, what add-ons you can expect to find in the Marketplace, but hopefully we will see this very soon.

Major Investments in Infrastructure

There have been lots of behind-the-scenes improvements too. The company has put lot of effort into improving their infrastructure. They have increased the provider links and network switching backbones by 2x and 4x, also entirely replaced the network gear to improve connectivity and increase protection against DDoS attacks. Added new caching layer, new set of SQL servers and Netapp storage for better speed and performance.

So they made major improvements to their infrastructure to ensure a faster, more secure and more reliable service.

Andrew also promises in its blog post that the whole support interaction is restructured. They’ve adopted the “do it with me” mentality when it comes on handling customers. This means that when you call iPage, a dedicated web advisor who is trained and has good knowledge about iPage products, web design, SEO and other terms, will help you find what you are looking for.

Wrapping up

For now, these are the improvements that have been done at iPage hosting company. We will continue monitoring their service and will create reports to see how they are evolving in the upcoming months.

If you want to find out more about iPage and their service, please read our more detailed iPage review.

You can also learn more about the company on their official website.


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