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If you are looking to create a simple business website, a blog or an online store, but don’t have any experience, Mozello might be a good option to consider. Mozello is a website building tool, which provides you an easy to use platform for creating a professional, beautiful and mobile-ready website with ease.

Mozello is developed and maintained by a privately owned company based in Latvia, Europe. Their philosophy is to give everybody an opportunity to create a beautiful website without the need for learning all the technical details and going through the long and expensive development process.

With Mozello you can set up a simple static website as well run a blog. It is also possible to start an online shop, with their in-build online-store system. With the free account you are allowed to add up to 10 products, while the Premium Plus plan does not put a cap on the number of products you can have on your website. In the following part of our Mozello review, I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of this website builder.

What’s good about Mozello?

No Geeky Stuff: You don’t have to be a programmer, nor need to know any programming language to use this website building tool.

Easy Setup: In just few minutes and few easy to follow steps you can have your website published. Signup for a free or paid plan, register a domain or use your existing one, choose a design, add your content and publish your website.

Free Domain & Hosting: You can try out Mozello for free, in this case you will get a sub-domain and hosting (500MB storage) for free. With paid accounts you can register a new domain for free or point your existing domain to Mozello’s server. With the paid accounts you can benefit of unlimited storage space and add unlimited products to your online shop.

Beautiful & Professional: Choose from a wide range of professional designs and edit them for your own needs. You can change every element of chosen template, so your website will completely different from others.

Custom Code: You can track your website with Google Analytics by adding the tracking ID in the dedicated field, or you can add custom HTML to the body of your website or to the head if you are using the premium plan.

What’s bad about Mozello?

Limited Features: Although the Mozello website builder is very easy to use, the offered features are limited, compared to its competitors. The biggest disadvantage of Mozello is that there is no drag-and-drop functionality. There are pre-styled layouts, but you can’t add any extra web elements or boxes to it.


Compared to other website builder, Mozello is lacking in features, but one thing is certain: is super easy to use. So if you need a tool, which makes it possible to create a simple business website with easy, Mozello is for you. If you need advanced options for customizing layouts and creating complex landing page, you might want to try out Weebly or Wix.

Mozello Reviews Updated on: January 22, 2019
Company: Mozello
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Mozello User Reviews

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Heiner Höving on May 17, 2018
In the past I tried to set up an own website with a lot of competitors - but I failed because I have noe experience in building websites and I have not the time to study dozens of videos and hundreds of blog or support advises.

With Mozello I created really quick a new site as I wished to have months ago.
When I had a few questions, support was answering quick and even on Sundays!!!

So Mozello is the best company for my needs.
Andreja Prpic on Feb 11, 2018
My previous review was negative but in the meantime the customer support got to work on Sunday to solve the problem and retrieve my content. Kudos to them.That is unexpectedly positive. The site itself is very easy and simple to use.
Andreja Prpic on Feb 11, 2018
Mozello deleted my entire website without me knowing it. After I wrote them to help me log in I was informed they deleted my entire content because I didn't update it for two months. I was busy during the last two months and had no clue that my website might get deleted. The content was of a huge personal importance and I am never getting it back.