8 Most Profitable Blog Niches to Consider

Making money by starting a blog, YouTube channel or any other site that pushes out a consistent stream of content requires some level of planning. You’re going to invest a lot of time and energy into creating your content, so you’ll want to make sure that the return on your investment is high enough.

People on the internet have numerous interests and problems they want to solve. They are constantly digging through content to find something they like and solution to their particular problems. In order to be successful, you’ll have create a supply for their demand, but first you have off knowing what said demand is and how you can best serve it.

It would also be smart to figure out exactly how you’re looking to make money with your content. Will you do it by promoting affiliate products from Amazon and other programs? Maybe you want to make cash from Google AdSense like most of the other bloggers and content creators out there.

Keep in mind that one of the core aspects of blogging and content creation is that you’re either an expert on something, or offer a unique perspective on a topic. Nobody would believe you and want a piece of your content otherwise, right?

Today, we’re going to dive in and find some of the most profitable niches on the web. We’re going to look at keywords and topics people are searching for throughout the year and that have the highest pay rate. But keep in mind that some of these have a high competition, so you’ll definitely have to put some work into them and offer something truly awesome to users.

By creating useful content according to user demands, you can get yourself a $1000 – $5000 commission per month, either with advertisements or with affiliate products. We will first explain what evergreen content is and why it is important if you want to make a nice amount of money consistently. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it!

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Evergreen Content

evergreen content

As the name suggests, evergreen content will keep your blog flowering with income throughout the entire year. This is thanks to the consistent interest people have in evergreen niches. They are based on three core interests. These are sex, relationships and money. Your content either has to help people get laid or satisfy their sexual desires, have better relationships or be better at romance, make more money or be as healthy as they can be. Why are these so important in our case? Because everyone on the planet wants them!

You’re bound to click on relationship advice, health advice or a guide that says you will get laid tonight 100%. Each of these play big roles in our lives and we seek to understand them as best as we can. Which is why people are constantly looking for such content.

The market for these were always profitable and forever will be. For the health niche, you can create blogs about healthy foods and diets, fitness, health advice, well-being and so on. For the sex niche, you can create adult content or provide tips that help people hookup with others faster and easier. When it comes to relationships, you can provide dating advice and useful information that helps people handle their romantic relationships and every other relationship better.

If you feel comfortable with any of these topics and would like to do the research, you can rest assured that they’re definitely lucrative. To help you get a better idea of what you can write about, we’re going to show you a list of the most searched keywords and topics on the web. Maybe you’ll find the perfect niche for yourself among them.

Keep in mind that these niches are based on data collected from Google AdSense. It’s quite reliable but doesn’t cover everything (not that any other data could). Some of these topics may actually rank higher than we rank them, so the most important thing for you to keep in mind is how well you can serve the needs they stand for.

Health and Wellness

health wellness niche

Doctors make a heaps of money for a reason. Healthcare is one of the most fundamental aspects of our civilization. Everyone wants to be healthy and wants to do something for their health. Except few idiots, but you can’t do much about them. The main thing however, is that there’s a rising interest in health, fitness and wellbeing in general. People from all around the world are always searching for solutions regarding their physical health issues, mental health issues, for losing weight or leading a healthier lifestyle in general.

As you have already seen in mainstream media and everywhere around you, everyone wants to be fit. Being muscular, energetic and putting in a lot of work and education to make it happen is the new thing. But you can’t be producing uninformative content in these niches. You at least have to put plenty of research into producing valuable content for them or have a medical background. This is very important for building trust and gaining backlinks from similar blogs. If you have knowledge and experience in these topics, than you’re pretty much already rich. Health is a really wide topic, so you’re pretty likely to find something that suits you well.

Tips for health and fitness have a really high pay on Google. Advice within these topics are quite expensive in real life, which is why people come to the internet to get it. Hiring a fitness consultant or trainer to give you a training plan is pretty expensive by the hour. Which only makes this niche better. Here are a few ideas that could drive your content creation efforts:

  • Vision care and eye health
  • Self Help
  • Well-Being
  • Spirituality
  • Cosmetics
  • Healthy foods and diet plans, Diabetic Recipes
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Fitness and training plans
  • Increasing Testosterone Levels
  • Releasing Joint Pain
  • Cosmetics

The fact that people are always searching for these topics make them a great source for AdSense revenue. But there are also high-paying affiliate products you can promote. Some of them cost up to hundreds of dollars, which can make you plenty of cash if you promote or sell them. Most people put health first so there are plenty of big spenders.

Relationship Advice

relationship advice niche

People can’t hold out without romance for too long and they’re always looking to get better at it. They are constantly getting together and going through breakups. They make huge emotional investments and need quite a bit of empowerment in order to keep themselves on the right track to a healthy relationship. Being good to a partner requires quite a bit of attention and breaking up comes with quite a bit of pain that people want relief from. So most of them are always looking to supplement themselves with quality thoughts and that’s when you come into play.

But the relationship topic doesn’t end with romance. You can write about how one can establish a better relationship with their boss, their spouse or a stranger on the street. People are also eager to know what others think and how they can make a good first impression.

All of these will also add up to how quickly a person can get laid. A lot of people want to know more about relationships to be better at dating

Relationships have many aspects from body language to understanding how the human psyche functions. So, as long as there are humans on the planet, there will be relationships and plenty of reasons to talk about them.

IT, Technology, SEO and Social Media

it tech seo social media niche

About 38% of searches on the web are tech-related. Everything is influenced by technology and we have more and more gadgets to run around with every year. Which is why people want these things to make useful contribution to their lives and make it much easier. They already have PCs, tablets and phones, which come with plenty of issues that you can provide solutions to. Troubleshooting computer errors attracts a lot of attention and you can make good money if your content is useful.

In the tech niche, you’re best off with at least some level of experience, but it you can do well without it too. This is due to the fact that most people are interested in understanding a product from a user experience standpoint. They always want to read a couple of reviews of the product they’re looking to buy. So writing product reviews and including their affiliate links is also a pretty sweet deal and has made billions for reviewers all over the internet.

You can blog on a specific software such as Android or Windows. Or approach technology from your own unique perspective. You can write about the latest technologies that will hit the market, or about software you find useful to certain individuals. It’s always useful to talk about new tricks and features a software or social media platform offers.

SEO and blogging are also important topics with plenty of people searching for them. Social media has also became a topic for many professionals, because it has created the most awesome marketing tool for them. The market is already full with people writing about search engine optimization, social media marketing and creating a blog quickly and easily. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. Just keep in mind that you have to offer some kind of unique value within your content to be successful.

I shouldn’t leave out that if you have any web development knowledge, than it’s smart to share it. But there, just like in the rest of the market, the scene is pretty full.

To make it simple, here are a few blog ideas:

  • How to guides and tutorials
  • Technology news
  • IT events
  • Gossip and ideas on the future of IT
  • Technology product reviews
  • SEO Techniques
  • On-Page and off page SEO
  • Social Media Marketing Guides

Make Money Online

make money online niche

The world is filled with get-rich-quick guides and legitimate online money making opportunities and there’s always room for more. People are constantly looking to make money online as comfortably as they can. Making money from the comfort of their bedroom or for doing nothing after a while is an absolute dream for many. Plenty of people are looking for side hustles and ways they can make money from their passion and creativity, and they are also looking for the necessary guidance.

In this niche, there is a high click-through rate, which means you can make plenty of money with it through AdSense. There are also plenty of courses and products you can promote through affiliate networks, which means there is a lot of money to be made.

Breaking News and Celebrities

breaking news niche

People are interested in seeing and hearing what their favorite actors, musicians and celebrities are up to. This, as all the others, is a very wide topic filled with possibilities and many unique ways you can approach it. If you have a series you love or series within a certain genre like horror, you can write a blog about it. If you are interested in Hollywood celebrities, than by all means, write a blog about it.

You can write news on just about any topic and anything happening around the world as long as it fits your area of interest. So, take your time and look around!

Insurance, Forex, Cryptography and Finance

insurance forex crypto finance niche

Insurance is one of the most expensive, high paying AdSense and affiliate niches. Which is why there is plenty of competition for it, but if you sell even one product, there’s a huge commission coming your way.  Some CPC ads in the insurance niche give you $30 for a single click. While some affiliate commissions can make about $200 +, so I don’t have to stress the fact that it’s a lucrative niche.

But since there’s a lot of money involved in insurances, it requires a lot of knowledge and understanding as well. If you have a basic understanding and an interest in insurance, you can start a blog on life insurance or car insurance.

Forex is a similar high paying niche. I don’t know much about it, because I and numbers aren’t friends, but if you like trading and know a lot about it, sharing some tips would definitely get you the money. There are plenty of expensive courses and useful information you can sell.

Cryptography is also booming with more crypto currencies hitting the world. There are at least 10 relevant crypto currencies on the market right now, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most popular. If you’re interested in investing into these currencies or do some mining yourself, it would be smart to start a blog on the topic.

Although these are really high paying niches, you don’t have to be an expert in insurance or an investor. Money, just like all the other topics, can be approached from various angles. You can write budget plans for house wives or useful budgeting tips for college students. If there’s a problem you know how to solve, then go out and solve it!

Expensive Hobbies That People Spend a Lot On

expensive hobbies niche

One of the best places to make a ridiculously high amount of money is to target hobbies where people spend plenty of money. They will always spend on things that make them happy or feel excitement, so hobbies are definitely a smart niches to target. Hobbies like travel and sports activities like hunting, fishing, sailing, skiing and golf are all pretty expensive. People aren’t shy to spend a lot of money on them, which means they are a primary target for you. Travel cruises, safaris and vacation packages are all something that people spend large heaps of money on, so they’re definitely a prime target.

Even if you like to spend time out in the woods, go hiking, mountain climbing or have any other sports activity you enjoy, that’s good enough. You can make a great website that promotes these activities, where you can also promote some gear you used on your last trip. It’s a perfect way to do what you love, write about it and make a steady income along the way. A survivalist blog for example would be ton of fun to make and you can also make good money with it by promoting axes, knives, water purifiers and so on.

3D printing is also gaining popularity, so if you like digital sculpturing or have a degree in engineering, that’s something you might want to look into as well.


If you found a niche that caught your interest (and there were plenty), you should definitely do some more research on them. Find out what blogs and YouTube channels already exist and try to offer something they don’t or at least mimic their quality. Just about any of these niches can be approached from a fresh perspective, so one of them is definitely waiting on you to make it happen.

Once you’ve found your niche, be sure to do a throughout keyword research and study the best ways you can target your keywords. Maybe even read the posts we wrote about them not so long ago. I hope you enjoyed reading through this article, and that we’ll see you again soon in the next one as well!


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