8 Most Popular Android Apps for Addict Instagram Marketers

If you want to get more followers to your Instagram or simply want your pictures to look better, then you should consider downloading one of these apps we listed below. Although Instagram has its own application for iOS and Android, it doesn’t have as many features as you might expect. You can’t really share other people’s posts, edit your pictures and manage your content effectively because Instagram simply didn’t provide you with the proper tools.

If you own a business, these applications can surely help you in advertising your products and reaching a wider audience. On the other hand, these are also decent for individual users who simply want to improve their content and attract more followers. Each of the following applications serve a different purpose, but they are all top-notch and widely recommended for every Instagram user.

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1. HashTags

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hashtags instagram app android

By using the most appropriate hashtags, you can always reach a wider audience that can see your pictures and even react to them. However, it’s not easy to find out which are the most popular ones just by following other people’s posts. This is why you need an application such as HashTags. Just upload your photo, open the app and choose a category to find the most popular hashtags for your post.

You can copy each tag to your Instagram with a simple copy-paste method and add as many hashtags as you want. If you need a specific category that can’t be found in the app, just contact the developers via email and they willingly add another one.

HashTags is just an ordinary, simple application with a few ads here and there, but it definitely serves the purpose. Although it’s developed for Android users, you can download an app called TagsForLikes for iOS which uses a different interface, but apart from that it’s quite similar to HashTags.

2. Follower Stats

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follower stats instagram app android

To get a nice overview of your Instagram account, just download Follower Stats. It’s mostly like your Instagram dashboard, but it provides all the relevant information for you in great detail with its awesome tables and graphs. You can keep track of your followers, the people you followed, the others who frequently check out your posts, the amount of likes and even more.

If you want the full version, you need to buy it for $4.99, and you will be always up-to-date about your Instagram status. The free version is also somewhat useful, but it only tracks the users who followed or blocked you, which is only a tiny bit of information compared to the premium app.

In terms of business, you can use these stats to monitor your progress in marketing your products. This kind of software is a must-have for businesses, mostly because of the straightforward interface which provides you with valuable information any time you need it.

3. InstaPlace

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instaplaces instagram app android

This application uses your location data to put a text on your photos, making it more informative for your followers. Any time you see something interesting that needs to be shared, you can spice it up with one of InstaPlace’s stylish texts. It doesn’t have to be a location, as you can also just share your thoughts or write something funny on your photos.

It’s a very simple idea, but it’s often times way easier for people to relate to your content if they know where you are and what are you thinking at the moment. With InstaPlace, you will get numerous skins to make your captions even more appealing, but you need to unlock them first. Even if you don’t really like social media, this application can still work for you offline.

The full version costs $1.99 for Android, $2.49 for Windows Phones and $1.99 for iOS. Buy it now and start sharing your memories in a more elegant way with your brand new skins.

4. Snapseed

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snapseed instagram app android

There are many applications available in the store for editing faces, but what about the different types of photos you take? With Snapseed, you can edit any kind of photo you want and also post it on Instagram and your other social media accounts. It’s developed by Google, so as you might expect, it comes with some pretty decent photo editing capabilities. They inserted all the tools and filter options into a clean interface, making them as self-explanatory as possible with icons and images.

You can choose from a bunch of filters and advanced editing tools, which makes you able to adjust your photo in many ways. Snapseed is recommended even for experienced mobile photographers who need a firm photo manipulating tool for their work.

If you are a beginner, you will need some time to get more familiar with the app, because it can be quite overwhelming at first. However, you better start practicing because this is definitely the best tool for Android and iOS for adding professional quality to your photos.

5. Instagram Repost

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repost instagram app android

The creators of Instagram made it rather difficult to repost photos or videos, so you better find a more straightforward solution in case you find something interesting that ought to be shared with your friends and followers. There is an application called Repost which is completely free and allows you to repost any video or photo on Instagram with just a few taps. You can consider it as an extension to Instagram, since it basically makes up for a missing feature.

With Repost, each time you share someone’s content, you also give credit to them. You can simply enjoy browsing the most recent content on your account and share anything you find there to your Messenger, Twitter, and Facebook pages or just copy the Share URL and paste it wherever you want.

It’s actually one of the easiest to use applications available, so if you are a regular Instagram user, you should download it right away. Repost supports iOS and Android platforms and has some in-app purchases as well.

6. Hootsuite

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hootsuite instagram app andorid

Hootsuite is a widely used application for scheduling and managing posts. Besides Instagram, you can use it for your other social media accounts as well. You can set up a precise time, and Hootsuite will remind you to post the desired photo or video on your Instagram. It can be a decent tool for businesses who try to build up their online presence by regularly posting ads or pictures of their products.

This app also gives you notifications whenever someone mentions your profile or brand, so you will never miss out on any important feedback. The free version is limited to three social media accounts, but if you want to manage more, there is a monthly fee of $8.99, extending it to 50 accounts.

All in all, Hootsuite is a professional tool for any business with its in-depth analytics and bulk scheduling capabilities. You can download it for Android and iOS as well straight from the Play store or iTunes.

7. Microsoft Hyperlapse

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microsoft hyperlapse instagram app android

Microsoft came up with an awesome time-lapse technology and decided to create this useful video creation app, which is already downloaded by nearly a million users on Google Play. Most timelapse applications couldn’t really produce stable, enjoyable timelapse videos, but with Microsoft Hyperlapse, you can even speed them up to an impressive 32x speed. The final result is always as stable and clear as the content you started up with.

In the application, you can either record a new video or choose one from your previously recorded ones. The user-interface is as simple as possible, so you really can’t mess anything up. Once you are done with your video, just tap Share and choose your favorite social media website to post it to your friends. It’s as simple as that.

Microsoft Hyperlapse can be used on Windows Phones and Android-based devices as well. It’s totally free and there are no paid features, so you will get the complete app just by downloading and installing it.

8. Facetune

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facetune instagram app andorid

Since selfies became so popular on the Internet, it’s not surprising that the term “selfie” became one of the most used hashtags on Instagram. If you want to upload your own selfie, consider downloading Facetune, which is an application that can turn your photo into the best selfie you have ever made. Just a few taps, and you will look like a celebrity from a famous magazine.

There are many applications available in the store for the same purpose, but this one has the best photo editing capabilities by far. With Facetune, you can change your eye or hair color, remove dark circles, reshape your face, add makeup, whiten your teeth, and the list goes on with an abundance of useful features. Although these modifications usually look fake in other apps, Facetune always provides you with natural-looking results.

You can buy this app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS based devices for only $2.99, $3.99 and $3.99 respectively.

The End

Here you have it! These plugins are popular for a reason. They are useful and many people and businesses who try to reach out more audience, rely on them. So why shouldn’t you try implementing these Android apps into your Instagram marketing strategy? I think there is now reason.

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