The Most Exciting New Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)

TLDs (Top Level Domains) are part of all domain names and gTLDs (generic TLDs) are a special kind of TLDs. They are called generic for historic reasons, since they were introduced as alternatives of country specific TLDs.

All TLDs are maintained by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This nonprofit organization supervises the launch of new TLDs and assigns them to profit oriented companies. That’s why all gTLDs have an operator what issues (sells) domain names in the related gTLD.

ICANN has just announced, that the 1000th new gTLD has become available. We reviewed the long list of these gTLDs and picked few most interesting of them.


.audio is maintained by Uniregistry Corp and available since 3 September 2014. The gTLD is ideal for those people and companies, who work in music industry. As Uniregistry shows on its website, .audio is the best choice for sound engineers and designers, equipment retailers, musician and producers and podcasters.

.audio gTLD is quite cheap, a domain name only costs $13.88 at Uniregistry and the renewal fee is also $13.88/year.


.blackfriday is another gTLD from Uniregistry, it became available on 8 July 2014.

Black Friday is a traditional event in the USA, it is the biggest shopping day in the country. Every year more than 130 million people buy something on this day, so it was logic to create a dedicated gTLD for this occasion too.

.blackfriday is the ideal generic top level domain for retailers, online shops, marketing agencies, coupon companies and bargain hunters.

The gTLD is a bit more expensive than .audio, it costs $39.88 at Uniregistry and also the renewal fee is $39.88.


.blue is a gTLD what you can register since 2014, at Afilias. The company’s website describes that blue is the most popular color in the world, since it means harmony, peace and strength.

You may wonder who needs a domain name with .blue at the end. Afilias says that .blue is great for those people and companies who work in water or meteorology industry. The domain also can be used for those company domain names, where the company name contains the WORD blue or the logo contains the COLOR blue.

Also there are other special usage cases, like website of a police department, or a fan site of the police, etc. Of course, if you are not a member of any related companies or organizations, but you like the blur color, you can still register a .blue domain name.

Afilias does not offer .blue registration directly, you can register such a domain name at its partners. For example, a new .blue domain costs only $18.99 at Enom.


.cooking gTLD is maintained by Minds + Machines, and available since 2014.

The new gTLD was created for those companies and people who work in gastronomy or foods and drinks industry. It is also ideal for professional chefs, amateur gastro bloggers, kitchen equipment producers and retailers, etc.

Getting a .cooking domain name is not an expensive thing, since such a domain name costs only $24.99 at Minds + Machines.


.guitars gTLD was launched in 2014 and is maintained by Uniregistry.

As the company’s websites indicates, a .guitars domain name is ideal for guitarists, guitar manufacturers and merchants and music addicts. It can be also registered by music bands, guitar fans or music article writers.

As almost all of Uniregistry’s gTLDs, .guitars is also cheap. Registering a .guitars domain name costs only $29.88 and the annual fee is also $29.88 for it.


Do beer fans need better domain name, than one with .beer ending? The same idea could push Minds + Machines to bid for Register entity of this domain and in 2014, the company won the race.

Since then, people and companies, who work in beer industry registered many .beer domain names. The gTLD is also ideal for beer portals, professionals and fans too.

If you need a domain name with .beer ending, you can easily register one at Minds + Machines, it costs only $24.99. Also the annual renewal needs the same amount.


.work gTLD is another Uniregistry top level domain, it is available for public since 2014.

The .work domains were created for people and companies who work in recruitment, or people looking for job occasions, also companies looking for new employees.

This gTLD is also ideal for those governmental or non profit organizations, what create statistics and issue regulations for private sector.

A .work domain name is super cheap and costs only $9.88. The annual renewal fee is also $9.88.

If you are looking for job, it is recommended to register a .work domain and upload your resume and work experience there. It is highly possible that you will be the only applicant who uses this super advanced job seeking method.


Afilias partnered with DotGreen Community Inc. to provide .green domain names to public. Later, Dotgreen withdrew its application, currently Afilias maintains this gTLD alone. It is available since 24 March 2015.

The .green gTLD is ideal for those people and companies who work in environmental industry, or take care of sustainability, and social good. Using such gTLD for websites or promotional landing pages is recommended for all companies who want to show that they think green.

Using a .green domain name is also ideal for those organizations or businesses who use green as company color, have it in their logo or name. The new gTLD could be good for people with surname “Green”.

A .green domain name is not so expensive, but has higher price than most of the other gTLDs on our list. It costs $79.99 and the annual renewal fee is also $79.99.


Everyone loves money and such domain names are very popular what contains “money” in any way. These things could be the reason why Donuts applied as registrar for .money gTLD and won the chance to maintain it. The new gTLD is available for public since 2015.

.money is ideal for those websites what work with money or financial matters. Using a .money domain name could be the best choice for money bloggers, financial advisors, banks or any people and companies, who do something with money.

Surprisingly, a .money domain name is not expensive, it only costs $34.99. Also the annual renewal fee is $34.99 so there is no reason to not have a .money domain name.


So which domain extension will you choose for your next website? If you want to learn more about how to choose a good domain name, I recommend reading our linked tutorial. If you are looking to register new domains, I recommend NameCheap.

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