Most Common & Efficient Mobile Marketing Methods

In this article, we will cover numerous topics regarding how you can spread the word of your company, once you have your marketing strategy in place. This will include various other strategies with which you can engage and connect with your customers in an interactive way, and monitor their activities, so you could adapt to them. We will start with covering how to develop a successful SMS campaign and straightforward guides for developing a mobile website marketing strategy and a mobile application marketing strategy. All of these have various requirements and steps to take and come with benefits that take your business to new heights.

Developing a Good SMS Campaign

SMS Campaigns is a popular way for businesses to promote their products and services and connect with their audience. It is the most simplistic, easy, economic and fast way to get a message out there.

An SMS (Short Message Service) is a small text-message that consists of 160 characters that you can send out to your customers, to inform them of anything related to your business. For example, if you own a Pizza Hut and want to make sure they know about your latest promotion, you can spread the word to them quickly and efficiently. So the benefits become obvious because the more subscribers you get the bigger the volume of your growth becomes.

Once you have data from your research and you have your target audience, defined the values of what you are offering and have your goals in place, it is a prime time to launch your SMS camping.

There are 5 requirements you have to fulfill to be able to start your SMS Campaign. So without further delay, let’s see what steps we can take to make it work.

Choose a Text Messaging Platform

As it is obvious, you need a medium through which you can text your audience. Let it be your website, your application or an IVR program. Choosing where the texting between you and your subscribers gets recorded is very crucial.

Make a User Flow Diagram

A user flow diagram is created in Microsoft Word or in Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a tool that you use to keep track of and record the interactions between you and your audience. For example, if your customer replies to a text message thus interacts with you, that activity can be recorded with the user flow diagram.

Get a Carrier Approval Certification

No matter where you are, the messages you would send out to your potential customers have to be approved by an agency before you can actually send them. Some of your businesses information must be submitted, like your contact, your career’s billing details, etc. After you are done with this you can move on to starting your campaign.

Common Short Codes

All the messages in a mobile campaign are sent through Common Short Codes, which are phone numbers of five or six digits.

Opt-In Marketing Program

In order to be able to send messages to your potential subscribers, you need to make an opt-in marketing program. This is the way you can get your potential clients permission to send him or her text messages. To do this, you must insert a call to action into your advertisement; gather the opt-in through your website or through an email campaign. When you have permission of your potential subscribers, you can start sending them text messages.

Developing a Good Mobile Website Marketing Strategy

As the popularly of mobile phones kept increasing, more and more dimensions became available for companies to promote their products and services. One of these dimensions is the development of mobile websites which lets users browse and access information, no matter where they are.

The concept of mobile websites is growing rapidly and substantially. Web Technologies like HTML5 and CSS allow developers to make their websites mobile responsive with good navigation features, which also ranks it higher in Google. Mobile websites can be separate from your original website and can have different domain names.

There are some key points to take into consideration before you create a mobile website.

Making a Domain Strategy

The domain name is important if you are not creating a site with HTML5 and you would rather create a separate mobile website. This would mean creating a relevant subdomain name out of your website’s original domain name, which would look like or if your original site was The name of your website should be short so users can type it easily.

Designing a Mobile Website

The main goal in designing a mobile website is enabling users to quickly reach the information you want them to. For starters, your website’s header should be branded and should have a page title. Your call to action and your most important content should be on top of the page so it can be seen in the first glance. Navigation links can be used to make navigation efficient and slide down menus are also a good way to go.

Making Mobile Friendly Content

Mobile friendly content is an important part of your site. There is a wide array of content you can use which can include blog posts, images, text, videos, call to action, etc. But basically, the type of content you create can be Static Content, Dynamic Content, Downloadable Content or Streaming content.

  • Static Content is information that always stays the same, just like your contact details.
  • Dynamic Content is something that can be rapidly changed, such as help tips. You have to make it responsive though.
  • Downloadable Content can be an audio or video file, PDF, MS Word Documents which the users can download to their devices.
  • Streaming Content can be audio or video that the user can watch on the site without having to download and view it separately.

It is important to make sure that all of this content can be viewed on every mobile device.

Developing a Good Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Mobile applications are going wild on the market and will continue to do so for a long time to come. There is a good reason for this and it is the idea of personalization. People download an application if they find it useful, entertaining or relevant in any way. A mobile application often brings more revenue to a company than a website. Instead of browsing through a mere website on the internet, users have a personal tool that they can use to fulfill a specific need, like making purchases or playing games. An app helps in developing a much more intimate relationship with your audience and ensures an easy and hustle free experience for you.

A mobile app is a computer program that is developed exclusively for mobile devices. This might sound awesome, but is your business actually in need of an application? If you have a website that delivers content to your users then building a mobile website is a better option. But games, pizza restaurants or any businesses that require location based data are greatly benefited by a mobile application.

How Does it Work?

If you always keep your customers interests and needs in check, then building an application can cause wonders to your business. Know who you are building the app for and you will be on the right track.

When you decided to build an application strategy there are two points to consider:

Building Your Application for Multiple Platforms and Devices

The most popular operating systems are the IOS, which are used by Apple devices and the Android OS. But the Microsoft OS is also to be taken note of, because an increasing amount of people use it. When you build your application, you have to make sure that it runs on all of these platforms and that it is compatible with other phone specs, such as screen size. This will ensure that many people can use your app, regardless of the type of gadget that they own.

Distinct Methods for Marketing a Mobile Application

There are numerous ways to market a mobile application. One of which is the Apple App Store for the IOS based version. The Android Marketplace, Google App Store. These are the best stores to showcase your applications.


We have covered some basic concepts that you can use as a guide to start marketing your business with various mobile marketing strategies. Whichever you choose depends on what kind of business you run, what kind of audience you are trying to reach and you yourself of course. The most important thing to keep in mind, yet again is learning what your audience needs and knowing exactly who you are targeting. Each of these marketing strategies can be very effective if you use it in the right place. We will continue our series with another article that will provide some knowledge about the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem and the Mobile Social Media Marketing, so stay tuned for the next chapter!


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