“Mobilegeddon” – The new Google Update for Mobile Search

Don’t really know who invented the word “mobilegeddon”, but it sounds like the end of non-mobile friendly websites. Google confirmed that the mobile-friendly update is rolling out. The company also confirmed that this update will affect only search results on mobile devices on a global level and will not affect tablets or desktop.

It looks like the change in the algorithm is propagating slowly the mobile search results, because Google also said it will take a week or so to see some major changes. You should note that this new variable in their algorithm is only a ranking factor like several others, and websites that are not compatible with mobile devices but having quality content and good backlinks profile will still be on the top of the results even without providing a mobile compatible layout.

The buzz around the mobile-friendly update was very big, and Google confirmed some really impressive changes in their index: today there are about 5% more mobile-friendly websites than two months ago. Webmasters has taken this very seriously and fearing an eventually drop in rankings, started changing their websites.

Still don’t know if your site is ready for mobile? Google recommends this tool to check if your site is responsive or not.

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