How to Migrate Your Website to Another CMS?

Your current website might not be enough anymore for your needs. Your site might be a bit outdated and you are unable to update to a newer version or the CMS you are using is not supported anymore. You found that another CMS is easier to use, has more potential or more features. Whether is your reason of wanting to migrate to another platform, there is a tool you can use.

The CMS2CMS tool can migrate between two content management systems / platforms. CMS2CMS is an automated content management system migration where you don’t need to copy-paste content, to know coding or to install software. In just few easy steps you can transfer / convert your website to another CMS:

  • Specify the platform of your current website
  • Choose a new platform you want to migrate to
  • Sign up for an account to CMS2CMS tool
  • Connect the tool to your website
  • Start the migration process
  • Finish and check the migrated website

Now let’s see what types of websites you can convert to what platforms. In the following I will give you a quick overview of the most popular CMS migration processes.

How to Migrate from Tumblr to Drupal

You can migrate your content, categories, images, users and comments from Tumblr to Drupal in five easy steps.

To get started you only need to sign up or if you already have an account, you can log in into your CMS2CMS account providing your name, email and password. Additionally, you can use Facebook or Google login.

Now you specify your current site and your new site. Also, you should select the platform from each one.

Provide an email and password for your Tumblr account and then next download the Bridge file, unzip it and upload it into the root folder on both your source and target websites. You can verify the connection to your sites. You can even read the readme file for additional help. Don’t forget to log into your both websites with your FTP client.

The next step is used for demo migration so you can migrate media, make URLS SEO friendly, clear current target data or even skip demo and proceed with the full migration.

While the migration is working you can see the status changing from migration initialization to source website data dump, target website data dump, data conversion, data transfer to target website, images transfer to target website, images resize on the target website. Now you can start your full migration costing you the sum of money displayed on your screen.

Please don’t make changes on your website and you also will receive an email when the migration is finished.

How to Migrate from TYPO3 to WordPress

You can transfer your data containing categories, users, images and other ones from TYPO3 to WordPress by logging to your CMS2CMS account. You need to establish a connection between your two websites by writing down the links for your TYPO3 website and WordPress one. Also, you should select the proper platforms for each of them.

Even if you do not have your new website online you can make a migration. Just select the content management system you want. Next download, unzip and upload the bridge folder to your both website.

The next step is to verify your connection and if everything it is ok you can check or uncheck additional options.

You will also see the number of users, categories and content pages available for migration. You can also see the number of migrated data for demo migration.

How to Transfer Data From phpBB to Joomla Kunena

You can convert your phpBB website into a Joomla Kunena one, by transferring/ migrating posts, categories, images, users, attachments, replies and topics using the CMS2CMS online tool.

For this, you need to either create an account if you don’t have one or log in. Once you are logged in you just need to write down the links for the phpBB site and Joomla Kunena. Also, you need to choose the phpBB platform for the first one and Joomla Kunena for the second website.

The next step is you install the bridge between these two content management systems. You can either install it yourself by downloading, unzipping and uploading the folder in the phpBB website but also in the Joomla Kunena one or either by asking the CMS2CMS technical engineers to do it for you. They offer you 100% security guarantee to your confidential details and the service is free. If you choose the second option you need to offer access to your both websites.

If you want to do it yourself, you can install an FTP client such as WinSCP, FireFTP or Filezilla and use drag and drop you can copy the bridge folder. You can check the bridge by going to your website link like in the example: If you see the following message: “Bridge successfully installed” then you should know that the bridge is correctly installed. Repeat the process for the second website and then go back to your migration wizard where you can verify again the connection.

Next, you should see some forum modules to migrate and you can check them if you really want. Also, you can check additional options and in the end, you just need to confirm options and the migration will start.

You can restart your wizard or change options any time before you start the migration. You can also see a suggested theme after the migration is ready.

How to Transfer Data From phpBB to bbPress

To migrate phpBB to bbPress, first, to get started you need to make a plan and to think what you want to transfer from a content management to another one.

Next, you should login to the CMS2CMS website and start the process by providing the links and the platforms for both websites.

You can get help without cost from engineers if you need. Else you can make the process by yourself by downloading the bridge folder. You should unzip it and upload it to your both websites using an archive software such as WinRAR, WinAce, 7-zip or WinZip. For FTP, you need also another software. You can find one searching Google.

The next step is to verify connection and check the wanted options. For this process, you can redirect from your previous URLS to new URLS.

In the end, you should just start the transfer process and check out the message in the end.

How to Copy Content from Joomla K2 to Joomla

You need to log in to your CMS2CMS account and also you need to write the links for the Joomla K2 and for Joomla websites. Also, please select the proper content management system for both of them.

Now download the bridge archive and you can unzip it and upload it to your root directory at the Joomla K2 website, but also at the Joomla website.

Next, you can check the connection at the wizard and check or uncheck other settings. You can see a stats table about the number of each type of content you have and you can copy.

How to Copy Content Drupal to TYPO3

To get started, you need to follow five easy steps in order to copy content, categories, images, users and comments from Drupal to TYPO3:

  1. Sign into your CMS2CMS account.
  2. And specify the site you want to migrate from and the site you want to migrate to. Also, don’t forget to select from each drop down menu the content management system for the current website and also for the target site.
  3. Download the bridge archive and then unzip it and upload the folder to your root current site and to your target site. Verify the connection between your websites.
  4. Start the free demo migration by checking or unchecking additional information. You can skip this step if you want a full migration. Also, you can see the price for the full migration and also the number of each copied content when you use the demo migration.
  5. Start the migration and after is finished you will get a notification and then you can check your new website. Also, you can close your browser.

How to Migrate from Joomla to Drupal

All you need is to sign into your CMS2CMS account if you are not logged in already and then start the migration process specifying the CMS from where you want to migrate to the CMS you want to migrate to. Next, you should write the addresses of both websites.

Make sure you download the bridge folder, unzip it and upload it using an FTP client software. To connect to your website specify the host, username, and password. The default port is 21. Now go to the root folder and drag and drop or copy your bridge folder. Also, repeat this for the current, but also for the target website.

Now you can test connection and also you can check other options such as 301 redirects from your previous URLS to new URLS. You can start either the free demo migration or the full migration. Depending on the number of users, categories and content page the full migration can be free also. After the process is finished you can rate the results.

How to Migrate From Joomla to TYPO3

You can either create a new CMS2CMS account or use an older one in order to migrate your Joomla website content to your TYPO3 one.

After you wrote the domain names for both website: the current one and the new one, please select the proper platform for each of them and then press continue.

At this step, you can see a Bridge file link which you need to download it and make sure you unzip it and upload it. You need to use FTP in order to upload the bridge file to your Joomla website and TYPO3 website.

Now you can either test the connection by going to bridge.php in your browser or by verifying the connection in the migration wizard.

The next step is useful in order to check or uncheck multiple options.

In the end, just start the migration and you will get a migration result on a specific link together with an email notification.

How to Move Content From WordPress to TYPO3

To start just write the new website and the old one. Select the WordPress for the old one and TYPO3 for the new one.

Now you can download the Bridge file and also you need to upload it to each website in the root folder. Don’t forget to unzip the downloaded folder before you upload it.

At the next step, you can verify the connection between this two platform and start migration setting up additional options such as migrate media, make URLS SEO friendly and clear current target data.

You will get a notification to your email and also in the wizard migration when the process is ready.

How to Move Content From WordPress Blog to Joomla K2

You don’t need to know programming or to have technical skills in order to move content from WordPress platform to Joomla K2 platform.

You only need an account at CMS2CMS website and to start the wizard migration by entering the websites and the corresponding platforms.

Also, you need to download the available bridge file from the wizard migration and to move it to each website. Here you can unzip it and then you can delete the uploaded archive, letting only the unzipped folder.

Then verify the connection between your websites at the wizard migration and press the start free demo migration in order to see an example of migration between your old and new website.

If you are satisfied you can go with a full migration which it is a paid migration.

How to Migrate a TYPO3 Website into Joomla

In the beginning, you need to log into your CMS2CMS account and write the proper websites and the proper platforms. You need to pay attention to the proper version of each platform, for example for Joomla there is available the 2.5 version, but also the 3 one.

Next, you can download the bridge file and connect to your websites using the data the web host gave you by email. Here you need to upload the unzipped version of the downloaded bridge file.

Next, you can choose from extra options if you are interested. One of these options is the Friendly URL SEO.

You can start the migration and you can also see results either for the demo migration or for the full migrations, depending on what you need.

You can use CMS2CMS to make multiple tests, verification and also to play with it in order to see for each content management system and platform how CMS2CMS works.

Wrapping it all up!

Are you ready to move your website to a new CMS? Have you used CMS2CMS before? If you have any experience with this tool please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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