How to Migrate your Website from Drupal to WordPress

Sometimes, it is a good idea to upgrade your website by migrating to a different content management system which offers you a lot of features and layouts to choose. WordPress is the most popular platform that can manage content, users and other things.

Now if you have started your site with Drupal, you can transfer it to WordPress. In the following I will show you few methods on how to migrate your existing Drupal website to WordPress.

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Drupal2WordPress Plugin

You can migrate your Drupal website to WordPress by going at GitHub and downloading the plugin named Drupal2WordPress. With this you can import Drupal 7 for WordPress 3.9 and 4+. It may work with older versions too, but it is not tested.

You can import terms, content, media, comments and users. Also it cleans Drupal aliases outputting .htaccess and is pluggable to work with other versions.

So this plugin actually associates Drupal nodes with WordPress posts together with the relations with users, timestamps and states. Also it offers you the SEO, redirects and slugs for a proper ranking into multiple search engines.

Images are also moved to the new website in the proper folder and you can see them in the media manager if you need or like to.

You can also associate Drupal vocabulary with WordPress taxonomies such as categories and tags.

Users are migrated, but without password so you need to reset their account details. Also the anonymous and the site super admin are ignored and are not migrated.

It is a good idea to use the following plugins: Simple Taxonomy and Custom Content Type Manager with this plugin in order to create the proper migration tool.

To start, you just need to install all three plugins and create needed post types for import. Also, do not forget about to create taxonomies and to run the plugin. Select what options you want and associate the taxonomies, post types and import data. Also you should edit .htaccess if this is necessary.

There are some problems with this plugin regarding long titles, rewrite and duplicate tags when you migrate so keep an eye on them.

Drupal to WordPress Migration Utilities

With this suite of utilities you can migrate Drupal to WordPress especially if you are a web designer or web developer or at least if you know to code. This suite contains a Python utility and a custom SQL script.

You can download the utility from GitHub. It has interesting features such as converting notes to pages and posts, displaying information about Drupal content, allowing you to check which content type should be migrate into WordPress and also there are available some settings for WordPress regarding file director, permalink structure, categories and database structures.

The custom SQL script is also found at GitHub together with the Python utility available in the same place.

To start, you need at least a Drupal 6 and a WordPress 3.5+. Also you should have access to MySQL databases of both websites and the ability to access phpMyAdmin where you can run queries. It is necessary to have both databases on the same webhost.

Do not forget to backup first your Drupal website before you migrate it to WordPress. If you migrate your Drupal website to an existing WordPress one and not to a new WordPress website, you should backup the WordPress site also.

You should start by clearing out the WordPress database and to check if another Drupal migration was not already processed. If so you need to empty your database.

From the Drupal database you should delete anything you do not want to move such as vocabularies and taxonomies. Also do not forget about duplicates and to convert Drupal News terms to Tags.

You can use the Replace command in order to replace terms from a database to another and in the end you should also use Update. For some terms in Drupal you will need to create tables in the WordPress database. After you finish all the SQL queries you are done.

Migrate Drupal to WordPress with CMS2CMS

A useful way to migrate Drupal to WordPress is to create an account at CMS2CMS where you can automatically migrate content for a few bucks depending on how many posts, comments and users you want to migrate. For example for 250 posts, 1000 users and 1000 comments you will pay $39. However if you check other options the price can go up to $72 and if you need more posts, more users and more comments to migrate the price will go even higher.

Java Migration Tool from Drupal to WordPress

Using a Java migration tool you can migrate your old website to a new one by following the steps: create your WordPress table in the same database you have your Drupal, next truncate the data in the following WP tables, comments, posts, postmeta, term_taxonomy, terms and term_relationships, also delete users table excepting the site administrator. You need to clone the categories you have in Drupal and the posts. Also you should fix the files URL together with the articles URL. Do not forget to relate posts and categories but also to update the category count attribute. The last step is to migrate comments and update the comment count while defining the redirection rules. You can download the source code of this Java tool from here.


Choose the tool or service that suits you the best in order to move your Drupal site to WordPress. Please remember to backup your Drupal website before starting the process. If you migrating Drupal to an existing WordPress site, you should backup that as well before the migration process.

Website migrations are not always flawless. To transfer your site to WordPress from Drupal you either need need to know at least SQL queries in order figure out and fix issues that might come along. If you don’t know programming you can always hire a developer to help you out, however this option will not be cheap. In some situation, you need to know Java and to understand Drupal and WordPress at a high level.

Whatever tool or service you are using for transferring your website to WordPress, for sure you will need a reliable hosting service. We highly recommend BlueHost for hosting your WordPress website.

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