How to Maximize Your Blog’s Earnings with Ads

Firstly, we are going to talk about blog ads. You can make money in many different ways, and blog ads are just one of them. The revenue you earn from it can change a lot as time goes by. However, you can always increase the number of ads you are using or use them in more creative ways, but it can be rather frustrating for your readers. Consider to try things such as selling a service or product, building a membership site, public speaking or affiliate marketing.

Despite of that, many bloggers are still making a lot of money with ads. What is their secret? In this topic we will discuss how to maximize your income with them.

So, if a part of your revenue comes from advertising, you definitely need more ad impressions. Your income is based on how many impressions you can generate. If you are interested in how much money you could make, check out marketplaces like BuySellAds to get an idea.

Optimize your blog ads to improve your income from the ad buyers and to receive more impressions from the visitors of your blog. In the next few steps, we are going to explain how you can do that.

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Your Ads Should be Placed Site-Wide

You might think that this one is obvious, but it’s actually an important rule. The ads should be shown on all of your webpages. No exception. This way your ads can receive impressions regardless of what page is visited at any given moment.

Consider Using a Magazine or News Design

There are sites on BuySellAds which are on the top of the rankings with their amount of ad impressions. Let’s investigate them a little bit to understand what are they successful at. It’s true that they earn good money with their ads, but is that all?

For example, we are going to check out two sites: International Business Times and Tom’s Hardware Guide. As you can see, these have a lot of content on their site. The high amount of content is the main reason they are designing their site in a rather magazine-like style.

They have their custom made themes, but you can always imitate their look and apply it to your website. You can learn a lot by looking at the structure of these designs. As a WordPress user, there are a great amount of options available for you to create magazine-style sites like those two. I mean, in the theme directory 150 of those themes are waiting for you. That’s an awful lot of choices, for sure.

You should prefer the themes that display 10 to 20 articles or even more on your home page. Do a little research and find the ones that work best for you. It may be unclear for you how a page like this can bring more ad impressions, but let me explain it to you. Minimalistic blogs are quite good-looking, but they don’t show enough information for new visitors most of the time.

It’s better to show your audience many stories at once, since it’s more likely that they will find something interesting among the abundance. Try to reach a wider audience. Therefore you can have two impressions at once. Read further to learn more about how to increase your impressions.

Having a Responsible Design

You need to design your website properly, so it can be displayed by any mobile user who wants to check it out. The header of the site needs to be at the top with the main content, with the sidebar and the footer to follow.

For this you should use plugins that can convert your WordPress theme to mobile, like WP Touch. However, the drawback of this is that it removes much of the space where your ads belong. A responsive plugin rather rearranges parts of your site instead of hiding them.

The advantage of this is that you will get your impressions from mobile users as well as others. Averie Cooks is a plugin that we definitely recommend you try out. It’s pretty cool and leaves enough room for ads at the same time.

Optimize Your Content

This part is quite obvious, but it can’t be absent from the list. It’s the basic principle for beginners who want to earn some money from blog advertising. Always optimize your content with popular keyword phrases. Google AdWords Keyword Planner can help you find the best ones for every one of your posts. The next step is to simply put that keyword in the title, first paragraph, description, filename, alt text, header tag, and don’t forget the last paragraph.

Download the plugin named WordPress Seo by Yoast for optimizing the title and metadata description on all of your pages and posts. You can optimize the rest when you add more images and content to your post.

Don’t forget to go back and run through some of your most visited posts from the past. Are they optimized? Their ranking can be easily improved with the proper keywords. Just leave the permalinks as they are because you surely don’t want to affect your current social sharing count and rankings in a bad way.

One Article Split Over Multiple Pages

You probably have a few really long articles or lists, but are they in one piece? If that is the case, those can bring only one ad impression for you each time someone reads it. It’s a different story though if you split them up in two or more pieces. Take a look at Forbes for example. They split their 1000 word articles into two parts. People usually read an interesting article from top to the finish, so that simply doubles the ad impressions.

Furthermore, using galleries and slideshows is another good way to make a bunch of impressions. These are generally displayed in two or more sites, depending on how many images you have. This also multiplies your impressions, since many visitors are interested in all of the slides, not just one or two.

As a WordPress user, it’s easy to insert <!-nextpage-> tags to split your content into numerous parts. This option works with almost all of the newer WordPress themes. If not, try to contact the developers to get some support for the pagination of your blog.

Although this approach only works if the ads refresh each time someone opens a new page.

Don’t Forget to link Your Content here and there

Holding people’s attention is not an easy task at all. Always give them more content to keep them entertained. The best way to do this is to simply link the additional stuff in the article itself. You can also link it in the sidebar, but that is not as effective.

The readers will be around on the site for longer than usual by checking out related articles one after the other. It’s also more likely that they will read other enjoyable articles without leaving.

Promote Your Content

When you publish something, you should promote it multiple times, not just once. You should always repeat it a few times to awaken the curiosity out there. Take a look at CoSchecule for instance. They suggest that you should promote your post 12 times through 2 months in all of your social media sites.

It may be the case that you are publishing new content a few times a day, therefore you don’t have enough time to promote multiple times. Use CoSchedule to share posts automatically. I also recommend you to diversify it a little bit; don’t always share in the same way.

Inform your subscribers via email about your new content. Post it on forums and Q&A websites. Try to find some fellow bloggers and ask them to link to your content, it can be mutual as well.

The point is to increase the traffic on your blog and you have many ways to do it, so game on!

Allow Them to Discuss

Many bloggers tend to close their comment section, although it’s a really bad idea. The comments on your blog matter and they can generate significant revenue. If people start a discussion, it’s likely that they will come back to talk further about the subject. Not to mention the other ones who are just reading them and coming back for more.

People can subscribe to your blog with RSS readers, so they don’t have to go to your website to actually read the latest comments. If they can comment, there is a reason for them to visit your site, which leads to another ad impression. Install a commenting system to your blog to be able to notify your readers when someone replies to their comments.

Start creating forum pages and put your ads there as well. This means a lot of traffic because there will be a lot of discussion going on. It’s fairly complicated to set up a forum, but it’s worth the time and effort. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a community full of people.

Try to put these tips into effect and let’s see what happens. If you work hard enough, there will be a huge increase in your ad impressions.

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