MaxCDN Review – Why Should You Consider It?

An increasing number of WordPress users choose MaxCDN as their go-to content delivery network solution thanks to its affordability and ease of use. Although it’s packed with complex features, MaxCDN has a smooth learning curve, and it’s equally enjoyed by first-time users and long-time clients.

CDNs like MaxCDN have emerged as a response to website owners’ efforts to deliver their visitors a better user experience by minimizing latency. The boost in website performance that results from the implementation of such website accelerator tools does not go unnoticed by visitors – better response times will translate into better user experience and visitor engagement.

MaxCDN Company Overview

MaxCDN was founded in 2009, and it’s based in Los Angeles, California. The company has a proven track record as a provider of website acceleration services, and although big-name companies like WPEngine, StumbleUpon or 9GAG have opted for its services, MaxCDN has been one of the first CDN providers who didn’t focus only on the needs of big companies, but offered solutions that were responding to the needs of small business owners and one-man websites as well.

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MaxCDN Pricing

MaxCDN has plans for everyone starting from professional bloggers to large companies with high traffic websites. MaxCDN includes 3 subscription plans – the Entrepreneur, the Professional plan and the Custom plan. Plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Entrepreneur plan is designed for bloggers and startups that want to accelerate their websites. This plan’s pricing is set depending on the required bandwidth (100GB bandwidth/month for $9 per month, 500GB bandwidth/month for $39/month, and 1TB bandwidth/month for $79/month).

The Professional plan starts at $299/month for 5TB and contains packages up to 25TB. These packages aim to respond to the rising demands for performance of larger companies, publishers with a steadily growing audience and web services that deliver small and medium-sized files.

MaxCDN also lets you opt for a custom, per-gigabyte pricing system, which may be preferred by viral content publishers, ad networks, and popular game distributors.

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MaxCDN Features

MaxCDN’s core features focus on providing security, real-time control and analytics tools. Thus, purge calls, whether the purging of assets is made through the Control Panel or your own custom built app, are honored instantly. Likewise, SSL integration is also made in real-time with all SSL options being enabled instantly. Real-time reporting allows you to get an insight into the traffic you make and the behavior of your content.

MaxCDN’s log viewer allows you to access your logs via API, Control Panel or MaxCDN’s command line interface, the MaxCLI. With the Raw Log to S3 bucket each and every server response for your pull zone is made accessible to you so you can utilize it for analytical purposes. CDN’s security protocols (Two-Step Authentication, Secure Tokens, OAuth, IP Whitelisting, HTTP Referrer Whitelist, etc.) allow you to manage people, bots, and add permissions for accessing your assets and control panel.

The advanced features set forth by this CDN provider focus on how your content is delivered and give you a lot of leeway in hardening your website’s security and integrating MaxCDN’s resources in your applications. Thus, for example, you can use pre-made edge rules or you can use custom edge rules to control how your content is delivered. You can further optimize content delivery by creating separate caches for mobile devices and desktop. The Origin Shield caching layer protects you from request overloads, makes origin requests more efficient by filtering multiple requests into a single origin request, and easily handles request spikes.

Moreover, MaxCDN grants you full control over your account’s management and data with SDKs and GitHub integration. Security wise, you can enable SSL instantly in the Control Panel. Your visitors will connect to the edge servers using a SSL connection. This yields faster connecting times and “removes” CPU load from your origin servers.

Other features worth noting include:

  • VOD Zone (Video-on-Demand Zone) for streaming pre-recorded videos and Live Zone for streaming live videos;
  • Compatibility with multiple CMSs (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.);
  • All-inclusive, easy to use Control Panel;
  • Easy WordPress integration with W3 Total Cache and SuperCache plugins.

MaxCDN Network Overview

Over 53 PoP locations make up MaxCDN’s global peering network. Of these, 22 are located in North America, 31 in Europe, and 4 in Asia & Australia. Given that they’ve put their edge locations in best-in-class data centers, which rely on SSD-equipped bare metal servers, they are able to deliver increased speed with 10GB connections.

The edge locations boasted by this CDN provider are able to handle high loads at any given time or location, constantly sustaining your site’s speed and making content delivery a smooth process.

MaxCDN Customer Support

Customer support is available via all channels – email, phone, live chat. Simple setup guides, comprehensive FAQs, and developer resources turn your experience with this CDN into a much simpler process. Should you still experience troubles, you can contact customer support that is available for users 24/7.

MaxCDN continuously focuses on developing its services and meeting user demands, which is also reflected by the fact that users have the possibility to request features and vote for recommended features to be added.

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Why Should You Use MaxCDN?

eCommerce websites are one of the most frequently mentioned examples of websites that need a CDN from the get-go, but a CDN is a must for every company whose revenue generation is largely dependent on their online presence.

A first-time user may be a bit overwhelmed by the capabilities of this service, but the knowledge base offers comprehensive information, step-by-step guides and tutorials that are easy to understand even by less experienced persons, therefore, making this service suitable for anyone. Its scalability, customizability and advanced security features mean that it’s capable of meeting even the demands of enterprise level companies.

Given that MaxCDN’s servers are largely concentrated in Europe and the U.S., if the majority of your visitors are from these countries, you’ll be able to serve content to your audience blazingly fast. If you’re weary to dip your toes into the realm of website accelerators consider the advantages: no more server downtimes due to unexpected traffic surges, no more endlessly loading pages, and most importantly, no more lost customers due to these very issues.


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