How To Make Money Blogging in 2018? – Beginner’s Guide

There are numerous ways one can make money and even earn an awesome living online. One of which is blogging. It is an age long art that has been following us around ever since the internet took its debut. If you’re interested in a certain topic or have a question about it, you’re bound to come across some blogger’s advice and opinions if you do a Google search. People are constantly seeking to provide users with relevant content. One of the reasons is because they like doing it and the other is because they can make good money by doing so. But there are a lot of paths you can follow when you want to get to the good money part. That’s what this blog post is here for. To tell you about most of the paths you can take to make money with blogging.

You have probably heard and seen many times, the usual internet anecdote. Some random person started a blog, web shop or did something creative and started earning lots of money with little work. What a dream it is, making tons of cash with little work. But I’m here to say, you will have to work for it. How much, depends on a lot of things, but it requires your dedication to create something that truly achieves your financial goals. First off, you’ll definitely need a solid understanding of the task at hand, your opportunities and you’ll also need a plan.

If you’re just interested in all the various ways you can make money with a blog, just drop down to the section “Ways To Make Money With Your Blog“.

What Makes a Good Blog?

Your Focus, Personality, Passion and an Active Community.

what makes good blog

The main goal of a blog is to serve some sort of interest. The internet has about 3 million blogs that post regularly every week, if not every day. You can find just about everything; from food, movies, politics, spirituality, cars or whatever you’re interested in reading about. So, the space is pretty crowded. How do you stand out among so many others?

A good blog is successful because it stands for a specific purpose and passion. It should be a passion project that you actually care about and enjoy doing. Have one focus within a topic (or niche) and put yourself into it as much as possible. Nothing’s more unique than you, yourself. But always listen to your readers, because they’re the only reason you’re not just writing something in to empty space. So, always have a comment section and let your readers share their opinions regarding the topic at hand. They’ll let you know what they like and what they don’t and what’s working and what’s not. If you’re lucky, they will also become repeat visitors, who feel and ownership and loyalty to your blog. They will even rush in to demolish any trolls in the comment section, if they feel that something was out of line. An active user base will fact check your posts and give you tips as well. They’ll basically do half of the work for you.

But before you get to that sweet spot, you might have to work and be patient for months or maybe even years. There are a lot of variables and moving parts, so it’s best that you get to work!

How Much Can You Earn With a Blog?

Now that the internet has grown so massive, you can actually support your lifestyle from running a blog or multiple blogs. You can pretty much make as much money as you want, if you’re prepared to put in some hard work. The world is littered with bloggers with humble beginnings making it really big.

Some blogs manage to make about $20k in some months with a recipe blog. Some write about their travels and make about $6k a month. Yet, I’m going to be honest here, because it might take plenty of months or a number of years before you get there.

How to Build Your Blog?

how build your blog

You probably have some kind of mental framework of what you want to write about and how much you want to make with it. That’s good and all, but you should dive in and do some research before you start building your blog. In this part, we’re going to outline the numerous tasks you have to accomplish to build and run your blog.

Choose a Niche and Create Useful Content

The first step in actually making money with anything is offering something that people care about. Same goes about your writing. Sure, blogging is a passion project, but you would still like to give something that benefits others beside you, don’t you? I’m going to take it that you have already established what you want to give. So let’s get down to the more technical stuff.

Do Your Research First – Look at your own interests in Google’s services, such as the AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends. Google Trends will show you a graph of keyword’s popularity you’ve just typed in. This makes it easy to find something that has gaining interest. Also, try to type a few questions you want to answer into Google. See what pops up. Try this a few times and after that, use a keyword research tool, like the one AdWords has and also try MOZ’s Keyword Explorer, those two will quickly help you get an idea of what kind of niche it’s worth investing into. You can also sign up for SEMRush for a 14 day trial, and use their software.

By using these keyword research tools, you can easily see it in numbers, what’s currently popular and what’s not. Of course, it’s a priority that you’re interested in it and enjoy writing about it, because you can’t write too much about something that you’re not passionate about, now can you?

Create Useful Content– I could write the Bible on how to create useful content, but the core of it really is just that. Make something that’s useful to the readers. Give them something of unique value that helps them achieve something or gain a new understanding of a topic. The most successful bloggers know exactly who they’re writing for and speak their language. There are thousands of articles on the internet on how to write good and useful content, so I’m not going to go into it in depth. But you should always aim to provide some high-quality written pieces to your readers.

Launch Your Blog

A guide on how to build a blog would deserve a couple of articles in itself, but this post isn’t about that. Launching your own blog has been made as simple as it possibly can’t be. There are plenty of platforms that let you launch a blog with a few clicks. Of course, that will probably be a crappy blog. So it’s definitely worth investing time into its design, and thinking the whole thing through. I would recommend using WordPress for that. It’s an open source content management platform, to which you can download great themes and useful plugins. It will basically cover all of your blogging needs to the fullest. I’ll also leave you with a guide on how to start a blog. There are a virtually infinite amount of resources on how you can start a blog. Most of which goes like this:

  • Get a hosting plan (costs about $3-$5 per month) – we recommend BlueHost
  • Install WordPress to your website
  • Choose a free or premium theme
  • Start Writing, keep writing!

Seems too simple, right? That’s because it is. You’ll probably want to customize your blog’s design and you’ll probably run into some errors where you won’t know what to do with, unless you have some web-development skills. If you don’t, it’s smart to have someone by your side who has. Let it be a friend or a freelancer you hire online. They will help you through the technical details of starting your site. After that, your only job is uploading content, which is easy. It’s just like writing a word document.

Useful tip – Be sure to have an actual blog launch. Find the social media groups, the influencers, other blogs, sub-reddits and just about any place you would show off your content to potential readers. Make your blog’s first day online into an explosion of attention! We’ll get down to how you can find readers, in the next section.

Find Your New Readers

People are constantly browsing the web, looking to discover new and interesting content that gives them their daily fix. A lot of them are searching for exactly what you are looking to provide. Even more of those people would at least check out what you have in store for them. Your only job is to put it in front of them and make it as compelling as possible. You should spend at least as much time on marketing your content as creating it. Here are some great places you can start promoting your blog:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Instagram and Pinterest, by using cool images and quotes.
  • Forums
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Other Blogs (with Tiberr)

Tiberr is a neat little software that will locate other blogs that use the same keywords as you do. If they have comment sections, you can write a recommendation to your post. This is a great way to get your content in front of eyes that already have a genuine interest in the topics you’re writing about.

Practice Good SEO

We wrote plenty of articles about on-page SEO and how to write SEO friendly content. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to SEO, and a lot of it I might even got wrong. But it is definitely something that’s important to invest into if you want to make a solid income. The best place to start learning is on, by reading their beginners guide to SEO.

Drive Engagement

If your readers just consume your content and go, you won’t be doing business with them for long. One of your blog’s main objectives is to engage your audience and keep them around for as long as possible. This requires good design, good visual content and above all else, good writing. Not to mention the importance of a comment section, where they can share their opinions on the topic you just wrote about. One of the greatest foundations a successful blog stands upon is the relationships you’ve cultivated.

How to Make Money With Your Blog?

make money with your blog

A lot of people think that they can only make money with advertisements, while in reality there are an insane amount of ways you can do it. It is true that Blogging is a great marketing tool, which is why so many people use it to promote their products and services. Now, here are the various ways you can make a solid income with Blogging:


If your blog has plenty of traffic and sparks a specific type of interest, it might be a great place for some companies to show off their banners. This is how most bloggers make their money at first. The more traffic you have, the more high value advertisements you can put on your page. There are many ad networks (like Google AdSense) that let you put their advertisements on your site. You have to find the ones that’s rules fit you the best and place them strategically around your site.

Affiliate Products

One of the most lucrative ways of making money in the internet is through affiliate marketing. Many content creator use it as their primary source of income and plenty of people have made thousands of dollars per month with it.

For example, if you like to be outdoors and conduct outdoor activities, you can promote products for that. You can review tents, survival knives, bicycles and anything that has something to do with outdoor activity. A lot of people are interested in that kind of stuff and it’s a really lucrative way for making money.

The process is simple. You just have to register on Amazon as an affiliate and copy the affiliate links they provide you. Pace the affiliate link within your text, or on the button and ask your readers to check it out. It’s best if you tell them that the link will take them directly to the product page. You are facing a mature internet audience, so they’ll know if you’re trying to sell them something.

But there are plenty of other companies that have affiliate marketers promoting their products. You can promote web hosting, services and you’ll find a ton of other stuff if you just look around within your niche. You can promote just about any kind of physical product that’s available online with an affiliate marketing program.

It is also free to start and you can basically start doing it without an initial investment. But you should buy the product if you actually want to review it.

Affiliate marketing has the widest range of possibilities you can leverage, which is why it’s one of the best ways of making money with blogging.

Promoting Services

You can promote your own or someone else’s services. It can either be an affiliate based promotion or they can sponsor you and ask you to recommend them in your posts. You can promote education, freelancing services, web design, copy writing or anything that has something to do with what your blog is about.

Recurring Income Streams

The most awesome way of having a constant stream of money, is by selling a course, an app or anything that has a monthly based subscription. If it is your own than all the money goes into your pocket. But if you promote someone else’s, that is fine too. You’ll get a commission from the money they make every month, and all you did was show their stuff on your blog. These can be coaching services, premium content, private communities and other types of subscription-based products and services.


Good content creators with large followings will have sponsors looking for them. You can have sponsors pay you for each sponsored post or a monthly basis, if you mention them in one of your posts.

Your Own eBook

If you practice good writing and think that you have a lot of knowledge you could share with the world. Why not share it in the form of your own eBook? Once you have your blog up and running with plenty of followers, some of them will naturally be interested in a small eBook you’ve made.

Have Multiple Income Streams

Smart businessmen say that you should have at least three income streams and never rely on just one. Most bloggers follow the same principal too. By diversifying your income, you thin out your risks. So make money as many ways as you possibly can.


Plenty of people think that blogging is mostly done by silly people who have a lot of free time. Only online marketers and real bloggers look at it as a serious job, which it is. It has plenty of moving parts and requires continuous learning and effort for you to succeed in it. Running a good blog and making money with it is an art form in itself, but once you get the hang of it you can become a master of it. It is great for generating passive income and can definitely be pushed to the point where you make a living from it.


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