How do You Make Money Blogging in 2016?

A lot of people make a blog just to write their thoughts especially since a blog is actually an online journal, but sooner or later everyone with a blog will realize that there is money to be made from their blog. In the beginning people were writing about all kind of topics, but with the evolution of internet and blogging many niche blogs started to appear. These are focused on a specific topic and aren’t personal anymore.

While this article has been published years ago, some of the information might be outdated. Please read our latest guide on how to make money blogging.

In this article will present you four ways you can make money blogging in 2016: affiliate marketing, product sales, advertising and service providing.

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Affiliate Marketing – sell others Products or Services

This process can bring you a lot of money depending on the number of people who access your affiliate link and buy one or more products, this link sends people to a certain website. Depending on your blog’s niche, you can affiliate with online shops from specific domains such as IT, furniture, fashion and so on or general ones that contain different products from different domains. In the last case, you can choose a specific product or a specific product category you want to promote on your blog. Some websites offer affiliate link for services for example links to videos you uploaded and each visit of that video from a new visitor brings you money.

You can make visitors to click the affiliate link through different methods: showing a static or an animated image on blog, showing suggestions at the internal search engine, writing specific keywords, showing images and keywords in the newsletter people receive on e-mail and writing certain words on RSS Feed.

For this method you need to have a lot of traffic and to attract visitors to enter your affiliate link and to buy products because your revenues are directly proportional with the value and number of sales made because of you.

Create and Sell your Own Product

One of the most efficient ways to make money blogging in 2016 is to sell your own downloadable products such as webinars, eBooks, apps, wallpapers and so on directly from your blog. At the end of each article you can offer a complete and detailed version of the article under the form of an eBook in exchange for money or you can offer an app that makes exactly what you wrote. Recently, because technology is so popular, you can have a smartphone app and an eBook for everything from IT to gastronomy for example you can have an app with videos that shows you how to cook lasagna or and eBooks where the entire lasagna recipe is presented.

You need to put proper prices and to offer quality, especially that your products can be pirated and distributed for free by other persons.

Also, you can use paid subscription for those who want to see private parts for your blog that contains something interesting like a guide or a premium article.

Include Advertisements in your Content

Ads are similar with affiliations, but usually they are dynamic images well made that attract visitors and you use them to sell virtual space on your blog. They are provided either by other website owners and in this case, ads are actually banners linked to their website or by service providers like Google AdSense in which case, ads analyze the webpage and the visitors, displaying something that suits the content of the page and the heart of the visitor. Ads provided by website owners bring you money depending on banner’s dimensions and your blog’s Google PageRank, but ads from services providers bring you money either from PPC – pay per click, either CPM – cost per mile or CPA – cost per action.

Advertorials are other type of ads, usually written by you or a guest on your blog and they are well done and focused on a product, service or company, also they are longer than usual articles and they contain specific keywords. Depending on their length and the blog’s traffic, you can receive more or less money.

Provide Services through your Blog

If you have a blog about automobiles then you know some mechanics, if you have an IT blog, then you know some IT and so on; in this case you can provide services in the domain you write and also you can use your blog to promote yourself.

Easiest way for you is to combine the original text you write for your article with a well defined one that contains information about your services and both of these texts need to be related so if you write about windshields then you should offer services regarding windshields and not microphones.

Combined, all these four ways can bring you a lot of money from blogging, especially in 2016 when the number of online users and the need for content and information is constantly increasing.

Tips on How to Increase Traffic and Value

increase blog traffic and incomeThere are also few tips and tricks that you can use to improve your blog, increase traffic and revenue such as passion, targeting the right audience and use of social media.

Show your Passion

What can be more satisfying than writing about what you like and making money from your articles? Being original and passionate, your blog’s traffic will increase together with your revenues. Writing with passion is a the best way to create great content. You don’t want to force yourself to write about something that you don’t have any idea and that requires a lot of your time to research. You have to think in the long run. You might be able to write couple of great articles about “how mushrooms grow” (just a silly example), but if you are interested in gaming you w

Targeting Specific Keywords

Doing keyword research and targeting these can significantly add to your blog. Ranking your blog for keywords that are searched by users can bring you lots of targeted traffic. If your main plan with your blog is to make money, you should target keywords that has buying intent.

For instance, if your blog is about gaming, probably you will have lots of readers with a lower average age (mostly teenagers), who has less money to invest. That does not mean you can’t make money from it, just have to find the right topics to write about that has a higher advertising competition. Keywords with higher competition suggest a higher value and better option for monetization.

Reach out more Readers through Social Media

Another great trick is using the social media networks together with blogosphere to make your articles even more popular, so share everything you write on Facebook Groups, Facebook Personal Pages, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Profiles, use Facebook Ads, put images on Instagram and Pinterest, write comments on other blogs from the blogosphere. By placing your blog’s link all over the web you will be getting visitors as well back-links. Be careful though, because some backlinks can hurt your blog. About backlink building I will write in another post. Stay tuned!

At the end, I can tell you that you will not be a millionaire blogger right away. Becoming a successful blogger take years, hard work and patience. Being passionate about your blog is not enough, you need a great platform such as WordPress and a great hosting service you can rely on.

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