True Stats: Will M-Commerce Outperform E-commerce In The Future?

After China, India is counted as the second largest mobile market and acclaimed of its wide subscriber base. Regardless of the other market issues, the Indian market is aggressively facilitating e-commerce businesses that are trying to defeat each other in this cut-throat battleground. Also, the multiplying number of smart devices are providing tremendous opportunities to the eCommerce shopping websites to reach their targeted audience via online shopping mobile apps.

About M-commerce:

M-commerce is the advance term which is used for mobile commerce. It actually allows users to purchase products online without even sitting on their desktops or laptops. Rather, they can conveniently make this happen with the assistance of smartphones. It is true that earlier mobile e-commerce was not so much in discussion. But now, it has become the topmost priority of online retailers to grab customers through mobile shopping apps.

Many people still consider m-commerce a shopfront. But no! It’s an advanced term which prolifically covers everything which is required to having a digital shopping experience. Whether it is about adding items to the cart, sorting delivery options and payment gateways, when you approach m-commerce shopping through mobile app or website, each activity is carried out with security. Adding more to it, m-commerce also bridges the gap between in-store shopping and online shopping as mobile e-commerce provides easy payment gateways with convenient payment options.

Now, let’s move to the below chart where you can clearly see the growth rates of E-commerce and M-commerce:

Stats on the basis of actual studies:

  • Today, mobile e-commerce is on the rise and beating e-commerce by registering a growth rate of 48% YoY. In figures, it can be estimated as $8 billion online spending.
  • When it comes to overall e-commerce including m-commerce, the ratio has grown around 15.9% YoY. In figures, it is about $70.1 billion through online sales.

Other useful figures:

number smartphone users united states estimate

  • Mobile users are generally coming into account in the larger and larger share of the overall e-commerce pie.
  • It is calculated that, at present, almost a quarter of total population owns smartphones on which around 55% of people spend their full time on retail shopping websites.
  • Along with that, M-commerce is also loved by users because they want quick loading and fast shopping experience, which they are getting by installing shopping apps in their mobiles.
  • Across the market, around half of the retailers are running mobile websites to provide optimized browsing experience to the users.
  • 1 in 2 users in America is interested in doing shopping by utilizing mobile wallets.
  • 1 in 5 people makes searches for products during watching TV.
  • Men and women both are interested in making purchases either by mobile devices or the tablets.

How M-commerce paves way for e-commerce store owners?

For eCommerce owners, m-commerce is not the subject to ignore. They should adopt this technology and make their users happy in all manners. Being an online shopping website owner, if you think that it is enough to build an official website to grab customers. Sorry! You are not right at this point. Because, in this high-tech world, mobile is everything for everyone. So, it is mandatory to move to mobile to make customers happy and satisfied.

There are a few facts that can provide success to an e-commerce website owner in m-commerce:

  • Fully adaptive screen
  • Excellent design and input options
  • Fast & smooth navigation
  • Clear & informative product concepts

Role of M-commerce in this fast-growing industry:

Today, mobile apps like travel & tourism, fooding, shopping, banking, education, health-care, transportation, quick payments and home service are competing in the market to offer the best services to their users. Business entrepreneurs are doing this just to attract users towards m-commerce. To make this more interesting for users, they often offer cashback facility, discounts, free surprise gifts and other rewards to bring users towards their mobile apps and make their brand popular in great ways.

Everywhere, you can see a drastic involvement of mobile apps. Recently, a boom in the mobile app industry has been seen which is expected to increase in upcoming years as everyone is moving towards handling their day-to-day activities via smartphones and tablets. This big change in the mobile app industry indicates that all the retailers should make their presence on everyone’s mobile in the form of interactive mobile apps. This indirectly leads the m-commerce scale to the momentum.

Adding more to the role of m-commerce in the industry, we are also trying to elaborate the significance of m-commerce through Web-based m-commerce and App-based m-commerce:

Web-based M-Commerce

With the introduction of m-commerce, almost every business has made it compulsory to have a responsive and interactive website. The websites should be adapted to all screen sizes and also allow users to get ultimate browsing experience.

In the UK, the estimated ratio of online retail sales through smartphones and tablets is about 51%. On the other hand, sales through desktops and laptops have been accounted 49%.

In comparison to the mobile commerce, web-based m-commerce is also on the boom. Don’t underestimate web commerce and improve it by introducing more responsive websites.

App-based M-Commerce

Presently, even small retailers have started using the mobile commerce as their product selling platform. They also focus on adopting mobile commerce through developing business-oriented apps to provide an excellent and app-based shopping experience. These are the great tools that encourage users to have an exceptional digital shopping experience. And you won’t believe that mobile apps are doing really great in the e-commerce industry.

Mobile Commerce Advantages:

  • As M-commerce is a solid medium to reach massive customers, it also has the potential to turn out a major channel for online shopping.
  • It has also changed the shopping habits of users due to easy access and variety of facilities.
  • From the stats of 2015, adults in the U.S. spent 59% of the time on their smartphones and 41% on desktops which increases the demand of mobile commerce.
  • There are multiple factors that contribute to attaining exceptional shopping experience via mobiles, handy mobile devices are the primary factors among them.
  • One of the best examples that help m-commerce take over e-commerce is the one-click payment options that are highly admired by the mobile users these days.


If we closely observe the stats, smartphones are really outperforming the desktops by huge numbers. This has been done because today people usually prefer to purchase through their smart handsets instead of accessing the e-commerce websites via desktops. They do so to get the liberty to buy products from the comfort of their homes. Hope, the concept of M-commerce will be clear to you. Now, you can analyze on your own that how the fact “Will M-Commerce Outperform E-commerce In The Future?” is worth supporting.

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