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LiquidWeb Review

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Today, having a great website means everything. Your website is your window to the world. It is the single most efficient way to present yourself and your products to the world. Some may say that having a great presentation is almost as important as having a great product.

There are many equally important components that every good website should have; it should be user-friendly, appealing to the eye, functional, and easy to navigate through. But one very important thing is often neglected; hosting.

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Every great website is hosted by an excellent hosting provider. Many people don’t see how important this is, simply because customers don’t care about it, because they can’t see it.

But, can they see that your site is down? Can they see that it is slow and unresponsive? Can they see error messages? How about security warnings?

They WILL notice all this. And trust us; modern Internet users have no patience. They will simply find a site that is actually working, and working fast. They will rather look for a site that is secure and takes care of their private data. You will lose visitors that are your potential customers, and with them leaving elsewhere, you will lose reputation and money.

Having a great hosting provider is vital. It serves as a solid foundation to build upon. It’s true, customers can’t see it, but they certainly can feel it.

If your website is already attracting traffic, and if you are overgrown your previous provider, and you want something better and bigger, try Liquidweb. This hosting provider is well known for its safety, reliability, speed and rich features.

LiquidWeb – Best Managed Hosting!

Whether you are a freelancer, agency, small or large business owner or enterprise and looking for reliable managed hosting solution, LiquidWeb is the way to go. They offer reseller, ecommerce, WordPress, app, PCI and HIPAA compliant web hosting as well.

LiquidWeb Overview

Liquidweb is a private company that owns and operates 3 private data centers with redundant power, cooling and network systems. This allows them to provide speed, reliability and security at all times.

This company has one of the strongest reputations in the web hosting business. It hosts websites of some large brands, including ESPN, MTV, and FedEx. You can’t get a better recommendation than this, if these giants trust Liquidweb, it must be trustworthy.

Liquid web chose not to have shared web hosting. So if you are on a budget, and just starting your website and still testing the waters, Liquidweb is probably not for you. It aims at already established websites, at least medium sized, but preferably premium and enterprise-level clientele.

But, if you do have a growing website, and a deeper pocket, you can’t go wrong with Liquidweb, as it is one of the leaders in the industry.

LiquidWeb Uptime & Support

When choosing a web hosting company for business, uptime, security and technical support should be your main concern.

liquidweb uptime security support

LiquidWeb Uptime

This is where Liquidweb shines; they offer 100% uptime guarantee. Note that many other providers “claim” 99.something uptime. Liquidweb does not only promise you 100%, it delivers. And if it does not, they offer you ten times compensation to your downtime. So if your website is down for 1 hour, you will get 10 hours compensated to your bill. This proves you that Liquidweb takes hosting seriously, and you can fully expect 0 downtime if you decide to host your website on their servers.

Liquidweb has both 30-minute initial response guarantee, and a 30-minute hardware replacement guarantee. This means that if any problem does happen, or a piece of your hardware fails, you will be able to reach them fast and they will solve everything in no time at all.

LiquidWeb Security and Support

Liquidweb offers many security options. These include firewalls, SSL, VPN, malware scanning and removal, DDOS attack prevention, and many other features. Also, Liquidweb’s Sonar Monitoring team is constantly searching for threats and issues, and removing them effectively.

Also, since Liquidweb is a premium option, you can expect to get one of the best support teams in the web hosting industry. It is called Heroic support. They are based in-house, at their data-centers, so if needed, they can manually check for problems themselves.

This is very important, and makes Liquidweb stand out from its competition, as many other companies outsource their phone and chat operators. You can reach the Heroic support team by phone, live-chat or the ticket system.

They also have an excellent knowledge base. Heroic support guarantees to answer the phone or chat in a minute or less, and is available to you 24/7/365. They will assist you in everything, and will do many things for free that others charge for, including site migration.

LiquidWeb Plans & Pricing

liquidweb plans pricing

As noted before, Liquidweb has no shared hosting plans. Instead, it offers a wide range of managed WordPress, VPS, and dedicated server packages.

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Liquidweb offers a variety of dedicated server solutions. First, you get to choose between three locations, US Central (Michigan), US West (Arizona) and EU (Amsterdam).

Every Liquidweb dedicated server is fully managed. You can choose your server to be either Linux or Windows-based. No matter which server you decide to choose, you get tons of extras. These include protection from DDOS attacks, free backup drive, free Gigabit Uplink, free Cloudflare CDN, free ServerSecure security. All dedicated servers run on SSD RAID 1 primary drives. You can choose between cPanel and Plesk.

You can choose between dedicated servers with single or dual processor, based on your site’s needs.

  • Single processor servers cost from $199/mo to $429/mo. They are good for high traffic sites and apps, database hosting, file server hosting, and reseller hosting.

The cheapest single processor plan runs on Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 4 Cores @ 3.4 Ghz, has 16 GB RAM, 2x 250 GB SSD primary, 1 TB SATA backup drive, and 5 TB bandwidth. This means that even their cheapest dedicated server is quite strong.

  • Dual processors pack more power, but also cost more. The cheapest one costs $389/mo, while the most expensive one costs as much as $859/mo. But there is a good reason for this; their Dual-processor servers are excellent for hosting many sites, resource intensive apps, large databases, or large scale reseller hosting.

The cheapest dual processor dedicated server runs on Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 16 Cores @ 2.1 Ghz, has 32 GB RAM, 2×250 GB SSD primary drive, 1TB SATA backup and 8 TB bandwidth.

Storm Dedicated Servers

This is something new. Dedicated hardware combined with powerful Cloud features. If you choose a Storm Dedicated Server, you will be able to custom order the exact server you need.

On Liquidweb Storm Dedicated Servers’ web-page you will be presented with a chart. There you can choose the exact hardware you want; number of cores, core speed, drives ordered by type and total space, and the amount of RAM needed.

This is really unique, because it gives you as much customization as possible, something that you can only have with Liquidweb. Price range is huge too, going from $159/mo to as much as $1359/mo.

But even the cheapest Storm Dedicated Server has CloudFlare CDN, enhanced security, DDOS attack protection, and built in backups.

Cloud VPS Hosting

If you find dedicated server power or pricing to be too much, then probably VPS hosting is for you. All Liquid web VPS are fully managed. This means that they will do all the heavy lifting for you, and then the only concern you will have is running your business.

You can choose from different Linux and Windows VPS plans. VPS plans range from $59/mo to $219/mo. All plans have 5 TB Transfer, free Storm firewall, Real-time monitoring, Cpanel/Plesk availability, etc.

The main difference is in hardware; number of cores, amount of RAM, and storage. The cheapest plan has 2 Cores, 40 GB SSD, 2 GB RAM. If you find that none of their pre-built plans fit your needs, you can also create a custom one. These go as much as 20 Cores, 1.6 TB SSD, 256 GB RAM, so even the biggest site will be covered.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Last but not least: Liquidweb managed WordPress solutions. There are three options from $189/mo-$289/mo. They can host different number of sites (10-20-40), have different amounts of storage (100-150-300 GB), and all have 5 TB bandwidth.

Liquidweb offers one-click installation, and it comes with a pre-installed CMS, so you will not waste time on boring and long installations.

Liquidweb makes sure your content and your website stays safe. They have pre-PHP upgrade monitor, post-backup monitor, Pre-plugin upgrade monitor and Malware monitor. They also make sure your site stays super-fast, and they do this with image compression, site-wide caching, and delayed image loading and by using PHP 7.

And if you are managing many sites at once, you have no reason to worry; Liquidweb has a partnership with iThemes so you can update as many as 100 sites at once.

Pros and Cons of LiquidWeb


  • Quality and reliability
  • Excellent specifications
  • Great in-house based support
  • Variety in dedicated, cloud and VPS department


  • Premium pricing
  • Premium-clientele oriented, no shared hosting

LiquidWeb Review Conclusion

If you have a big website, both in size and in traffic that it attracts, and if it keeps getting bigger, you should choose Liquidweb, without any hesitation. For many years, Liquidweb has bravely kept its premium reputation, and is continuing to be one of the finest examples of how to take the right approach to web hosting.

Liquidweb is web-hosting elite. They are certainly not cheap, but rest assured, with Liquidweb, quality comes before anything else.

If you think that your website is big enough for it, go ahead, give Liquidweb a try, it will not disappoint you, and it has a 30 day money-back guarantee.

LiquidWeb Review Updated on: January 21, 2019
Company: LiquidWeb
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