linode cloud hosting reviews

Linode Reviews

The company Linode, was established in 2003 by Christopher S. Aker and has been growing ever since. Probably Linode is one of the few companies who helped to establish the base of cloud hosting, today being a leader in the industry. Their philosophy is to solve problems, code software and create cool stuff and share all these with others.

As you may recall, Linode offers cloud computing service, their plans varying from 1 CPU core to 20 CPU cores packages. They have a very strong infrastructure: SSD drives for optimal performance, 40Gbit redundant network, Intel E5 processors. They also provide with an easy to use control panel, where with just couple of clicks users can deploy, boot, resize or clone. Linode’s servers are located in 7 different datacenters in 3 regions: Asia, North America and Europe.

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Linode User Reviews

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Nick on Jun 30, 2018
Been using them for years and everything's great.