Best Joomla Hosting Company

Joomla is one of the most popular and powerful CMS. It is used by thousands of websites including popular sites like,, Harvard University, MTV Greece, and many others. Joomla is mainly used for online shops, forums and community websites, however many choose to use Joomla for their blog or company website.

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What to Expect from a Joomla Host?

Joomla runs best on linux web servers that support PHP and MySQL. Being a powerful software does require special attention regarding server optimization. There are many hosting providers that offer PHP and MySQL database hosting, but that does not mean that the server is compatible with Joomla. The current version of the software (3.4) requires PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 4.0+ and some other php extensions. If this is not covered, you can say goodbye to your plan to make your site with Joomla.

The ideal hosting plan for Joomla:

  • optimized server that offers all the necessary features that Joomla requires
  • one click Joomla installation possibility to website
  • support team that can help you with Joomla related issues
  • Joomla tutorials that will help you customize your website
  • tools to make your Joomla website faster and easier to build

Top 3 Recommended Web Hosts for Joomla

#1 InMotion Joomla Hosting

starting from $4.19 / month includes 2 joomla websites, unlimited GB space and bandwidth, suPHP, mod_security Apache module, online tutorials for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0+ and a lot more

#2 WebHostingHub Joomla Hosting

starting form $4.99 monthly includes 2 add-on domains and 10 joomla installations, free automatic joomla istallation, $50 free advertising credits, etc.

#3 BlueHost Joomla Hosting

from $3.95 per month the plan includes free joomla installation, free domain name, and others

The content management system you choose for your company’s website will affect your business. The failure or the success of your website highly depends on the reliability of the CMS you chose. Joomla is one of the most popular content management system, which has proven its reliability over the years. Joomla is open source and free to use. It is a powerful application that is used by hundreds of thousands of websites world-wide. The CMS is great for those who are just starting out, and also for advanced users and webmasters.

Is Joomla Easy To Use?

As a user, this is the main question that comes into my mind before using a software: is it easy to use? I don’t want to spend much time for figuring out how to use it. I want to get started with it right away.

The great news is that Joomla is very straight forward. It is fact that requires some time to learn Joomla, especially if you never used a content management system before.

What is Joomla exactly used for? Here is couple of website examples that you can make with Joomla:

  • Small business and corporate sites
  • eCommerce sites and online shops
  • Hotel reservation and booking sites
  • News portals and community sites / forums

Joomla is also easy to extend. The core installation allows you to add pages, contact forms, change templates, create menus and customize the layout of pages with modules. However you can extend the functionality of the core by adding extensions (modules, plugins, components).

If you know PHP, you can also modify the template or customize existing modules. Because the software is open source, you have full access to the PHP files. Joomla uses object oriented programming, which makes even easier to work with it.

Here are some of the main features of Joomla core:

  • User management
  • Article and image upload
  • Quick contact form
  • Polls and blogs
  • SEO configuration
  • Page cache and Gzip
  • WYSIWG editor

How to Choose the Best Joomla Hosting Service

There are literally hundreds or maybe thousands of hosting companies who offer Joomla hosting. It is really hard to determine who the best Joomla hosting provider is, but there are certainly hosting companies that offer reliable hosting service and great support for Joomla. Check the above mentioned three hosting firms.

If you prefer other hosting providers, the first step to determine if the company support Joomla is to check their server configuration. Joomla requires PHP, MySQL, Apache to run. In addition it would be great to have other features such as phpMyAdmin, mod_rewrite enabled to be able to activate search engine friendly URLs, Gzip and .htaccess.

The operating system of the server is also important if you are going to build your site with Joomla 1.5 or 2.5 versions. If building a new site, I highly recommend using the latest stable version of Joomla. The 3.x version is not OS dependent. It works great on Linux and Windows as well, while the older versions are only compatible with Linux system.

The core Joomla does not require much disk space. Uploading images, videos and articles to your site can quickly increase the size of your site. Installing extensions to your Joomla system will also increase the size of your website. Make sure you choose a hosting plan that offers enough disk space as well bandwidth for your website.

There are other aspects as well when choosing web hosting for Joomla. Here are a few to consider:

  • Joomla oriented technical support (if possible 24/7 support) – general web hosting support is not enough, look for a hosting provider who is able to help you out with Joomla related problems as well
  • Joomla compatible servers – besides PHP, MySQL there are other features that are needed to run your Joomla site smoothly. Some extensions might require Cron Jobs, suPHP or other features; check if your provider offers these.
  • Server work load – you should know that Joomla requires a good amount of server resources to run at a good performance. Some companies might limit your account because your site is using too much CPU or RAM. Check prior with the hosting firm to see what is the maximum allowed server usage for the hosting plan you are going to pick.

Expensive vs Cheap Joomla Hosting

I know that people always want the best Joomla hosting. Most of us believe that something that is cheap can’t be the best. Often we go with the most expensive because we think the service and the performance of that host will be the best. From experience I can tell, that this statement is not always true. In fact, choosing a reliable host with great support will work better than choosing an expensive service with poor or no support at all.

I highly suggest to read customer and expert reviews to find out which host to choose for your website. Some companies might be the best for a group of Joomla users, but would not work for others. Choose a hosting provider that fits you and your project the best.

It is preferred to go with a Joomla hosting provider that offers multiple hosting plans. At the start you can choose a shared plan. As your website grows and the traffic increases, you will need a VPS or dedicated server. If your Joomla site outgrows your current hosting plan, you want a quick and easy upgrade option. Choose a hosting company that has upgrade options.

Always Read Joomla Hosting Reviews

I always suggest reading reviews before buying any service. Do your research and gather information from multiple sources. Do not rely only on one person’s opinion. Here at WebHostingMedia, our experts tries out different hosting service and test their support, performance, uptime, reliability and security. To determine if a host is good for hosting Joomla, we actually install and host a Joomla site on their server. We also seek for customer reviews and publish these on our website. As you can tell, we do publish both positive and negative reviews.

So, if you are looking to purchase a reliable, trustworthy Joomla host for your site, check out the hosting firms that we already tested and mentioned at the top of the page. You can also Google for Joomla hosting providers, but make sure you do your homework and don’t miss out on anything. Good luck!