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Let’s see what JaguarPC has to offer to companies or individuals who want a reliable hosting service. JaguarPC is indeed a good pick when it comes to hosting, but the features and service overall might not be suitable for everyone. This is why we will discuss in great detail what are the pros and cons that you should be aware of before starting a membership.

The company was founded in Colorado back in 1998. They worked hard, offering various web hosting solutions and eventually became one of the greatest companies in the industry. JaguarPC always invests in the most modern hardware and security, which is why it became the go-to hosting provider for many businesses.

In the past 10 years, the company expanded a lot. Besides Colorado, now they have data centers in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and even in the U.K., hosting more than 500,000 domains on their servers. There were also small hosting providers that also became a part of JaguarPC, namely Devpont, Hostingzoom, and Wowvps.

JaguarPC has a wide range of web hosting plans, ensuring an appropriate set of features for both big and small businesses. Without further ado, let’s talk about what JaguarPC has to offer to its clients in general.

JaguarPC Overview

As we mentioned before, JaguarPC is constantly investing in new hardware and improving their network. Their 100% uptime guarantee is not just a bait, they really take it seriously as there was no power outage for more than 8 years.

They have made it super secure with a power facility that has 14 generators that are always ready to back up the whole network. JaguarPC makes sure that their systems are constantly monitored and secured in order to provide a high-quality web hosting service to everyone.

If you pick one of JaguarPC’s dedicated server plans, they will ensure you that every time there is a problem with the hardware, they will replace the faulty parts within the next 2 hours. On the other hand, you can completely rely on their customer support whenever you need help.

When it comes to their pricings and specific lists of features, you will find many extras that will come in handy while still paying a reasonably low price for each plan. To top it off, JaguarPC also gives you access to plenty of software that can be useful for your website such as ecommerce tools and content management systems.

JaguarPC Plans and Pricing

JaguarPC kept their prices affordable for everyone, offering a huge list of features with every plan, even the cheapest one which costs only $5. If you are new to JaguarPC and want to join, they will guarantee a free setup for you.

Shared Hosting Plans at JaguarPC

First of all let’s talk about their Shared hosting plans with cPanel as an interface for hosting. cPanel gives you lots of one-click install apps that might be useful, including the most popular CMS and data management platforms. No matter what shared plan you choose, you will get SSD storage with each of them which guarantees high transfer speed.

Now if you want to be cost-effective with the JaguarPC shared hosting plans, you should definitely pick their 36-month contract option. In that case, you will get all the features and the outstanding customer support for a price that is almost laughable compared to the service you get.

  • The smallest shared hosting package is Private hosting which costs $3.97 each month. That gives you 35GB of space to work with, and a 100GB bandwidth for starters. The e-mail, FTP accounts and MySQL databases are quite limited though as you can have a maximum of 25 of the three combined.
  • The second plan is Web hosting and it comes with a 75GB disk space, a bigger bandwidth of 1000GB and this time e-mail, FTP and MySQL are capped at 100. It costs $6.97 monthly and gets you some bonuses that you can’t get with the Private hosting plan, such as secure SSL with certificate, Softaculous, Spam Expert, Cloud Flare, LiteSpeed. In addition, you can work with 100 parked domains while getting daily backups as well.
  • The biggest one is Business hosting with a $25.94 monthly price. This is much bigger compared to the previous two, but actually not that big if you consider all the unlimited stuff you get with the plan. It comes with a 125GB disk space, the bandwidth is 5000GB and this time all the databases, parked domains and accounts are unlimited. In addition to the previous plan, your sites will run on semi-dedicated servers and a dedicated IP address is also included.

Plans for Dedicated Servers

These were all the shared web hosting options that JaguarPC has to offer. Now let’s take a look at their Dedicated server plans that all guarantee you a 99.99% uptime, so these are pretty much up all the time and you don’t even need to worry.

You can choose from four plans and all of them will give you 10Mbps of unmetered bandwidth, unlimited traffic, root access and the ability to reboot the system remotely. In addition, you will be able to implement all kinds of kernels and to work on sites and applications on JaguarPC’s own platform.

The prices for these dedicated server plans start from $127/month all the way up to $267/month, depending on how strong you want the server to be. There are four specific configurations for each with the top Intel Xeon E3 processors and the strongest one with two Intel E5 processors. The more expensive the package, the bigger the RAM and disk space as well.

Reseller Hosting at JaguarPC

When it comes to Reseller Hosting, JaguarPC users are also quite satisfied. There are many options available within the four specific plans they offer. The plans are available for U.K. and U.S. resellers as well with unlimited bandwidth, e-mail addresses, FTP and resold accounts, and databases. Reseller hosting plans also include these features:

  • Overselling is allowed
  • Accounts can be migrated (capped at 25)
  • Completely free Rapid SSL
  • Nameserver customization
  • Litespeed web server included
  • CloudLinux OS included
  • You get SSL, Master, and domain reseller accounts
  • Daily Backups by R1Soft
  • High-performance site builder (RVSiteBuilder)

JaguarPC offers its reseller hosting plans with cPanel and the cheapest plan called Lite gives you a 10% discount if you resell dedicated or VPS servers while the biggest Advanced plan comes with a 20% discount. Let’s say you want the 36-month prepaid option, then the Lite plan is $12.96, Standard is $19.95, Pro $35.95 and the Advanced plan costs $56.95 but the last two are only for 12 months.

VPS Hosting Options

If you want to invest in VPS Hosting instead, JaguarPC can offer you four plans for that option too. The unlimited features that we previously talked about are also available here, including the e-mail accounts, domains, FTP, inbound bandwidth and MySQL databases.

The plans also support various operating systems such as Fedora, Windows, Suse, Debian and CentOS. Two arbitrary IP addresses, remote administrator access and daily backups are what every user gets in addition with JaguarPC’s VPS. If you choose their 12-month plan, then these are the four options:

  • 5GB of RAM, 10TB bandwidth, 2 core and 30GB of space for a $27 monthly fee
  • 3GB of RAM, 15TB bandwidth, 2 core and 60GB of space for a $47 monthly fee
  • 4GB of RAM, 20TB bandwidth, 3 core and 90GB of space for a $67 monthly fee
  • 6GB of RAM, 25 TB bandwidth, 4 core and 120GB of space for a $97 monthly fee

The setups are free for all the plans and you get to choose from three control panels: WHM, Plesk and cPanel.

Unmanaged Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

With JaguarPC, you can have a Cloud VPS in Atlanta, Dallas and New York and each of them have a set of eight different plans. From a tiny price of $4, you can go all the way up to the $141.6 plan depending on the specifications you need.

The first plan is really basic as expected: 1 core, 20GB of disk space, 512MB RAM and a 1TB of bandwidth. And this is how strong the most expensive Cloud VPS plan is: 12 cores, 420GB of disk space, 36GB RAM and 20TB bandwidth, and of course every plan is worth your money as they are always striving to keep their prices affordable for everyone.

JaguarPC Hosting Features

One of the greatest things about JaguarPC is that it offers plenty of features. Now if you are looking for a web hosting company, you have probably checked out a few other companies as well. There are those features that every hosting company offers, and there are those that are the main characteristics of JaguarPC hosting. Let’s see what the main benefits of choosing JaguarPC are.

  • First of all, JaguarPC Supports Both Linux and Windows which might come into handy for those who don’t prioritize only one of the two. Their support for two OS simply shows that they don’t think twice when it comes to investing into their equipment.
  • If you own a business that serves local customers, the fact that JaguarPC established Five Datacenters in the U.S. and One in the U.K. might help you provide a better online experience to your customers. You can pick a center closest to your region and that will guarantee a nice page load speed for website visitors. Also, the fact that JaguarPC expanded so much since 1998 only proves their success.
  • JaguarPC offers little to No Upsells and Lots of Freebies, even if you pick the least expensive plans. You always get the free daily backups that might come into handy, while you can use transfers, SSL, filters, page builders, password protection and manage your DNS as well. These literally come with all of the available plans.

JaguarPC Customer Support

With the extensive amount of helpful videos and knowledgebase, JaguarPC made sure that users have a chance to fix basic problems themselves. These also provide the proper guidance they need for a seamless experience with web hosting.

In addition, any kind of question related to web hosting can be asked on their community forum where people help each other in many different threads if they get stuck. You can also get your daily dose of web hosting knowledge by reading their blog where the JaguarPC crew shares lots of informative articles.

Their support teams can be contacted via four different channels, including live chat, phone, email or their ticketing system. Every datacenter has its own team and they are constantly available if you have any problems with JaguarPC hosting.

They want to be available everywhere, so that is why you can find them in the most popular social media platforms as well. JaguarPC has a strong presence on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Pros and Cons of JaguarPC

JaguarPC guarantees that perfect 100% uptime and their service is indeed up all the time. However, unexpected things can always happen. So in case a server is down, JaguarPC refunds its users by the price of the hours of downtime x10. All in all, their main priority is to keep their users satisfied with their service and they are pretty good at it.

If you didn’t like their plans, you can claim your money back within 45 days. Furthermore, they are really helpful when it comes to website migration and provide you an instant setup. In order to maintain a website that is constantly working and fully optimized, you need a great customer support and JaguarPC is particularly good at that. But we are going to talk a bit more about that later.

Let’s summarize the most obvious pros and cons that you might face if you choose JaguarPC in a short list:


  • Top-notch server hardware
  • Many different plans and affordable prices
  • The JaguarPC crew uses social media and customer forum effectively to provide help
  • Their customer support never lets you down


  • Ticket based support and live chat might need some improvement
  • There are a few users that complained about overloaded servers
  • They promote their uptimes in slightly different percentages on different web pages

JaguarPC Review Conclusion

Once again, definitely one of the best deals if you take a look at their uptime. By choosing JaguarPC, what you will get is a friendly and reliable web hosting experience that you can count on. It has many options, so in case you feel like your web hosting plan needs an upgrade, the next plan is not that big of a jump.

If you compare it with other web hosting companies side-to-side then of course you will find some differences. They can differ in page load speeds, prices, customer support or whatnot, but in the end of the day you want a reliable and seamless web hosting plans that meets your expectations and fits in your budget.

JaguarPC always provides lots of extra features and a wide range of web hosting plans that are great for individuals and all kinds of businesses. They promise a lot, but they can back it up as well.

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