Is iPage Still a Good Web Hosting Company in 2015?

In this article I will try to answer the most common questions that users ask when looking for more information about iPage web hosting provider. If you are looking for a complete iPage review, please visit our reviews section.

Is iPage good for site hosting?

If you already have a website built with HTML and CSS or PHP and you want to publish it online, with Ipage you can do it quickly. If you don’t have a website yet, but you are looking for a cheap and reliable hosing plan, to build a professional site, iPage could be a very good choice. Besides uploading your own website via FTP or file manager, you can create a site using their website building tool. The Weebly tool allows its users to choose a design from hundreds of templates, create, add and modify pages and publish them to their domain name. So iPage is a good choice for small and medium sized site hosting.

Is iPage good for hosting a WordPress blog?

If you want more than just a simple website, you could use system such as WordPress to create a blog. From iPage’s control panel you can easily install WordPress to your domain with just couple of clicks; however it is also possible to install it manually. A simple and low traffic WordPress site may run smoothly on the Essential plan, but you can experience performance issues once website traffic increases. The company also offers wordpress hosting plans at a higher cost. So the conclusion is that the Essential plan is not as good for WordPress, and you can’t expect a high performance from it. Probably BlueHost would be a better choice for this purpose.

Is iPage good web host for Joomla?

If you want to go a little further and build an online shop using Joomla, probably iPage is not the right choice for you. Joomla requires more server resource than WordPress so you can expect slower performance while running a Joomla website on iPage’s server. If you are looking for a reliable Joomla host, I recommend taking a look to InMotion hosting.

Is iPage good for domain registration?

Every new shared hosting plan purchased from iPage is eligible to register a free domain name. This is a great deal and you can easily save some money when starting your site, however if you consider using iPage to register your further domains, please note that their pricing are higher than most other domain registrars. You can purchase domain privacy for $9.99 / year to ensure that your personal information is protected from the public. At iPage you can register most top level domains (TLDs), however if you are looking for country specific domains, you have to look elsewhere. It is unfortunate, but iPage is not the best domain register, it is a good hosting provider though.

Do I have to pay extra for Weebly site-builder with iPage?

Ipage integrates with Weebly, this means that after purchasing web hosting from iPage, you can use the Weebly site builder from your hosting account to create your website. You are allowed to create and publish up to 6 pages with the free version, but if you want create unlimited pages, you will need to upgrade your account and pay extra. Billed upfront for 36 months the Weebly upgrade will cost you $7.49 per month. The following image is the comparison of the features between free and paid Weebly version.

ipage weebly website builder pay extra features

Is iPage’s control panel easy to use?

There are advanced users who may complain about iPage’s control panel (vDeck), just because they are more familiar with cPanel. The vDeck control panel is a great control panel which is similar to cPanel, however does not have as many features. You may find this to be a problem if you used a hosting provider before that had cPanel, but if you are new to hosting vDeck will do the job for you. Here is a screenshot of the control panel:

ipage control panel screenshot vdeck vs cpanel

Is iPage good for eCommerce hosting?

Ipage also integrates with ShopSite, an ecommerce platform that is very popular, works with all major payment processing gateways and it is easy to use. If you are planning to sell products online, ShopSite could be a good choice. Do keep in mind that the Starter plan allows you to add up to 15 products to your web-shop. Here is a screenshot with the features of the different ShopSite plans:

ipage shopsite plans comparison

It is possible to integrate the Ecwid Online Store software with your iPage hosting account for $4.74 per month extra, allowing you to sell up to 20 products with the basic package.

If you don’t want to use the shopping carts offered by iPage, you can install your favorite open source ecommerce software, offered through MojoMarketplace via the one click installation tool. These are the ecommerce platform that can be installed to your iPage hosting account: AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, Seotoaster, TomatoCart, Zen Cart.

ipage ecommerce hosting available scripts

So if you want to sell couple of products online using PayPal, iPage may be a good and cheap options to start with, but if you want to build a big store with dedicated IP and SSL, you should avoid iPage. Although they offer many options to build an ecommerce website, the truth is that their shared plan is not built for a heavy online store.

Is iPage good for Email hosting?

If you want a reliable email hosting, you could use iPage’s shared plan for this pourpose. You are allowed to create as many email accounts as you need, set up forwarders, auto-responders and customize spam filters. Using their WebMail software you can check emails on the go.

Does iPage offer dedicated IP address?

Unfortunately with the shared hosting plan you cannot purchase a dedicated IP address, so if you want your website to be hosted on a dedicated IP or want to install a dedicated SSL to your site, this is not possible with iPage’s Essential plan.

Is iPage a fast or slow speed hosting provider?

In order to test the speed of iPage hosting, I have identified 20 websites hosted by the company and performed 1000 consecutive requests using the Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool. Here are the results:

ipage speed and performance test results

  • Complete Requests: 1000
  • Failed Requests: 0
  • Requests per sec: 7.61
  • Time per request: 1313.325 ms
  • Average transfer rate: 74.47 Kbytes/sec
  • Median connect time: 130 ms
  • Median processing time: 1176 ms
  • Median waiting time: 679 ms

What does this means to you? If 1000 users will consecutively use your homepage, your site hosted with iPage will have similar results. So are these results acceptable? The connection time is very good but the processing time could be improved. If a user will access your website, it will quickly connect, however it will take more than a second to load the website. If you ask me, this is a good performance.

I have also tested randomly couple of website hosted at iPage, using Pingdom’s website speed test tool and the results where really good. Here is a random screenshot from Pingdom:

ipage website speed test pingdom

Is iPage compatible with Mac / Windows / Linux?

Although iPage offers web servers run on Linux operating system, their control panel is browser based and it can be used from a Mac, Windows or UNIX device. Unfortunately the control panel is not responsive yet, so from a smaller resolution such a smart phone or a tablet it may be a bit difficulty to work with the vDeck control panel; hopefully they will consider adding a mobile friendly version in the near future. As far as I know there is no mobile application that allows using their control panel from your iPhone or Android, so it only works in a web browser.

So is iPage a good hosting provider?

I can say with confidence that iPage is still a good hosting company. It is obvious that the Essential plan was not made for every type of website, but if you are just starting out and want to build a simple website, want an easy to use hosting account that will not cost you a lot, iPage is a good option for you.


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