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Both companies iPage and InMotionHosting are among our favorite hosting providers. In this article will compare these two companies, analyzing their promotion and renewal price, guarantees, features and support. Here is a quick comparison of InMotion and iPage:

iPage.com InMotionHosting
Promo Price $1.99 $4.19
Control Panel vDeck cPanel
Free Domain Yes Yes
“Unlimited” Hosting Yes Yes
One-click Install Yes Yes
WordPress Yes Yes
Site Builder Yes (Weebly) Yes (BoldGrid)
Marketing Credits $200 $250
Money Back 30 Days 90 Days
Support phone, chat, tickets phone, chat, tickets
Promo Link iPage Promo InMotion Promo

At the first look, there are many differences between the two hosting providers. Before we go into details, I recommend checking out our reviews of these two hosting firms.

These detailed reviews cover more details on each hosting company. Now let’s take a look how they compare.

The above mentioned reviews are based on our experience and test and contain more details about each company. Ok, let’s see what are the similarities and the differences between iPage and InMotion hosting.

Promo and Renewal Prices

Price should not be your main concern when choosing hosting, but is definitely a decisive factor. At the first look, iPage has a better deal. It is great to use coupons and deals when buying hosting, but is also important to know how much will you pay in the future.

With the current promotion, at iPage you can get the Essential Plan for only $1.99 per month if you subscribe for a 24 months period. At InMotion Hosting, you need to pay $4.19 per month for the Launch Plan, when subscribing for 24 months.

At hosting plan renewal, if you renew for 24 months, at iPage you will pay $11.95 per month, while at InMotion $7.99 per month for the above mentioned plans.

Now, let’s sum it up and see how much will you pay for a period of 4 years (48 months) at both companies:

Promo Renewal Total (48 months)
iPage (24+24 months)
$1.99 / mo $11.95 / mo $334.26
InMotion (24+24 months)
$4.19 / mo $7.99 / mo $292.32

Over a 4 year period you will save $42 when choosing InMotion, but it is important to mention that the InMotion Launch Plan only allows you to host two domains, while with iPage you don’t have any limit on the amount of add-on domains.

Now let’s calculate how much will you pay if you want hosting for a longer period, for instance 6 years. With iPage, you can sign up using the current promotion for 36 months, while with InMotion a 24 month subscription is possible only.

Promo Renewal Total (72 months)
iPage (36+36 months) $1.99 / mo $10.95 / mo $465.84
InMotion (24+48 months) $4.19 / mo $7.99 / mo $484.08

In this case you will save $18 with iPage over a 6 years period, having the possibility to host as many websites as you want.

And the Winner is: iPage.com

Which Control Panel is Best – cPanel or vDeck?

If you are new to hosting, starting with either cPanel or vDeck is not a big deal. Both control panels are very good and offer the same or very similar features, cPanel being more popular. The disadvantage of using a non-cPanel hosting is that you cannot migrate your account automatically. When moving from a cPanel host to another, you can migrate your account easily, transferring emails and other account settings as well.

Install WordPress and other Apps

Both companies, iPage as well InMotion offers option to automatically install WordPress and other scripts. At iPage you will be able to install your favorite script through MojoMarketplace, while at InMotion Hosting you can do it from your cPanel account. If looking for managed WordPress hosting, at iPage there are two plans available offering this service (WP Starter starting at $3.95 / month and WP Essential starting at $6.95 / month). Although InMotion offers managed hosting, they don’t have a managed WordPress plan, instead they offer WordPress optimized hosting service (starting at $4.19 monthly). From our test resulted that both InMotion and iPage can handle pretty well a medium sized WordPress blog or business site.

Build Your Own Website

If you are looking for an easy way to build a simple website, you can use a drag-and-drop site builder. At iPage you have the option to create a small site (up to 6 pages) using the Weebly site builder. You can add extra pages, however this will cost extra.

InMotion offers a premium drag-and-drop builder, that you can use for free. The BoldGrid builder offered by InMotion hosting is an extension for WordPress. This has no limitations on how many pages you can create and you can use this plugin on as many websites you want. The disadvantage of using BoldGrid is that you need to install WordPress first to your site.

If I were to choose between Weebly site builder and BoldGrid, I would go with the last. So this round goes to InMotion!

Hosting Multiple Websites

The Essential plan offered by iPage allows to host as many websites you want on the same hosting account. At InMotion this option is only available with the Pro plan, that cots $8.99 per month with current promotional offer and renews at $15.99 (costing more with $3 monthly than iPage’s highest renewal rate.)

iPage takes this round!

Marketing Credits

If you want to promote your site through paid methods, you can claim the advertising credits offered for free by both companies. At iPage you can get $200 ad credits while at InMotion $250 ad credit is included with each shared hosting package. You can spend these credits on Google Adwords and Bing+Yahoo networks.

InMotion wins this round with $50 extra marketing credit!

Online Customer Support

Both hosting companies offer great online support, available 24/7 through toll free phone, live chat and email. The average waiting time when calling iPage is 2-3 minutes, while at InMotion your call will be answered in 1-2 minutes. Chat support will answer in 2 minutes on average for both companies. Depending on the complexity of your problem and request, emails will be answered under one hour at both providers.

For self-support, you can use the knowledge center at both hosting firms. Here you will find useful articles, video tutorials and guides on how to use the control panel, how to set up WordPress and about other useful things. InMotion slightly covers more questions, but generally both provide great help through this content database.

Money Back Guarantee

With an industry-leading 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, InMotion wins this round. Ipage offers a 30-day money back guarantee only.

Easy to Get Started

If you buy hosting from iPage, your account will be activated automatically, while at InMotion you will have to confirm your purchase through phone. For some people this might be a reason to choose iPage over InMotion.

Upgrade Options

If your website outgrows your current shared hosting plan, it is possible to upgrade to to a virtual or dedicated server at iPage as well InMotion. While this comparison is for shared hosting, I will not go into details on VPS and Dedicated hosting, just wanted to mention that at both providers you will have the option for upgrade.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you are looking to build and manage one or two small websites, InMotion is a great option for you. If you want to create and host multiple websites, iPage will definitely will be a cheaper option in the long run. While in some cases iPage and in other cases InMotion will be a better option, I still need to choose a winner. At the end the decisive factor is the cost of the hosting plan and the number of allowed add-on domains, which makes iPage the winner of this “battle”.

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