Does iPage Offer Free Email? – Should You Use their Webmail?

iPage offers a wide range of services including small business hosting, domain registration, SSL certification, email hosting and more. You can find out more about this company and read my personal opinion on the iPage review page.

Recently I’ve received an email from a person, who wanted to purchase iPage’s Essential Plan, and asked me the following question:

Does iPage offer free email hosting or webmail? Do you recommend using iPage for conducting business emailing?

Yes, iPage’s Essential Plan includes email hosting and offers webmail access for free. The webmail has a very good response time and emails load pretty fast. I personally recommend for setting up a business email with iPage.

Should You Use iPage’s Webmail?

In my humble opinion, iPage is a good and cheap solution to conduct emailing for your small business.


You can setup multiple email accounts for your domain. This is great, if you have employees. Your employees can have their own separate business email, which you can control over the webmail.

iPage’s webmail can be accessed from the control panel. Through the webmail you can access any of the email addresses hosted on your account. This is really good, if you want to take a look into your employees’ emails.

iPage Webmail Clients

Most hosting providers allow you to access your webmail through a certain webmail client such as Roundcube, Horde, SquareMail or other.

At iPage you can’t choose your favorite webmail client, so you have to work with what you got. Their standard webmail client looks a bit outdated in terms of design and it is not mobile compatible. Accessing the webmail from your phone might be difficult.


Update: I did some more research and found out that you can access your email through Roundcube on the following link: – this webmail client is offered for free with every hosting account.

Roundcube webmail client has a more up-to-date design and slightly more features than the standard iPage webmail client. It work great on mobile phones too.


How to Access Webmail at iPage?

Accessing the webmail function at iPage is extremely simple:

  • Go to and login to your Control Panel
  • In the control panel find the Email section and click MailCentral
  • Click on View Webmail next to the email address you want to access


If you want to access a certain email account through the Webmail, instead Control Panel, choose the Webmail tab when login in to your account. Provide your email address and email password.


How to Setup Email Client?

If you don’t want to use the webmail client offered by iPage for any reason, you can access your emails through an email client.

Whether you choose to set up your email on a Mac, Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, mobile or desktop device, you are covered. You can find all necessary information in your account on how to setup your email to a specific device or client:

  • Access the MailCentral in your iPage hosting account
  • Click on Email Settings and choose the desired email client
  • Follow the setup instructions



When setting up an email account to a client, you have to decide which protocol to use for receiving emails. You can choose between IMAP and POP3.

POP3 allows you to access your email from a single device. Email clients will download and delete the email from the server and store it only on that single device or client.

IMAP allows you to access emails from multiple devices and will leave the email on the server too.

You should use POP3 if the email storage is very limited, while IMAP is great if you can store lots of email on the server.

iPage & Gmail – Advanced Email Solution

For as low as $5 / month you can integrate your emails hosted on iPage with G Suite by Google. This service allows you to access your business emails from Gmail. You will get 30GB online storage, calendars, video meeting and all enhanced business features offered by Gmail.


This service is perfect for you to manage a team, share calendars, documents, forms, and slides between with your employees.

The best part is that you don’t need to setup an email client on your device, you can access your business email from anywhere through a web browser.

It is extremely easy to integrate your iPage account with G Suite – it takes just few minutes.

Potential Problems with Webmail or Email Client

I’ve been using iPage for sending and receiving emails for a long time. I’ve never had any problems with their email service. However you might encounter some problems or run into errors such as:

  • Email Server is Down: due to technical problems, sent emails can queued up on iPage’s mail server. Just wait couple of minutes before resending your email.
  • Email Can’t Be Delivered: there could be many reasons behind this error. The allocated web-space for storing emails might be full. The attachment might be too big or the attachment extension is banned from the mail server. The email address you are trying to send your email to might be non-existent. etc…
  • Maximum Email Numbers / Hour: you can’t use iPage for sending tons of emails for marketing purposes. You are allowed to receive unlimited emails, however you can only send up to 500 hourly.

iPage Email Limitations

Although iPage do not limit the web-space for hosting your website, the webmail has a limited storage of 500MB or 10k messages. If you run out of space, you can upgrade to larger mail box storage or to G Suite.

You can receive unlimited email hourly and daily, however you are allowed to send up to 500 / hour or 5000 / day. Using iPage for email marketing or sending mass emails is not a good option.

In fact, mass emailing can be considered spam and you can get your account banned. Do not use it for spamming!

Limitation applies to attachment sizes as well to number of email accounts. Through webmail you are allowed to send attachments of maximum 20MB in size. You can create up to 50 email accounts with the standard package.

This screenshot might be useful to figure out the email storage and sending limits:


To prevent spammers and hackers sending malicious files and viruses through their servers, the following file types are completely banned from their email server:



If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to set up one or more business emails for your company, iPage is a very good choice. They allow hosting multiple email addresses, so your employees can have their own business email.

Setting up an email account is super simple with iPage. You don’t need any technical knowledge to get it done.

I hope this tutorial about iPage’s email has helped you decide if their service is whether right or not for your needs.

Click here to register your iPage account and setup your business email address.


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