How to Install Joomla 3.4.x to InMotion Hosting?

Many web hosting providers support Joomla one their servers. Some of them offer optimized hosting plans for Joomla, this means, their server configuration is set to provide the best performance for Joomla websites. You can install Joomla to your web hosting account in two different ways: the hard way, or the easy way. Today I will show you how to install Joomla to InMotion hosting using cPanel and Softaculous.

If you have checked out our Joomla Hosting page, you probably already found out that InMotion is among the top hosting providers we recommend for Joomla hosting. InMotion offer high performance Joomla optimized hosting and from control panel you can install the software within minutes. They advertise this feature as “1-click” Joomla installation, but in fact there are couple of steps you have to follow:

1. Login to your cPanel account at InMotion Hosting

When you have signed up to InMotion, you got all the login information via email, so there you can find the link as well the user and password.

login inmotion hosting account

2. Click on the Joomla logo at the bottom of the page

After you sing-in, scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find the Joomla, among other scripts. Click on the Joomla logo and start the installation.

click joomla icon


3. Complete the necessary fields and finish the Joomla installation

Here you will have to spend a bit more time, filling out all the necessary forms. Choose which version of Joomla you want to install. At the time of writing, Joomla 2.5.28 and 3.4.3 is available, but this changes every time a new Joomla version is available.

Choose the domain name on which you want to install the software. Leave empty the Directory field, if you don’t want to install the system into a sub-folder.

Set the Super Admin login info (user, password, email). Choose the language you want to set for your website. If you want to install sample data to your site, select which sample data to install (blog, brochure, test, default, etc…).

Click on the “Install” to finish the installation. If you want to save your Joomla installation details, you can request to be sent to a specific email address you set.

complete joomla installation

You are done! Just wait few minutes for the system to finish up the installation and you are ready to access your website. Simple as that!

Tuning up your Joomla website

Once your website is online, you can start customizing it. Here are couple of tips you can do to get started faster:

  • Change the default template, find and install a new Joomla template.
  • If you have not installed any sample data, just create the category structure and add couple articles
  • Create the menu categories and menu item
  • Install the extensions you need (slideshow, shopping cart, blogging extension, etc…)
  • Set up a contact page
  • Turn on search engine friendly urls
  • Once you are done with your site, enable caching and Gzip compression for better performance.

If you don’t have a Joomla hosting yet, I highly recommend InMotion. Their prices are above average, but it gives you a better performance and top notch support as well. Good luck!


David Cross

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