Is InMotion Good for Hosting WordPress Websites?

WordPress is getting more popular by the day. At this time, more than a quarter of all websites are using it as their base system. The number goes up to several million of websites.

Because WordPress is so popular, it’s possible that you plan on using it as well, if you’re not already. In any case, for hosting a WordPress website, you need a good and reliable company.

In this article we’ll talk about one of the best hosting providers on the globe. The company is called InMotion Hosting.

Since you’re using WordPress as the basis for your website, the hosting service must also be closely tied to the WordPress platform. Luckily, InMotion does offer a certain type of hosting, called Managed WordPress Hosting.

Before we get into talking about the certain plans that InMotion offers, we should clarify what managed WordPress hosting really means.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting Service?


What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

A website built using this CMS, needs a specific hosting service to work at its peak performance. A regular hosting service, like shared hosting can also work, but there is a drawback with using such a hosting plan. It could lack certain features and resources that a WordPress website needs to work well.

The main feature that every managed WordPress plan has to possess is this: the whole back-end work must be handled by the support team behind your chosen package. Specifically, everything related to running WordPress on your website is done by the people behind the service.

But does this mean that you have nothing to do, after you sign up for a plan? No, not exactly. Running WordPress is handled by the company, but you are still the one who creates the content and customizes the website.

There is one important aspect that has to be present in all managed WordPress hosting plans. The installation of WordPress has to be done easily by even non techy people. Companies are achieving this in 2 different ways.

On one hand, there are hosting services that offer 1-click installs as a feature. These installs include all kinds of apps and free web programs, that you can install with only 1 click. Usually, they add WordPress into the pack of software available for installation.

Using this method, you just have to sign up for a hosting plan, then choose the software you want to run on your website. When you’ve found WordPress, just click the installation button, and the whole process is handled automatically. You have literally, nothing else to do about it.

The second method used by lots of companies, is the following one: when you finished signing up for your hosting plan, the service will automatically install WordPress. In this situation you don’t have to use the 1-click install feature.

The CMS will be installed by itself. The only thing you need to do, is choose the right domain name where you want WordPress to be installed. Usually, if you don’t already have a domain name, the service will point you to buy one. When you did that, the installation will proceed as planned.

These are the 2 ways hosting companies handle WordPress installation. In the case of InMotion Hosting, you can opt to automatically install WordPress at checkout. For starting out with a new site, this is the simplest way you can go with.

Now it’s time to talk about the managed WordPress hosting service that InMotion is offering.

InMotion WordPress Hosting


InMotion WordPress Hosting

Like most providers, InMotion is also splitting up this service into multiple different plans. Most companies have 3 plans you can choose from, but InMotion grants you access to 6 separate packages. This way, you can choose more precisely the one service that suits your personal needs.

I should mention that I won’t talk about all 6 plans in this article. I will start with the second plan, then talk about the 4th and then the 6th one. But first, let’s see what are the features that InMotion includes in every single WordPress hosting plan. No matter which plan you’ll choose in the end, these options will be all present:

  • Preinstalled WordPress and ready for use.
  • Multitude of plugins and ecommerce apps free for use.
  • A free domain name is added to any plan.
  • 90-day money back guarantee (it gives you plenty of time to test every aspect of your hosting plans)
  • WordPress (and every other app) can be automatically updated.
  • High performance due to the modern SSD drives used for storage.
  • NGINX and advanced server caching, for quicker loading speeds.
  • Free website building platform (BoldGrid).
  • Premium customer support.

Now, let’s talk about the 2nd WordPress plan from InMotion. You should know that this is the most popular plan and the best value for your money.


This package comes for a monthly $7.26. The price is available if you sign up for 2 years upfront. As you can see on the official website, this is the first choice for those who own a small business or want to create a blogging website. The plan gives you access to 2 websites in a single account.

But how many visitors will you be able to accept? On a monthly basis, this plan was crafted to support an average of 50,000 unique monthly visitors. Notice that the number is an average. So, your website might be able to handle more or less amounts of traffic. Either way, the plan gives you plenty of room to grow.

You also get 80GB of SSD storage for housing all your sites data. This is more than enough for 2 websites. And thanks to the SSD drives, your website should load quickly in the visitor’s browser.

An unlimited number of professional email accounts is added into the mix as well, with a personal subscription to the Jetpack WordPress plugin. This is used to enhance your site and keep track of the statistics.


This is the 4th plan on the InMotion official website. It costs $31.10/month. Is it worth the upgrade from the previous plan? If you have more than 2 websites that need reliable hosting or you own a website that has a lot of traffic, you might consider this plan.

It lets you host 6 websites in it. This fact by itself makes it worth the upgrade for many people. For storing all your data, 160GB of SSD storage is here too. The plan includes a free dedicated IP address as well. How many visitors can you have though?

The number goes up quite a lot: 300,000 monthly visitors are supported by the plan. But for such a huge amount of visitors, you have to make sure the site is working properly at all times. After all, the more visitors you have, the more resources you need.

To help you out with this, InMotion is giving with this plan something called Dedicated Opcode Cache Pool. What is it used for? This feature allows your visitors to access your website at fast speeds even when thousands of other visitors are using it at the same time.


As the 6th and final WordPress hosting plan, it costs the most at $119.28/month. This plan was built to help those who need the ultimate WordPress performance on huge websites. That is because using this package, you can have an average of 1,200,000 monthly visitors using your website.

But if you want to create multiple websites, you can do that too. The plan supports up to 20 websites in a single account. You can build a sustainable business using this package at its full extent.

Regarding the features the plan gives you, all the bonuses from the previous plans are present in this one as well. The only difference is that you receive 240GB of SSD storage for all your website.

I should also mention that InMotion gives you free website transfers with any plan you choose. So, the WP-6000S also has this feature present in the package. Not too many web hosts will let transfer your websites to them for free.

Like I mentioned above, there are 3 other plans of managed WordPress hosting on InMotion’s website. I only talked about these 3, that are the most likely candidates for a new InMotion user.

No matter if you’re new with hosting a WordPress website, or you already own multiple ones, InMotion surely has a plan built for your needs.


We’ve got to the end of today’s article. You should have a pretty good idea about hosting a WordPress website using one of InMotion’s managed WP hosting plans. I also explained what a managed hosting plan is and why it’s good for newcomers as well.

The rest is up to you. If you find that InMotion is a good fit for your needs, you can go on and choose one of the hosting plans I covered here or look at the other 3 too. Just keep in mind what you expect from a plan that will work well with your website and choose accordingly.


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