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In this article we will compare the two popular hosting companies InMotion and BlueHost. We will take a look to their features, prices, renewal cost, guarantees and support as well. For the start here is a quick comparison of the two companies:

InMotionHosting BlueHost
Promo Price $4.19 $3.95
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Free Domain Yes Yes
“Unlimited” Hosting Yes Yes
One-click Install Yes Yes
WordPress Yes Yes
Site Builder Yes (BoldGrid) Yes (Weebly)
Marketing Credits $250 $300
Money Back 90 Days 30 Days
Support phone, chat, tickets phone, chat, tickets
Promo Link InMotion Promo BlueHost Promo

Before we go any further with comparing these top web hosting providers, please read our reviews. In the following reviews you will be able to find more details about each company and also our personal experience:

Now that you read the full reviews, let’s start with the comparison!

Promo Price and Renewal Cost

When choosing web hosting for your business, price should not be your main concern. Pricing and renewal cost of your hosting plan is important however. Many hosting companies offer promotions for the first subscription period just to lure you in. As a smart customer, you will do some research before buying any hosting plan.

Both, InMotion and BlueHost is currently running a promotion, which allows you to buy their hosting plan at a discounted price. At InMotion you can buy the Launch Plan for $4.19 per month if you subscribe for a 24 months period. While at BlueHost the Basic Plan starts at $3.95 monthly with a 36 months subscription period.

The renewal of the Launch Plan (InMotion) as well of the Basic Plan (BlueHost) will cost you $7.99 monthly paid upfront for 24 respective 36 months.

Now let’s take a look and sum it all up. Let’s see which will be a better deal for the long run. When buying hosting, you should always plan in the long run!

Promo Renewal Total (72 months)
iPage (36+36 months)
$3.95 / mo $7.99 / mo $429.84
InMotion (24+48 months)
$4.19 / mo $7.99 / mo $484.08

So the cheapest shared hosting plan at InMotion will cost you $54 more than at BlueHost for a period of 6 years (72 months).

BlueHost Wins this Round!

Great Control Panel: cPanel

BlueHost as well InMotion Hosting are using cPanel for their hosting plans as control panel. With cPanel you can easily manage your website’s files, email accounts, databases and much more. It is also possible to quickly install and manage scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or whichever you prefer.

This round is a draw, because both companies offer the same control panel with same features.

Install WordPress and other Scripts

InMotion as well BlueHost is a great option for hosting your WordPress projects. From our test resulted that WordPress sites perform very well with each hosting provider. The installation of WordPress is very easy with both. At InMotion hosting you can have WordPress pre-installed on checkout. This means that the company will install the system for you, so you can start building your site right away. At BlueHost this service is not available, but the process of installing WordPress will only take few minutes.

At BlueHost you can also opt for managed WordPress hosting, while InMotion does not have such plans. BlueHost is currently hosting over one million websites and has been recommended by as top hosting for WordPress since 2005.

Both hosting providers are great for hosting Joomla and Drupal websites as well.

Build Your Own Website

At BlueHost you can use the Weebly site builder to quickly create a small and simple website. With each shared plan you are allowed to create one site with up to 6 pages. At extra cost you can use this drag-and-drop builder to add as many pages you want.

InMotion also offers a free site builder with each shared plan. BoldGrid is a WordPress compatible drag-and-drop builder. Thai said, you need to prior install WordPress to your website in order to be able to use this plugin. The benefit of using BoldGrid is that you can create, customize and manage as many pages you want without the need of upgrading your account. You can use BoldGrid on as many websites you want too. The disadvantage of BoldGrid is that it requires a bit more time to get started with.

So if you are not into programming and web design and looking for an effective and cheap drag-and-drop site builder tool, InMotion is a better option.

Hosting Multiple Websites

The Basic plan at BlueHost allows to host one domain, while the Launch plan from InMotion allows two add-on domains. If you are looking to host multiple websites, you can opt for the other shared plans. The Pro plan from InMotion allows to host as many domains and websites you want and will cost you $8.99 monthly. At BlueHost a similar shared hosting plan, that allows unlimited add-on domains will cost $23.99 monthly (this plan includes a dedicated IP and one free domain privacy as well).

So if you are looking for a reliable business hosting, which allows hosting multiple websites, InMotion will be a cheaper option.

InMotion is the Winner of this Round!

Marketing Credits

BlueHost has different marketing offers for different plans. The Basic plan does not include any marketing credits while the Plus comes with $150 and the Business Pro with $300 marketing credits. At InMotion hosting you can benefit of $250 marketing credits with each shared plan, that you can use on Google AdWords and Bing advertising networks.

InMotion is a better option if you want to use your free marketing credits.

Online Customer Support

InMotion and BlueHost also offer great technical and customer support. You can contact both of them 24/7 by phone, email or live chat. At InMotion you have an extra option: you can get help through Skype also. When calling InMotion the average waiting time is 1-2 minutes while at BlueHost is 2-3 minutes. Chat support will answer under two minutes at both companies. Email support is a bit slower, one average you will get an answer within 15 minutes.

A knowledge center is available at both companies. Here you will find useful videos, tutorials and articles about WordPress, Joomla, cPanel and answers to frequently asked questions.

Money Back Guarantee

BlueHost has a 30-Day money back guarantee, while InMotion hosting offers 90-Day money back guarantee.

Easy to Get Started

At InMotion you have to confirm your purchase through phone. While at BlueHost your account will be automatically activated after the checkout.

Hosting Plan Upgrade Options

Both hosting providers offer upgrade options. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your current hosting plan at BlueHost as well at InMotion. The pricing and features of VPS and dedicated plans are very similar at both companies, slightly . Additional at BlueHost cloud hosting plans are available, while InMotion is missing out on this.

Conclusion and Recommendation

For starting and growing a WordPress website, we recommend both hosting providers. While in the long run BlueHost will be a cheaper option, at InMotion you have more flexible subscription periods. Both hosting firms offers professional US based support and use latest hardware and software technologies to provide their customers with the best performance and hosting experience. The result of this comparison is very close, but we still have to pick a winner. Because InMotion offers a longer money back period (90-Day) we choose InMotion Hosting as winner!

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