InMotion Joomla Hosting Review – Is it a Good Joomla Web Host?

If you are looking for an established and trustworthy host company, InMotion should come first on your search list. Needless to say, InMotion comes out as one of the largest and reliable independent web hosting providers in the world.

The company has been in serving millions since its inception in 2001 and its services are getting better and better by each passing moment. You can attest to this by going through online user-generated reviews to have a clear picture of what this web hosting provider really is.

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive review of InMotion hosting by looking into its performance and uptime, customer support, plans and pricing, and running Joomla on InMotion including its pros and cons when used as a Joomla web host.

InMotion Joomla Hosting Review

In the following, I will walk you through the main reasons why you should choose InMotion Hosting for your Joomla website. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a hosting company for Joomla, but I consider that performance, uptime, support, features and price are the most important.

InMotion Performance and Uptime

The main function of a web hosting company is to ensure that your files are securely stored on the server and are easily retrieved when needed. Perhaps these factors are performance determinants when it comes to web hosting.

In this regard, InMotion performance and uptime have always been trending above average and that is what makes it a preferred choice among the countless web hosting providers. This means that InMotion Hosting has been performing optimally with above average Time to First Byte (or TTFB) speeds that work pretty well with the rest of all other website speed factors. In the real sense, TTFB is the quickest metric used to determine how long it takes for the server to respond promptly after receiving a request from the user.

When it comes to InMotion Hosting uptime, what counts the most is how fast and reliable possible network. With 99.9% uptime, this web hosting provider assures you reliability that you actually need. That is why you will come across the host’s exclusive Max Speed Zones that include a selection of data centers for both business and VPS hosting solutions.

Apart from uptime, InMotion allows you to have a speed ranking factor on Google by enabling your site to load faster. This feat is only achieved through the InMotion servers which have a low TFFB response time that is always consistent. The TTFB time, however, is about 0.6 of a second thanks to the use of fully equipped servers with SSD drives.

InMotion Customer Support


InMotion Customer Support

Apparently, InMotion is second to none when it comes to customer support. Even though this is not a bold assertion to come out publicly and make, this is one of the web hosting providers that you can expect to have expert customer support any time you need it. In fact, there are real differences in the manner with which customer support is received and handled through InMotion.

As you know, running your online business is a critical venture and the need for effective and efficient customer support is out of the question. Although you may not need it all the time, when you do then you need to get what you deserve for your money. Remember, time is of the essence and any technical issues on your side can be a costly affair in the long run. Therefore, it is prudent that you consider a web hosting provider with excellent customer support that has a lot to be desired.

InMotion Hosting has actually exceeded customers’ expectations by setting up a reliable and efficient customer service team that is knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. Most of these professionals are recruited and given enough time to train in areas that matter the most in relation to web hosting. That is the reason why whenever you run into hosting issues, you can always look forward to a timely response with a workable solution to your problem. Above all, the level of responsiveness from the support team is amazing regardless of whether you are getting in touch with them via phone, email or live chat forums. And this support is available throughout, that is 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

InMotion Plans and Pricing


InMotion – Joomla Hosting Plans

InMotion boasts of a wide range of hosting plans which include Business, VPS, Reseller, Dedicated and WordPress plans. Each hosting plan has its own unique features and prices as follows:

InMotion Joomla Hosting Plans

This plan has three options to choose from; Launch, Power and Pro

1. Launch: the price starts from $3.99 per month
2. Power: the starting price is $5.99 per month
3. Pro: it starts from $13.99 per month

All the prices for these shared web hosting plans vary from time to time depending on the number of supported databases, websites and domains.

InMotion VPS Web Hosting Plans

Under this plan, you can choose from the following three options depending on your website needs:

1. VPS-1000HA0S: It starts from $29.99 per month
2. VPS-2000HA-S: The starting price is $49.99 per month
3. VPS-3000HA-S: The starting price is $74.99 per month

The prices under the VPS hosting plan vary according to the amount of RAM available, bandwidth, storage, IP addresses and so on.

InMotion Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

You can choose from the following three options under InMotion Dedicated web hosting plan: Essential, Advanced and Elite.

1. Essential: It starts from $99.99 per month
2. Advanced: The price starts from $159.99 per month
3. Elite: Starts from $229.99 per month

Prices for the dedicated web hosting plans change from time to time depending on the amount of data transfer per month, RAM, IP addresses and many more.

InMotion Reseller Web Hosting Plans

You may choose from the following three options: R-1000S, R-2,000S or R-3,000S

1. R-1000S: The hosting price starts from $22.39 per month
2. R-2,000S: The hosting price starts from $31.99 per month
3. R-3,000S: The hosting price starts from $43.99 per month

The prices under Reseller web hosting plans vary depending on the available disk space, bandwidth among others.

Running Joomla on InMotion Hosting

Running Joomla on InMotion Hosting is a noble idea for a number of reasons. This platform is performing incredibly well on its servers in terms of uptime and speed. As a matter of fact, InMotion has taken drastic measures to create a series of articles as well as video tutorials so you may get first-hand help when starting out with Joomla.

InMotion Joomla web hosting plans include the suPHP module. This module is designed to ensure that you (the user) and file permissions are assigned accordingly. Doing so helps in providing the much-needed security for your Joomla website under InMotion Hosting. Besides, if you already have your hosting, then InMotion No-Downtime Website transfer will help you get your site moved faster than you can imagine.

Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting

However perfect a hosting provider may seem, there are both the brighter and the darker sides of it. This is natural and it helps to create balance in every aspect of life. Despite all the positive attributes that come with InMotion Hosting, there are negatives ones too and below we have highlighted both the pros and cons of using InMotion as your host.


  • Use of SSD servers as standard
  • A limited number of users on its shared hosting to improve performance
  • High-speed internet connections using the most reliable and popular ISPs
  • Unlimited traffic for every hosting plan
  • A wide range of high-quality themes
  • Excellent security features for web hosting
  • Outstanding customer support from a knowledgeable and talented team of technicians
  • Availability of the Max speed zone technology
  • Business class hardware
  • Free site transfer, data backups, SSD drives and restores
  • Unlimited disk space and data transfer
  • cPanel interface
  • Gets your Joomla preinstalled in no time
  • Premium website builder
  • Secure IMAP email


  • The best hosting services are only allocated to the “pro” level hosting plans
  • The basic web hosting plans are somehow expensive but to get the best plans you will be compelled to pay even more
  • There is a need to make a full year payment in advance
  • There are limitations to the number of sites, especially when using lower level hosting plans.
  • A limited number of databases if you are using lower levels hosting plans


Why should you choose InMotion Hosting for Joomla your Websites? From the review, there is no doubt that InMotion has what it takes to host Joomla websites. This hosting provider is capable of providing your Joomla websites with reliable hosting and excellent uptime, fast connection speeds and of course, an outstanding performance.

The technical support team is incredibly efficient and responsive in record time whenever a situation arises. On top of that, you will benefit more from the tools provided by the customer supporting team to make your website hosting painless. Therefore, we recommend InMotion Hosting provider to be your perfect host for your Joomla websites henceforth.


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