How to Increase Website Traffic With Google Trends?

The most beneficial quality of some of the richest people on the planet isn’t that they are just awesome in what they do. It’s the fact that they understand Google Trends and make good predictions regarding customer behavior. Some products might have a really awesome value and make it big for that very reason, but if your target audience doesn’t catch on, than it can prove to be worthless. Which is why it is important to understand trends and how they develop.

Think of it this way. The market is a massive train station with plenty of trains in it. Each train represents a trend and has a high profit as its destination. You have three choices. The first one is to build your own train. The second one is buying a ticket and riding comfortably on the train to reach your destination. The third one is trying to push the train yourself. I leave it to you to figure out which one would be beneficial if you seek to make a profit as fast as possible.

The more you can understand the type of behaviors that are developing in a population, the better you get at business. So today, I’m going to give you a quick tour into our understanding of trends.

What Exactly is a Trend?

It is a social process, during which a massive group of people’s taste or style changes. This can be a lot of things from the dresses we wear, to the things we eat, all the way to what kind of entertainment we enjoy. Some of these changes are really short lived and have a very seasonal nature, like fidget spinners for example. These are called fads. But some of the changes have much longer effects and are more long-lived. Those are what we call trends. There isn’t anything strange about them, because they only follow the simple patterns of human behavior.

When Can You Call a Trend?

  • When a large number of trendsetters adopt the specific trend.
  • When the trend has got reactions in mainstream media.
  • When various trendsetters adopt the trend.
  • The style or product can be easily used and copied by others.

How to Benefit from Trends?

Every marketer, broker and just about anybody on the market wants to understand what kind of trends they are currently facing. They develop tools and studies, just to get a better grasp of the major psychological behaviors going on in the masses. Their business plan has to spell it out, the major customer and market trend that are most relevant to them. It’s also important to know how they’re going to react to those trends, how people behave in that market. Do they want acquisitions or do they want diversities? What do they base their buying decisions on? Are the patterns you noticed changing at all?

The most important thing is to answer these questions and understanding what the customers want and need. Are customers asking for something new in these emerging trends? The answers to these questions lies in market research, competitive analysis and it also helps to conduct focus groups.

But to make it simpler, here are the most important things that your plans should be focusing on:

  • Figuring out what kind of problem your business is going to solve
  • Creating your product and revenue model
  • Understanding customers and establishing buyer personas
  • Understanding your competition
  • Creating your product
  • Distributing your product
  • Conducting market research and conducting focus groups
  • Marketing and branding

Who Can Create New Trends?

We have all been observers of this social phenomenon, when an actor or musician creates a trend with his or her style. We call these people trendsetters. They are a distinct group of people that are admired for their personality. Their new and innovative styles make them the first people to take on something that’s fresh and they will be followed by large groups of people who sympathize with them.

Being among first people who write about a new trend, can drive significant traffic to your website through search engines and social media.

Where Does a New Trend Start?

Most trends start out in big cities that are in the center of attention and have plenty of trendsetters. There are plenty of trendsetters in the major cities of America, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Trends will spread from these major cities to the rest of the country or maybe even to the entire world.

It is very hard to predict if something will become a trend or not, but you can’t ignore anything related to your niche, because there is a chance to become a trend.

fidget spinner google trends

Just take a look to the fidget spinner. Who know that it will become so popular and trendy? Who started it? Who knows? The fact is that at the beginning of 2017 more and more people started looking for this product. Wise online shop owners started selling fidget spinners as well. According to Google Trends, in May 2017 was at the highest search volume for this product and quickly after that has started declining. People started loosing interest, because everyone already owned at least one fidget spinner.

Who Are Trend Setters?

It depends on which environment or context you’re looking at. But here are a few good examples of who trendsetters may be:

  • Artists, singers
  • Movie stars and performing artists
  • Businessmen
  • Wealthy people
  • Social media stars
  • Football stars
  • Youtube stars
  • Silicon valley gurus

Basically, anyone can be a trend setter with a large enough group sympathizing with them and their ideals.

How Does a Trend Spread?

The spreading of trend is a process of mingling, observing others and copying them. The more people do this, the more people will catch on to the trend and it will grow exponentially. With the influence of movies, music, magazines and not to mention social media, these trends can now spread much faster and cover a much wider radius.

How Long Will It Last?

It varies from object to object. It often takes years for a trend to fully develop and for people’s taste and style to change. The amount of time it lasts depends solely on the object. For example, clothing changes faster than eating habits, while hair styles change faster than clothes. A lot of it depends on the contexts in which the object of the trend takes place. For example, user interface trends in IT will change every 2 to 3 years. It will change even faster with new technologies being introduced.

Web design trends also come and go. A website that is trendy today, it might be outdated tomorrow. That is the reason why companies change their website layout, web design and site features so often. Most users are angry about the constant changes, but companies want to keep up with the latest trends.

iphone google trends

There are trends that last for a long time. Take in consideration the iPhone. When the first iPhone model came out, quickly has become very popular. With the release of new versions the iPhone got more and more attention and more people acquired it. When the iPhone X was released in 2017, almost everyone on Youtube made a video about it. Major tech and news sites also featured the iPhone X on their homepage for weeks.

According to Google Trends the iPhone is slightly losing interest, but who knows what is coming.

How Can You Predict a Trend?

All trends have a source and their spread always follows the same pattern within their environment. If you understand this pattern, you can look for new patterns that are in connection with it. You can always find early signs of a new trend in development, which you can jump on. The important thing is to be aware of and understand the behavior of specific groups of individuals. These people are who we call trendsetters. These people are very curious and open, which is why they are a lot more innovative than an average person.

If you can predict and use these trends in a good way on your website, all these people will be interested in visiting your website.

bitcoin google trends

For instance, Bitcoin has been around for a long time, but has not been trendy. Only geeks knew about it. When Bitcoin got some attention in the media, quickly has become a trend and more and more people were interested in buying Bitcoin. At some point, Bitcoin exchanges stopped accepting new customers, because they couldn’t process all the requests. Bitcoin is still trendy, and many still believe in its value, but we don’t know for sure for how long it will last. We only speculate.

A Look at Fundamental Trends

There are plenty of factors that have a major influence on financial markets. These are sudden spikes on the charts that have to do with sudden events and various occurrences. This includes war, floods, political instability and other factors that influence how people and the market behaves. These short-term but powerful events have a major impact on the liquidity of the markets.

But fundamental trends have a permanent nature. They lay at the core of our society and involve our basic principles, technologies and physiological requirements. These trends move the market much more slowly but a lot more constantly.

Regardless of any short-term change, fundamental trends drive the most important aspects of financial markets. Some trends make an impact on the entire market and only happen in certain industries. One of which is technologies. Technological breakthroughs and new methods of manufacturing and processing will have such an impact.

Fundamental trends will also have an impact on the supply and demand side of a market. For example, the trend towards online provision and bookkeeping services now allow service providers to offer their services to a global audience instead of their local market.

Use Google Trends

google trends

While this program won’t make a substitute for your own understanding of market behavior, let alone human’s psychological behavior, it will definitely help you know more. Google Trends lets you examine what people are searching for. It will show you whether a certain topic or keyword is trending or not. It’s a great tool for exploration and I suggest you use it!


There you have it! A simple, yet comprehensive guide to understanding how trends work and what kind of effects they have on your business. Continue digging and searching for information and develop a solid understanding of human psychology to see what kind of products will catch on more easily than others!

I hope that we helped you learn something new today. I enjoyed writing about trends and I’m glad if you’ve enjoyed reading it too!

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