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IncognitoVPN.com Reviews

IncognitoVPN was launched in 2016, and as a newcomer to the VPN industry, it was well-received by users thanks to their easy-to-use service, large global network of severs, good speed performance, and budget-friendly pricing plans. Is IncognitoVPN a service that can keep up with users’ increasing need for internet anonymity, or does it still have a long way to go?

This review will address the features, the privacy, security and speed performance, as well as the pros and cons of this VPN provider.

Overview of IncognitoVPN

Just like TotalVPN and SaferWeb, IncognitoVPN is also a product of PSEUDiO Ltd. As a VPN service provider, IncognitoVPN focuses on protecting the privacy and anonymity of users’ online browsing activity by hiding their IP address, masking their location, and encrypting their internet traffic. No more worrying about connecting to the open Wi-Fi of your favorite café or having your right to privacy infringed by unauthorized third-parties. Going incognito with this VPN promises to keep you safe from hackers, ISPs, and government monitoring.

Price and features of IncognitoVPN

It was already mentioned in this review that IncognitoVPN emerged as a budget-friendly VPN service, so what can users expect in terms of plans and pricing?

IncognitoVPN Plans

IncognitoVPN offers 3 pricing options with a 30-day money-back guarantee: Cloak, Disguise, and Anonymous. There is only a slight price difference between the lowest price tier and the highest one. The Cloak subscription offers 7 locations, 1 device connection, unrestricted bandwidth and data transfer, and multi-protocol support (PPTP, IkeV2, IPSec, OpenVPN). It’s promotional price (for the initial term) is set to €3.99 per month. After the initial term, when the subscription renews, the regular price of €7.98/month will be the one applicable. This same price construction (promotional price vs regular price system) can be observed at TotalVPN as well. The second subscription option is the Disguise plan that includes the followings: 30+ locations, unrestricted bandwidth and data transfer, all protocols, and 3 device connections. The promotional price is €4.99/month, while the regular price is €9.98/month. The most expensive plan is the Anonymous plan that sells for the promotional price of €5.99/month or for the regular price of €11.98. This plan includes all the features included in the Disguise plan but allows 5 device connections and comes with Smart DNS. Mac, Window, iOS, and Android, and the soon-to-be-released Chromebook client(s) are available for all plans.

Considering the above prices, IncognitoVPN is indeed among the most affordable VPN services on the market.


IncognitoVPN has a global network of 35 server locations in 24 countries and over 1,000 IP’s available for internet users. They guarantee a 99.99% server uptime and all plans come with no data caps or bandwidth restrictions. Up to 5 simultaneous connections are allowed and multiple connection protocols are supported. Each supported protocol has a short description on their website outlining its main advantages.

“Take back the web” is this service provider’s mantra, and they strive to offer you the tools to achieve that. They also promise not to keep browsing logs or history, and seem hell-bent on making it harder for others to monitor you or get a hold of your data, which brings us to the next point – privacy and security.

Privacy and security

Given that it’s based in the UK, IncognitoVPN is subject to UK legislation including the Investigatory Powers Bill. In addition, IncognitoVPN also complies with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), therefore in case of copyright infringements, it will hand over user data if compelled by competent authorities. IncognitoVPN maintains that it does not keep browsing logs or history. It does, however, collect personal data and account data. Collected data is retained “for as long as needed” to comply with legal obligations. To make sure you stay clear of any activities that may be construed illegal, unacceptable or malicious by the service provider (e.g. spamming), make sure you consult their Acceptable Use Policy.

In terms of security, this VPN provider offers industry standard 128-bit encryption keys (PPTP and OpenVPN) and 256-bit military grade encryption keys (IkeV2 and L2TP). Even in case of a breach, your internet traffic will be unreadable to third-parties.


When put to the test on a New York and UK server, download speeds situated between 5.05 Mbps and 6.31 Mbps, where the speed tests without a VPN were 7.03 Mbps. Upload speeds changed only slightly. No problems or interruptions were noticed during the streaming of HD quality movies and videos on geo-blocked services.

Customer Support

In case you need help with installation and configuration, you can check out the Support Help Center, open a support ticket or start a conversation on the 24/7 live chat. The knowledgebase contains setup guides for all supported devices and operating systems as well as troubleshooting support.

Pros and Cons of IncognitoVPN

As a quick summary of the above, you can read below about the good parts and the not so nice parts of this VPN service as we’ve come to know it through our review.


  • It’s on the lower end of the price spectrum compared to other services;
  • Choice of multiple tunneling protocols (PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, and IkeV2);
  • Multi-platform compatibility;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • Unrestricted data and no bandwidth caps in all price tiers;
  • SmartDNS (Anonymous plan only).


  • Acceptable Use Policy needs studying to avoid activities construed as illegal or malicious (e.g. torrenting, spamming);
  • Data collection and retention policy may be viewed as intrusive by some users;
  • No advanced features like IP leak protection or kill switch.


IncognitoVPN is a good option for consumers who need a VPN for accessing geo-blocked streaming services or protecting their online data while connecting to an open Wi-Fi. Users who are looking to use a VPN for torrenting or other grey-area activities are urged to consult the Acceptable Use Policy to see whether they would be in breach of the provisions contained therein. For example, IncognitoVPN has a Zero Spam Tolerance policy and frowns upon deceptive marketing techniques, therefore, it’s best that you read through both the AUP and the Privacy Policy.


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