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No matter the cause, – a security breach or a surge in website traffic – website downtimes more often than not equate with lost revenue. To prevent the occurrence of such issues, companies rely on several types of security, performance and management tools, which are often a burden to integrate and manage on-site. What if there was an all-in-one solution to these problems? Incapsula is a cloud-based application that delivers multiple services into one consolidated service that will offer all-encompassing enterprise-grade website security and performance enhancement to your website.

Incapsula Company Overview

Imperva Incapsula is a US based company with a focus on cyber security that creates powerful performance tools and offers comprehensive cyber security solutions both for the prevention of internal threats and external cyber-attacks. Three years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016), Imperva positioned itself as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls.

The company was founded in 2002, and followed a path of growth and success, generating $243 million in 2015. Today, Imperva’s product lines help thousands of companies around the word to discover risks, protect sensitive business data, and comply with data protection regulations and audit controls.

Incapsula Products & Services

Incapsula is one of a long line of cyber security solutions developed by Imperva, and it focuses on combining several security and performance optimization tools to provide unmatched protection for your business and the best possible user experience for your customers. Incapsula consists of the following solutions essential for any web-based business:

  • Enterprise grade website security to shield your online assets against cyber-attacks;
  • Load balancing to ensure the intelligent distribution of loads between servers;
  • Protection against network and application level DDoS attacks;
  • Caching and content optimization tools for full site acceleration.

Let’s take a look at the capabilities of each of these tools:

Website security

incapsula website security

Incapsula provides a robust web application security experience, which also comes with advanced analytics tools. The PCI-certified web application firewall makes sure that you are protected at all times against any type of application level attacks. The WAF is customizable, which means that you can apply your own security policy within the WAF by setting custom security rules. The system’s advanced client classification tool is able to distinguish between good and bad bot traffic, thereby allowing you to block web scrapers, protect against spam comments and other such systems that may overload your servers. The two-factor authentication with single-click implementation streamlines the management of multiple logins across multiple websites, secures administrative access as well as remote access, and allows you to implement access restrictions to several websites.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

incapsula cdn

Incapsula makes use of the capabilities of a content delivery network to optimize website performance by identifying all cacheable content, including dynamic content, and makes use of dynamic profiling and frequency analysis tools to identify the most frequently accessed resources and serve them from memory. The intelligent application-aware CDN is capable of profiling usage patterns and website resources, all the while making sure that users receive up-to-date content.

Apart from content caching, Incapsula enhances user experience by making use of other tools like content minification, image and file compression, session optimization, TCP optimization and connection pre-pooling. The results are an accelerated page rendering and minimal latency.

DDoS Protection

incapsula ddos protection

Incapsula provides protection against all types of DDoS attacks whether these occur on a network level or on an application level. Its transparent mitigation entails 0.1% false positives and doesn’t interfere with the normal user experience. The system’s ability to automatically differentiate between veritable visitors (search engine and humans) and malicious bots, and its immediate triggering ensures a high level of protection.

DNS targeted attacks are handled by re-directing all DNS queries to the Incapsula cloud for analysis and cleansing, thus, only queries that are deemed safe reach your origin DNS server. The system takes things a step further by also preventing the use of your DNS server as a platform for DNS amplification attacks against others.

Load Balancer

incapsula load balancer

Incapsula’s global CDN ensures optimal resource utilization by monitoring and understanding traffic to your servers. Real-time monitoring allows the automatic detection and elimination of outages and downtimes. The system further allows you to detect server traffic imbalances and to take proactive measures to handle potential problems before they cause any disruptions.

In the event of an outage, in order to accelerate disaster recovery, Incapsula supports automatic failover between active and standby servers. Companies with multiple data centers can make use of Incapsula’s Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), which can route traffic to a given data center based on a user’s geographical location by applying either the Best Connection Time or the Geo-Targeting method.

Real-time health monitoring and alert system ensure you stay on top of any security or performance problem that your website may be facing.

Why Should You Use Incapsula

Where traditional security systems fail, Incapsula excels. No security system is so complex to offer all of the above features in one product, and Incapsula is certainly not any product, it’s a cloud-based service that delivers you all the necessary tools to be equipped with all that’s needed to manage your e-commerce website or enterprise IT operations in the most convenient and straightforward way. Incapsula is activated through a simple DNS change – no need for software installations, hardware hook-ups or complex integrations.

Professional blogs, small e-commerce businesses and mid-size and enterprise companies that want complete website security and enhanced performance can draw benefits from the complex cyber-security services and performance management tools lined up by Incapsula. The construction of its plans, and their pricing also reflect the fact that Incapsula aims to respond to all needs. Paid plans include the Pro for professional blogs ($59/month/site), the Business plan for small businesses ($299/month/site), and the Enterprise plan, which is a custom plan tailored to your needs. All paid plans come with a free trial period. Incapsula also has a free plan for personal blogs.


If you want excellent security for your web-based business, but you don’t want to compromise on security, Incapsula’s cloud-based service makes it possible to have stringent security measures in place and also a performance-optimized website that delivers the best possible user experience to your visitors.


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