10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

When we talk about conversion we are referring to the visitors who do an action on your website, an action that you want them to do, such as: subscribing to a newsletter, creating an account, buying a product, asking for an offer request, downloading an app and so on. For online shops and service providers conversion rate is one of the main ways to improve the flow of customers.

To get the conversion rate of your website you need to divide the total number of visits with the total number of conversions. For example: if you have 5000 visits and 50 conversions then the conversion rate is: CR = (50/5000) x 100 = 1, which is calculated in percent. So the conversion rate is 1%.

There are 10 simple ways to improve your website’s conversion rate: resolving technical problems, accessibility, knowing and analyzing your visitors, customer service, content, social media, information, originality, competition and testing landing pages.

Resolving Technical Problems on your Website

If you want everything to go smoothly from the beginning for your visitors, the best thing would be to fix any errors on your website. These errors can be fatal ones interrupting your website functionality for an undetermined period or just warnings that will slow your website and eventually bother visitors. In the first case, errors can be caused by web hosting and then you need to contact the support team, or bad programming and you need to contact a good programmer.

In the second case, where there are either minor design like the buttons not being in the proper corner or have the correct functionality as in it doesn’t send you to the right page.

Accessibility: Test your Website on Multiple Devices

Your website needs to be available for any device: personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TV and so on; compatible with any browser from Internet Explorer to Firefox, Chrome, Opera and operating system: Linux, Ubuntu, all versions of Windows since XP and it needs to be online anytime, 24 hours on a day, 7 days on a week for your visitors.

You need to have a layout with nice colors, intuitive navigation, easy ways for finding information and products, complete descriptions, reviews of products written by producers, specialists (yourself or other visitors), easy to use features, high visibility regarding featured elements of your website, an efficient internal search engine, a font that is readable and cookies to keep information about visitors in case they want to modify something later such as products in cart.

Knowing and Analyzing Your Visitors

You can use different methods to know and analyze your visitors: Google offers you Analytics that keeps the following information: type of gadget they use to visit the website, the operating system, browser, age, gender and geographic location. If you use WordPress on your web website you can use the plugin named Jetpack to track visits for every day, week, months and years for every page, for real time data flow, you can use Histats that offers 600+ hit counter styles, tag and custom event tracking, comparable reports, clear and relevant data, detailed reports, and complete privacy control on each stats page.

Depending of these statistics you can find out what attracts more and more people and help you in develop new similar subjects to increase the traffic, conversion and income.

Offer Great Customer Services

If you want to obtain the maximum revenue from your website’s visitors, turning them into customers, then you need to provide with great customer services by offering information about your company, contact details (phone number, e-mail address, maybe an online chat or a Skype/MSN LIVE/Yahoo Messenger id that you are available on). Offering quick help to your visitors can improve conversion a lot. Your website visitors will feel that they are in good hands, and someone is taking care of them even before the became a customer.

Create stunning Content

The best way to improve your website’s conversion rate is by writing proper content. Write detailed description for the products or service you offer, add high quality images eventually videos to the page (tutorials or eventual review videos works very good). Well written content, will help your site rank higher in Google and getting more search engine traffic. Beside this you will have more happy customers.

Connect through Social Media

Usually, the more traffic you have, the bigger the chance you have to convert more visitors in customers. A very good way for increasing the traffic is by posting on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. This way, your products or services will be appear on different websites, increasing the potential for more traffic. Implementing social media sharing buttons on your site is a must. By providing your visitors an easy way to share your website, you will increase your audience, as well website traffic.

Provide useful and correct Information

Detailed and correct information about the service or products you offer is a must. Do not make your potential customer confused. Provide them with all the necessary information regarding shipping, guarantees, warranty, refund, repairs, support,etc. All these info will reflect trust and credibility and your customers will know that you have thought about everything.

Be Original!

To be noticeable on the Internet, you need to be original. Hire a team of web designers and programmers who will make your website unique and eye catching. In additionally you can hire a photographer who will make great photos of your products and a content creator who will make video reviews and video tutorials. Logically, as more people get involved in the project, more new ideas appear so website’s originality increases in comparison with the competition and it attracts more people.

Analyze the Competition and Adapt to the Market

Check out your competition often to see what they are doing. They might have some great ideas that you can implement too. If your competition has a blog, you should also consider implementing your own. If they have a live chat support, implement one too. Every bit counts and can have a huge impact on your website’s conversion. Be always open for new and always adapt to the market. If something worked for a longer period it might not work anymore from tomorrow. So be prepared for the change as soon as it is needed.

Testing, testing and again testing

After you successfully followed the other 9 ways to improve the conversion rate, you need to test your website and make final adjustments. Using A/B Testing you can test different assumptions or hypotheses that you took them from analyzing competitors, visitors and other statistics. Practically through A/B Testing you improve micro conversions and the general effect will be seen on the general conversion and on the income as well.

Through A/B testing, you can test how some images, colors, text, buttons, forms and their position on the page affect your visitors decision. Some companies make huge efforts by hiring psychologists to create the perfect landing page that provides with the best results.

You shouldn’t forget about the Bounce Rate that represents the rate of persons who leave your website after they visited just a page.

In the end, you might want to try out software such as Unbounce, Marketizator or vwo, which will help you improve conversion rate and increase traffic; enabling you the possibility for studying the behavior of visitors and making adjustments for your website using A/B Testing.

Wrapping up!

If you have any other suggestions on how to improve the conversion rate of a website, please let me know in the comments.

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