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ideahost review

IdeaHost Review

Warning: IdeaHost is closed for business!


The web hosting provider IdeaHost.com is new into the hosting business; it has been established in 2015. The company provides shared hosting service for individuals and small businesses. IdeaHost is a US based hosting company managed from Houston, Texas. The company offers 3 different shared hosting plans, each plan having very standard features such as free domain name, cPanel, tool for installing WordPress or other software, email and website management, and a lot more. Their service is backed with a 45-Day money back guarantee and professional 24/7 online support.

Although the company is very new (compared to iPage or BlueHost), there has been a lot of buzz around it. Many hosting review sites have featured IdeaHost as top hosting provider. Probably the main reason why IdeaHost is so trendy at the moment is that it is owned by the hosting giant EIG (which owns other big names as well).

To truly test IdeaHost’s service, we have decided to purchase a hosting account and monitor the performance in the long run. In the next part of this review I will share our experience with IdeaHost. Will reveal what we liked and disliked about this host and will also show you our uptime result.

What’s good about IdeaHost.com?

Easy to use web hosting: IdeaHost is focusing on simplicity and user friendliness. Both the signup process and the use of the hosting account is very simple, does not require any prior experience or IT knowledge. The account activation is almost instant, you can create your website in less than an hour.

Multiple hosting plans: at IdeaHost you can choose from 3 different hosting plans starting at $2.99 / month. This plan comes with a free domain, 500GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth. This plan is ideal for creating a small WordPress or other CMS based website. If you prefer to make your site using their site builder, you will have to purchase the next plan that will cost $3.99 per month. The third plan costs $4.99, and includes extra a $300 worth marketing package.

Professional Website Builder: the easy to use site builder tool enables you the option to create a unique, professional looking website without the need to know programming or having design skills. The tool includes thousands of high quality, responsive templates you can customize to your preference with the use of your mouse.

Great Uptime and Performance: our test resulted in 100% uptime and an average 507 ms response time for the tested WordPress website hosted with IdeaHost. We have performed our test with UptimeRobot for a period of 30 days.

What’s bad about IdeaHost.com?

No upgrade option: unfortunately there is not option to upgrade your shared hosting plan to VPS. If your website grows at a level where shared hosting can not handle it anymore, you will need to look for a new host.

No automatic backup: automatic website backup is available, although this have to be purchased at an additional cost.

Complete Review of IdeaHost – Performance & Uptime Stats

We really like to make our tests before recommending any hosting company. As mentioned above, we have purchased a hosting account from IdeaHost and installed WordPress to our test website. We added this site to UptimeRobot to test the uptime and performance of it. After 30 days of monitoring the results where very promising: no down-time at all, and the performance was also very good with an average of 507 ms response time. Here is a screenshot taken from UptimeRobot:

uptime test ideahost.com

We are continuously monitoring this website, so if anything changes in the performance and service of the hosting company, we will update this IdeaHost review as well.

The company offers 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is an acceptable number for a shared hosting plan, however we got 100% uptime, which is great!

IdeaHost Web Hosting Plans – Which Is Best?

Now let’s talk about the 3 plans that you can choose from at IdeaHost. All three plans include a free domain name of your choice and unlimited bandwidth.

choose web hosting plan from ideahost.com

The first plan that starts at $2.99 / month and comes with 500GB disk space. This plan is ideal for hosting multiple small WordPress websites. The limitation in disk space might be a reason to not choose this plan, because most of other hosting providers offer unlimited space, but 500GB is more than enough for several websites.

The second plan starts at $3.99 / month and this comes with countless disk space and includes a premium website builder as well. This plan is ideal for those users who want to build their site with the drag and drop site builder software and also want to create a blog with WordPress.

The third plan starts at $4.99 / month and is very similar to the previous plan with the difference that this plan comes with a bonus of $300 worth marketing credits, from which you can spend $100 on Google AdSense and $100 on Bing Ads. This plan is ideal for users who want to promote their website after creating it.

Conclusion – Who Should Use IdeaHost?

IdeaHost might not be for everyone, but as our test shows it is a good hosting provider. We highly recommend IdeaHost for those users who are just starting out with their first website and have a limited technical knowledge. You will be able to set up your own professional email address with the help of the simple and easy to use control and publish you professional looking website in no time with IdeaHost’s Site Builder software.

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