How Does Wix Make Money

Wix is a leading cloud-based development platform that enables users to create professional HTML5 websites, mobile sites, and web applications quickly and easily.

Using Wix, users can design their own websites with a drag-and-drop interface and zero coding knowledge.

With over 157 million users and more than 2.5 million new websites being created on its platform each month, Wix is more popular than ever.

But have you ever asked yourself how Wix makes money?

What is Wix?

Wix is an all-in-one website-building platform designed to enable anyone to create a stunning website in minutes. With its powerful drag-and-drop builder and hundreds of customizable templates, it makes building a website easier than ever before.

In addition to site creation services, Wix also offers professional web design services for businesses looking for a unique look and experience online.

Overview of the Wix Business Model

Wix’s business model allows it to generate revenue by offering various services to its customers. The company makes money through subscription plans combined with other services such as website domain hosting, an app market, an advertising network, and web design services.

Here’s how these aspects contribute to its overall revenue model:

– Freemium Model

To get started with Wix’s basic plan is free but limited in features compared to the premium plans which offer additional features for the monthly or yearly fee payment.

With this model, anyone can try out the service without committing any money upfront which really helps attract new users and leads them up the value chain toward premium subscriptions down the line.

– Paid Subscriptions

Customers can sign up for one of Wix’s paid subscription plans which offer additional features such as custom domains, HD video backgrounds, site search options and more. These amounts are charged on a monthly or yearly basis depending upon the customer’s requirement.

– Website Domain Services

Customers can register custom domains through Wix’s partner NameCheap or they can purchase domains directly from their control panel if they already have one registered with another provider.

This adds an additional source of income for Wix as domain names are usually sold at higher prices than other service providers in the market.

– App Market

The App Market gives customers access to third-party applications that they can integrate into their websites thus improving their functionality and making them more appealing.

Developers create these apps and then allow Wix to host them on its platform in exchange for commission fees on every sale or installation acquired through it which goes into their overall revenue stream as well.

– Advertising Network

Customers who use the free version of the service will notice ads from sponsors on their pages from time to time which generates ad revenue for both parties involved – i.e., sponsors and wiz alike!

Additionally, there are also certain opportunities within wiz that provide partners/advertisers/publishers with targeting advertising options as well as monetization opportunities via CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) models that are used in conjunction with subscription sales too!

– Web Design Services

Another way through which WIX generates revenue is by providing web design services where customers can hire professional designers who specialize in creating custom websites with pre-established designs that fully meet their requirements – all within wiz’s easy-to-use platforms!

This again adds up to their overall revenue stream since customers often pay larger sums of money upfront depending upon what kind of design they opt for (basic/premium).


In conclusion, while starting out may be free – you will need to upgrade eventually if you want added features on your website. But this doesn’t have to be expensive either as there are many different packages available offering different levels of service at varying prices that should accommodate most budgets!

Furthermore – don’t forget about all the additional sources of income we looked at today such as domain registration fees from NameCheap; app development fees; advertisement streams from partners; plus even customers’ own investments into web design services offered by wiz professionals!

All these elements combined together help make Wix one profitable business indeed!


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