10 Most Common Methods to Make Money with your Website

On our website, we have many tutorials on how to build different type of websites. We also give advice on how to choose a hosting provider that fits you the best. But we don’t have much info on how to make money from your website. We have decided to share some information with our readers.

This tutorial will present you the top 10 most common ways to monetize a website. Read through the article and choose one or multiple ways to make your website profitable. Some of the methods can bring you passive income while others require constant work and more effort.

Google Adsense for passive income

One of the largest tech companies in the world, Google makes its most income from advertising. Beside the advertisements you will see on the search engines, you will also find Google ads on millions of other websites. The websites who are displaying Google’s advertisement will get a share from the income in case someone clicks on the ad.

The good news is, that you can too benefit of this huge network. First, you will need to sing up for a publisher account at Google. Add your website to your account and wait for verification. Once your website is verified and activated, you can generate the codes you will have to add to your site. This requires some minimal technical knowledge, but everything is explained in your account.

Google will automatically detect your website’s niche as well will consider the visitors prior navigation history and will display relevant ads. This is a very complex system, but fortunately your job is to only take care for your website, while Google will take care of the ads.

Not every website is getting accepted into the Adsense network. Their terms are very strict and if you break them, you can lose your account. Here is couple of tips on how to get easily verified and accepted by Google Adsense and remain in the game:

  • Create high quality website with lots of useful articles
  • Do not create your website purely for advertising and conversion
  • Don not, ever, click on your own ads
  • Do not ask friends or your readers to click your ads
  • Always create unique content and do not copy from others

This method will allow you to quickly convert your website’s traffic in some cash. It is a good way to make a steady passive income. There are certainly other PPC advertising networks that you can try out, but Google is the most popular and probably the best payer.

Affiliate Marketing the way to success

More and more businesses include affiliate marketing in their business development plan. This is very good news for webmasters like you, because there are more products to advertise on your website.

This method requires a bit more work, but it can bring you a lot more income. The concept is very simple: there is a company that has a product; you advertise their product, and in case you generate a sale through your website, you will get a commission from the sale.

Depending on the product or service type you are advertising you can receive various amount of commission. For instance for digital products you can receive between 50%-90%, while for other products or services you will only get 1%-15% from the sales amount.

Companies who offer affiliate programs or affiliate marketing networks have a system that will provide you with the necessary advertising material and custom links to advertise their products and services. Always choose a reputable company and network that you can trust that they don’t cheat on clicks and sales.

To get started, you can opt for the following affiliate programs:

  • Comossion Junction – one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms with lots of advertisers and good deals.
  • Shareasale – another great and reliable affiliate network
  • Amazon Associates – Amazon’s in-house affiliate program (Tutorial: how to make an amazon affiliate website)

Rent advertising space on your site

website traffic viral marketing

This method is highly dependent of website traffic. Nobody will want to rent space on a low traffic website. So this method is probably not for newbies, instead for websites with lots of traffic and page views.

Usually banners are rented for a one month period and buyer will usually pay upfront. This method can bring in some quick money and if you are able to sell multiple banners can also generate a good amount of cash.

Finding advertisers however is not easy. BuySellAds is a platform that connects the website owners with advertisers. You sing up with a publisher account, add your site, choose how many and what size banners you accept, set prices and wait for clients.

Niche and traffic is a huge factor in finding companies who are willing to advertise on your website, so when building your website, make sure you choose a niche that has many potential advertisers.

Offer your services or products for sale

One of the most profitable ways to monetize your site is to sell your own products or services. The good thing about this monetization technique is that there is no middle man. The money arrives right into your bank account as someone makes a purchase.

Creating a product or offering a service can be difficulty however. This is not a quick and easy way to make cash on your website. This method involves a lot of work, while creating a product and marketing it, as well requires skills and commitment if you are offering a service.

What products or services you can sell online? You don’t have to think about something big or revolutionary. Don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you are good at writing for instance, you can offer copywriting and blog writing services. If you have good skills with computer programming or graphic design you could offer these services as well create custom material for sale.

Beside digital products, you can also sell your hand-made gadgets, furniture you have built. I’m keep referring to the website that I have written about here. The guy has been selling funny potatoes online and made over $40,000 in revenue in just few months.

As you can see, almost anything sells, but the marketing part has to be done correctly.

Ask for donations on your website

make money from donationsOne of the most popular ways to collect donations online is using a PayPal account. The setup of a donation button is very easy. Collecting donations from your readers however can be hard. Some people may want to support you while others just don’t care. To attract more attention and increase the number of donors, you should tell them your story.

Explain why you need their money and what you want to achieve. Probably if you want to buy the latest iPhone, nobody is willing to donate. But, for example, if you are a photographer who is travelling the world creating beautiful photos and giving them away for free; you can ask your website visitors to support you in producing more stock photos while you are travelling further.

Convert website visitors into leads

Lead generation is also a very common method that webmasters use to make money from their website. The process is very straight forward: you place the advertising material on your website, and send visitors to the company you are generating leads to. A tracking system will count how many visitors you have sent and how many of them have submitted their contact information on the company’s landing page. You will get paid for each valid lead.

Probably the most competitive niche in lead generation is insurance. If you are running a blog about healthy life style, pets or maybe cars, you can easily generate leads for insurance companies that offer life insurance, pet insurance, car insurance etc.

Seek for content sponsors

There are many websites and brands that are willing to pay for a review or to sponsor content on your website. You can opt for this method only if you have a high quality website with an established reader base.

In this case you can get paid for writing about your sponsor. This method can bring you quick and easy money, however you will have to find companies who may be interested in sponsoring you.

For instance, if you are a fashion blogger you can look ask big fashion stores to send you clothes, in exchange you will write about their store and will present the products you got. Getting a sponsor does not always mean cash, but this way you can get products that you will actually use and don’t have to pay for them.

Remember to not overcommit yourself in sponsored content. You readers loves your website and your writings, however if every second article is about a sponsor, they might get bored and your site will lose traffic. Also keep in mind to only work with sponsors that are related to your topic.

Sell products online using an online shop

The potential in selling online is huge. Just take a look to eBay or Amazon. These companies generate millions through their website, selling goods online. You can start your online shop too and sell products on your website.

The creation of an online shop can be easy, but managing and maintaining it can be resource heavy. By resource I mean time, money and knowledge. An online shop that stores client’s data, process payments and holds thousands of products requires a higher level of technical skills to run. It also requires a higher investment into products and marketing.

Although an e-commerce site can generate huge amount of revenue the risk is huge. So this method is definitely not for beginners.

Profit from your email list

Building an email list will take ages. So once your website is ready, you should offer your visitors the option to subscribe to your website. Overtime you will build up a huge list of emails. Having an email list can be beneficial for your business, not only because you will be able to send out offers via email, but you can re-invite your subscribers to visit your site.

Starting a new project can also be much easier if you have an email list with few thousand email addresses.

Do keep in mind, that your readers has subscribed to you because the like your website and want to hear more on related topics. When you are sending out newsletters keep the topic relevant, interesting and informational. This will keep readers will be happy and will keep coming back to your site or click on your promotional offers.

Sell your website on Flippa

sell your website on flippaProbably you website is generating a good amount of money every month, but it is too hard for you to maintain, manage and create new content. Have you considered selling it? If you are interested in selling your website, you should check out Flippa.com, one of the biggest auction websites for domain names, apps and websites. The listing of a website is not free; however you get exposed to thousands of interested buyers.

A website can be sold for 12-60 times more than the monthly generated profit. The price of a website really depends on the website type and on buyers. For instance an Adsense site which makes $500 per month can be sold for $6000.

A website that it is selling its own products can be sold for higher price; it really depends on the circumstances. If you are not confident about the price you are getting for your site, or you think it worth more than the best offer you got, do not sell it. Once you sold it, it will be sold forever. It will be a long journey to build another similar one.

Is there any other option to make money with your site?

There are many other options to monetize your website. I could continue the list but there is no point in doing that, because I choose to only talk about the most common ways to profit from your site. Choose a method that you like the best, and don’t be afraid to switch if you consider so.

If you are just starting out, and don’t know how to build a website yet I highly recommend checking out the following tutorials:

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this topic, feel free to submit your feedback in the comment section below. If you are looking for a professional web hosting, check out the hosting reviews section and choose a provider that suits your budget and website needs.

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