How to Create your own Blog and Become a Professional Blogger?

Ten years ago, rarely you could hear about someone who was running and maintaining a blog. Mostly people were doing to just for hobby and they were not thinking on monetization or conversion optimization or strategies that can attract more readers. Today, blogging has become a profession, where people are creating content on their blog not only to share their opinion but also to make money from blogging. In an earlier article we have shown you why a business needs a blog and how to turn readers into customers; today I will show you how to create your own blog, whatever you are doing it for profit or just for fun.

To create a professional blog is simpler than you think; here are few steps you should follow before starting your online journey.

Choosing your topic

Choosing a niche for your blog can be the most difficult part. The topic of your blog can be anything you can think of. It does not have to be unique, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just choose a niche that you can write about, and you are passionate about. If you are following a strict diet on how to lose weight, or you are on a world tour and want to create a documentation of the places where you have been, or just want to share your daily routine on parenting, you can start a blog. You can also get inspiration from your favorite bloggers; I’m sure you are reading and following some popular website that you are not even aware that these are actually blogs.

You don’t have to have super writing skills, because this will improve overtime, but you will need to put some effort and your passion into creating good and informative content if you want people to actually read it.

Choosing a blogging platform

You came up with a good topic idea, now you have to choose software that will allow you to easily create and publish your content. There are many platforms you can choose from, most people go with free software such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and others. There blogging platforms are offering free hosting as well, so you after you create and activate your account, you are ready to go and start blogging. These blogs however are published on sub-domains, such as that may be good for the start, but if you are planning to become a professional blogger you will need to purchase a domain name and build a brand around it.

start blogging with wordpress

The most popular blogging platform is WordPress; this software can be installed to almost any web hosting account and can be easily updated and maintained; the administration panel is also very simple and easy to use, no technical skills or prior experience is required to get started. It is important to choose the platform carefully, because you will have to work with it as long as you want to keep your blog alive; switching from a platform to another can be difficulty, so pick the software accordingly.

Choose a name and a web host for your blog

Having a domain name such as is more professional and easier to brand than having a sub-domain on a free hosting platform. If you are planning to become a professional blogger and you chose a good name for it already, you will also need a professional web hosting service. The free blogging platforms may be reliable and may look promising to get started, but you don’t have control over the web hosting account. There is no way to extend the functionality of your blog, you can easily be banned for whatever reason, and you can lose your blog without the possibility to do anything about it; after all you are using a free service, what to complain about?

Having a paid web hosting account and a domain name, will enable you to have full control over your website. You can install new plugins, customize the blog as you want and make it unique and outstanding.

If you may have problems choosing a good name for your blog, here is our guide on how to choose the perfect domain name, and you can also choose a web hosting plan from our top rated hosts.

Creating, publishing and sharing content

You are set with all the geeky stuff, the hosting account is running fine the blog is online; you are gathering information, writing notes and creating stunning articles. Probably you have already published twenty articles, and you are expecting visitors to interact with your blog in form of comments. It may take a while for your website to start receiving traffic from search engines with pure content, so if you want to speed up the traffic flow, you will need to make friends online.

create publish and share content

Start searching for blogs, similar to your topic, and leave a comment on their posts, mentioning your website. Do not promote yourself, or ask people to visit your blog, just replay with a kind and informative message and you will see the magic happening.

Don’t forget about social media. Asking your friends to tweet and share your blog posts can be a good start. Joining different forums and online groups where you will mention your website can also be a good way to gather followers. In the long run you want to build a strong social media network around your blog so you can instantly announce every new post to your audience and get instant traffic.

Wrapping up!

I remember how exited I was, when I first started blogging. It was a long journey for me since that date, and learned a lot during this period, but it was a lot of fun. If you are exited too, and want to start your own blog, with a professional touch, I suggest going with a wordpress blog along with a good hosting provider. Be persistent, be passionate and do not give up, this way you will succeed; and not least have fun!


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.