How to Build a Successful Amazon Affiliate Website?

There are many ways to monetize your website and make money online. One of the most common monetization options is trough affiliate sales. This method has become very popular, because the initial investment into affiliate sites is minimal and the return can be huge, and on top of this is very easy to manage, almost no technical skills are required to run such a website.

Amazon is one of the biggest online shops, where you can find almost any type of product. Because of the high volume of available products and good payout, many marketers choose to join Amazon’s affiliate system. Anyone can partner with Amazon; it is free to join and pays up to 10% of the referred sales value. The affiliate system will provide you with all the necessary information and tracking urls to easily embed them into your website and start making money.

Choose the right website building platform

When building a website, always, the very first step is to choose a platform. Most likely, you want to get it going as fast as possible and you will not want to hire a developer. You will need a website building tool that is easy to use, does not require programming skills and is flexible enough to transform it into a money making site. The best options for you would be WordPress. This is a free software, that can be installed to almost any web hosting account, it is easy to use and update and can easily be customized to integrate with the Amazon affiliate system. Doing a quick online search you will find lots of themes and plugins that were specially created for this kind of websites.

wordpress amazon affiliate website

If you have never used WordPress before or have never built a website, do not worry, within few hours you can learn everything about the software and can create your own website using the online guides and tutorials.

Choose your niche and create a good website structure

Probably you will do everything by yourself, from building your site trough to creating the content, so it is very important to choose a product category that is relevant to your website. For example, your website is about cosmetics and you advertise technology related products through the amazon affiliate system the chance that visitors will buy such products is very low.

Website structure is also very important: make sure that your website is easy to navigate and do not over-advertise the products you want to sell. Create useful content, recommend products, if possible try some products out yourself and create reviews and make your website authentic. Website visitors should see your website as a valuable and informative website, which is not trying to sell but trying to help them to choose the right products.

Choose a good web hosting for your site

Web hosting plays a very important role in the success of a website. A low quality hosting service can destroy all your hard work you put into your website. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive hosting service, but it is important to choose a good hosting provider that will support your website needs. If you choose to build your Amazon affiliate site with WordPress, you should consider purchasing a good WordPress hosting plan. I highly recommend taking a look to BlueHost’s offer.

BlueHost – Best WordPress Hosting

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting providers that offers high quality WordPress hosting service at an affordable rate. Check the official website to or our review page to find out more about the company.

Create good content, work on SEO and drive targeted traffic

The best free traffic that will actually bring you profits will come from Google. You will need to create high quality and informative articles that people will like. You will also have to use all your marketing skills to convince website visitors to buy a certain product. While creating good content is a good start to get targeted traffic, you can’t ignore search engine optimization. This may sound complicated, but in fact SEO is not as hard as you may think.

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On-page optimization is where you should start. Having the proper H1 and H2 headlines is important; as well make sure that your article contains the keywords you want to rank for. Interlinking between your own content is also a very important factor to consider. After having the proper optimization on your site, you can start building some backlinks. Do not go very aggressive with link building, because it can be considered spam, and Google dislike this practice.

Building a community around your site can also be a good way to market the products. Create a Facebook fan page or use other social networking sites to build a strong community around your niche.

Watch your profits growing

The road to have a successful Amazon affiliate website will not be easy and you will be face problems while building your website, but if you choose the proper tools and web hosting you can save a lot of time worrying about website performance and can concentrate more on creating high quality content and generating sales. Wish you good luck with your journey!


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