How Schedule Facebook Posts With phpSFP

Facebook, together with other social media networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on, are used by SEM, SEO, website owners and website managers to improve popularity and page rank of websites and also to discuss directly with new clients getting instant feedback.

Facebook lets you create special ads using images, filters after religion, age, geolocation, gender and so on, but it also lets you create business pages where you can create different apps, contests, coupons to make Facebook users to visit a specific website. Also, you can create and join groups where you can post what you want.

Usually, sites use share buttons and widgets where you can see the last posts from Facebook regarding the website. There are plenty of useful ways to increase popularity through Facebook.

About phpSFP

Additionally, you can use phpSFP to increase visits and income for your website through Facebook. This script is available at CodeCanyon at the price of $13 and it is created by Litetech, a Romanian team that offers future updates and 6 months of support.

phpsfp screenshotLitetech created phpSFP and phpST to automatically post images, links, texts, videos or other types of content to Facebook and Twitter using PHP and MySQL database.

Both software have the following features: easy to install, easy to manage, multiple users with multiple level access from admin to a simple user, time zone, Facebook profile picture, modal system, tooltip information, passwords encrypted with SHA1, cron system, redirect protection, keep logged users, confirm delete, date picker, MVC software architecture.

At the beginning, there is a login form and you can use the admin credentials of the user depending on your level access. In case that you forget your password, or you want to create a new account you can use the links below the Login button and near that button, you can check the “Keep me logged in” option. After you logged in, you will notice a menu in the left with dashboard options, schedules, groups, users and settings. You also need to log in via Facebook or the software won’t work and you also need to watch the installation video to see how you can install and use properly the application. It is not so hard, but you need to create a Facebook app and use an FTP client and a MySQL database.

create new facebook app

At dashboard you can check if the Facebook app is valid, if Facebook user is logged in, create posts, preview posts, select posts start date and time but also send interval, auto-load pages, and groups, display the total number of pages and groups, select pages and groups and receive message confirmations or errors.

Also, in this section you can select one type of post such as text post, link, image or video and to write a message. Additionally you can repeat the post as long as you want or just delete it.

At schedules section, you can filter schedules by name and date interval and there is available a listing with pagination. Also, you can see the platform username, token expires time, the start and the end date together with the posting status and to preview the scheduled post. Additional statistics are available such as total clicks and you can also delete entire scheduled post or just a page or group.

You can see information for each scheduled post if you are the admin user such as the user to create the post, the date and the time they created the post and also you can use your admin tools to modify the post, to pause it, to delete it, to resume it or to re-schedule it.

At the groups section, you can manage and add Facebook pages and groups and select only the groups you want.

The users area offers you listing with pagination of users, add, edit and delete buttons, protection so the first user can’t be deleted, the last login date and the Facebook user id login restriction. You can even filter users after the name, username, status such as active or inactive.

At the last area, you can see the Facebook app settings such as the app ID and the app secret code together with the Facebook user page and group limits. There are also available the posting options, retry limit, verifications for app ID and secret code and the general account settings. Here you can see if the app Token is valid and what API version uses the software. You can track clicks and set auto-pause after a time or after a number of minutes or posts and for general account settings you can edit your name, email, time zone or even change the account passwords and the mail settings using Mail, Sendmail or SMTP protocol at your desire.

As a simple user, you don’t have access to the users section, but you can change the language of the software to Portuguese, Spanish, English or Italian.

To install phpSFP, you need to have PHP 5.4, MySQL 4/5.x and cURL on your web hosting server, also the last update, which got live on 18th January 2016 and there is available additional custom page such as about, terms and conditions and privacy policy.

PhpSFP has more than 2000 sales, 3400 comments and the rating is 4.78 based on 247 ratings and is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and its files include Javascript, JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. Additionally, the used framework is CodeIgniter and the first version of the software was created on 16 July 2013.

The developer offers you support via e-mail, comments, support area, and Skype if you really need it. Almost all comments are positive and the software was tested by more than 2000 people and if you need help, Litetech can install it on your server free of charge.

Using the FAQs section you can see video tutorials for questions such as how to import the groups via HTML file or to see the purchase codes.

Other Similar Software

A better version of phpSFP is the Facebook Sharer Pro that has a lot of interesting features but there are also similar apps that can improve your social networking and that can make other things such as the online tool named “Add me fast” that offers you traffic exchange, phpSCG that generates a social cover, fContest that creates Facebook photo and video contests, Facebook Friends and Groups Auto poster that auto-posts to friends and in groups, LinkPress that is an URL shortener and directory management platform and so on.

In the end, if you really want to improve your presence on Facebook and to increase visibility of your website, posts or image you should use phpSFP or Facebook Sharer Pro where you can schedule posts, edit posts and publicize posts to groups, pages, but also you don’t need to write posts each time manually, them being publicized automatically and spam is avoided since you can use special algorithms.

Again, you need to follow the video tutorial posted by the developer and to create a Facebook app in order to have a functioning phpSFP version on your server.

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