How Inspirational Animation Videos Can Give Your Online Business a Competitive Edge

Every successful business knows all too well the benefits that come with animation videos – whether they’re used create ads, guides, or explainer videos. Videos, in general, are one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses. As a marketing tool, video helps boost organic traffic by about 157 percent, which translates to a 41 percent increase in traffic for websites with video compared to those using text and images.

Animated videos are also very effective at driving your brand’s message home and converting leads into customers. For instance, animated explainer videos have been known to boost conversion rates by over 20 percent. Mix that up with an inspiring message and you have one of the most potent tools for driving brand recognition, customer engagement, and converting leads.

So how exactly will inspirational animated videos help your online brand to stand out from the competition? Read on for some pointers.

1. Solidify Your Online Brand

Animated videos give you the chance to communicate the look and feel of your brand, something that helps your audience understand what your online business stands for. Through audio-visual cues that include custom colors and textures, these videos enable your customers to create lasting memories with your brand, enabling you to market your online brand effectively and organically.

Whiteboard animation videos are especially effective at driving engagement with brands. As an example, an animation video done by Spiel Whiteboards for the National History Museum went to great lengths to define man’s million-year history. This animated video almost made the viewer feel like they were in an actual museum auditorium, which helps drive the brand message for the National History Museum.

2. Primed for Mobile

For online businesses, mobile plays a significant role in lead generation and customer engagement. It’s estimated that over half of all online mobile traffic comes from video, with this number expected to hit 61 percent by 2019. Plus, with capable mobile devices and apps such as WhatsApp and Viber coming as standard on smartphones, a marketing campaign with animated videos can be a game changer for your online brand.

3. Cost-Effective Without Reducing Impact

When compared to other forms of audio-visual media techniques, animated videos provide the biggest impact for the smallest investment. For instance, when making an explainer video yourself, you’ll have to invest in a good video camera, get help with video editing, and have enough patience to sail through the repetitive cut-scenes before you get it right.

With animated videos, creating an ad or explainer video requires very little in the way of investment compared to physically getting someone to shoot a video for your online campaign. Many online providers even allow you to create your own animated videos using drag-and-drop features on their sites, sometimes even for free (if you can contend with watermarks and video length limitations).

4. Highly Shareable

Animated videos are always fun to watch, especially those that carry an inspirational message. Over 92 percent of consumers who watch your animated video on a mobile device are likely to share the video with friends and family within their networks. Adding an inspirational message to your animated video can make it more engaging, and thus, shareable. With more shares, your online brand gets one of the most effective – and free – marketing channel based on a referral model.

In addition to helping your brand save marketing resources, shareable animated videos can help educate and entertainment your customers, build brand loyalty, and engage customers who’d otherwise be unreachable via other marketing channels.

5. Round-the-Clock Availability

Even your top sales representative must tune off at some point. Not with animated videos.

24/7 availability is one of the major hallmarks of an online business. While every other physical business closes down at the end of the day, your online business stays up, with no limitations on when customers can visit. Therefore, your marketing campaign must also stay up and running day and night, something that animated videos can help you with.

Animated videos – and any video for that matter – will keep getting you leads and engagement from your customer base, even when you’re closed for business. If you own an ecommerce store, for instance, your customers will be watching your animated videos on their smartphones, see something they like, and head over to your site to complete their purchase.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to get your brand’s message across in today’s modern media environment. However, before taking up any of them, always ensure they line up with your brand’s core, available resources, and other marketing techniques that are already in place.

Animated videos sprinkled with inspirational messages can be used with any marketing technique and have the biggest impact on ROI for online businesses.

Image Source: SkitterPhoto

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