How Frequently Should I Update my Website?

Having your blogging or content management software up to date is necessary for security. Changing the layout or the design of your site once in a while may also be beneficial, but in this article we will be talking about updating your website’s content. In our previous article, we have talked about the benefits of having a blog; today we will be talking about how often you should add new content to it.

The first impression is always important, especially online, where the only way to impress your customers is the quality of your website. Having an unorganized and outdated website can lead in some strange questions. Your customers may send you an email or call you and ask if you are still in business, or if you are having financial problems or they can just wondering how you expect someone to order your product or service through your website if the date does not even match with the current year. To avoid these questions you should pay attention and spend some time to update your website as frequently is necessary.

Regarding your blog, there is no rule on how often you have to write new content. My suggestion however is that adding new blog posts twice a month is a good way to build up your reputation and impress your website visitors and customers.

As a business owner, is hard to find the time to write useful and informative content, and when you got the time, probably don’t have the inspiration to do it. If you find it difficulty or have not enough time to update the content, on your site, it is possible to hire someone, who will do the work for you. Article writers, copywriters or an employee of yours could do this.

What to write about?

The difficulty of creating new content that adds value to your site could vary from niche to niche. Sometimes you may find it very difficult to keep your content updated; in these situations you could impress your customers by telling a story about your company, how you started, what are your values, what was your goal, where you at and what are your plans.

Before you even realize, blogging will be a part of your company’s routine and your customers will enjoy reading your website. Now go and schedule a new article and impress your readers.

UPDATE: today February 5th, 2016 I have decided to add a quick update to this post and share my experience. In the last one year I have been creating and publishing content on various websites and I learned a lot. First of all I have improved my writing skills. I learned how to write faster and more effective and how to create content that grab readers attention and also search engines. I also learned new things in different niches.

I have randomly came across this article and after a quick read I realize that at the time of wiring I didn’t know how important is to update your website frequently with fresh content. I know that is niche dependent on how often you can create new articles. One thing is certain and I can say it with confidence, the more often you post new quality content to your site, the faster it will grow. So my suggestion is to update your site as many times you can.


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.