how business creativity can impress the customers and meet their curiosity

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In a world with seemingly endless distractions, it’s become extremely difficult to capture the attention of an everyday customer. When they’re not lost inside the intricate world of social media on their smartphones and computers, your customers are most likely binge-watching their favorite movies and TV series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. So, unless you’re spending premium dollars to capture their attention on these platforms, it becomes significantly harder for you and your small business to engage with and impress potential customers.

So, in the midst of all the attention-grabbing distractions available out there, is it still possible for you to make potential customers curious enough to become your customers?

Thankfully, it is.

With a little bit of creativity and patience, you can be on your way to generating leads and welcoming customers to your business without spending tons of cash on billboards, TV ads, and time-consuming online marketing campaigns. Read on for a sample of creative business ideas you can use to engage and impress customers.

1. Leave an impression

There’s no better way to leave a mark on potential customers than physically interacting with them. While billboards, TV and radio ads, and social media campaigns may get you closer to your audience, giving your customers things like customized hand stamps or thank you notes can leave a bigger mark in the minds of your customers. Hand stamps with your brand name, for instance, can be hard to remove, which prompts the wearer to think about your brand until it comes off.

You can also create an impression by making your workplace a memorable place using audio-visual or environmental cues. For instance, you can use wall graphics technology to create custom themes and ambience for different areas of your premises – from a jungle theme in the outdoor gear section of your shop to ocean-inspired murals decorating the mattress section of your furniture store.

2. Attach your product or service to a charitable cause

The people would rather buy from companies with products and services that are attached to a cause than those that don’t. This is partly because we’re wired to stay happier and satisfied from an act of selflessness.  With our busy modern-day schedules, however, making money or material donations has become an uphill task, which is where cause-related services and products come in.

When promoting your product or service, make sure to inform your customers that a fixed amount or percentage of sales will be donated to charity whenever they make a purchase. You can also make a product donation to a charity or person in need whenever a customer makes a purchase.  For instance, you can donate an extra pair of pants whenever a customer buys two pairs of shoes, making sure to include this message in your marketing campaign.

3. Lottery and competitions

If you’re one of those people who’re always looking out for offers and coupons, you are not alone. So, any time you put up a competition or lottery system and associate it with your product or service, you can bet curious customers will make your business a regular stopover.

If you run an online business, you can create a points system that rewards your online buyers with points that they can later redeem for cash, discounts or gift vouchers. If you run a restaurant, for instance, you can use a card with a set of numbers to reward lucky customers with the right combination with free meals and drinks. This is bound to keep your customers curious and thirsty for more.

Bottom Line

There are a thousand creative and cost-effective ways you can use to engage your customers without cleaning out your bank account. Many will depend on how far you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone, but the best ones will always be much cheaper than most traditional forms of marketing.

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