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In this Hostinger review you can find detailed information about this hosting company. After reading our review, you can decide easily whether Hostinger is a good option for you or not. Read our comprehensive review to learn more about Hostinger prices, discounts, hosting features, plans, uptime and customer support.
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Hostinger is a web hosting company established back in 2004. They attracted more and more clients over time by adding new hosting solutions to their repertoire on a regular basis. They are also the company behind 000webhost. It is a provider that launched in 2007 and offers genuine free web hosting without any hidden charges. There are no advertisements either and the provider guarantees a 99.9% uptime despite the fact that you are not even paying for the service.

Another part of the Hostinger network is Hosting24, which established in 2008 and provides top-notch VPS and shared hosting plans. With this whole network, the company served almost 30 million customers so far in more than 170 countries. That is a huge amount of satisfied customers from all around the World. On a good day, almost 20,000 new customers sign up to one of their plans.

The main goal of Hostinger is to provide people with all types of web hosting plans and help them establish their online presence with powerful features and hardware. In order to ensure a fast connection that doesn’t depend on the location, they established 8 data centers. These are placed on strategic locations, effectively covering as many countries as possible. Another thing that makes them a trusted company is that they are members of the ICANN organization.

Business Hosting at Hostinger

You can not only choose from a huge number of web hosting providers, but there are plenty of different web hosting services available as well. At Hostinger, you can find the most typical options such as VPS, cloud, WordPress and web hosting. Their plans are powerful and affordable as well compared to what the other companies offer. But that’s not all, as they came up with another rather cheap, yet strong alternative for both big and small businesses.

It is simply called Business Hosting, making it an attractive choice for any business owner. These plans are powered by cloud computing, with the simplicity of shared hosting. This means, that even completely new users to hosting can setup their website on a more powerful platform.


There are three different plans to choose from: the Startup plan for $15.90 per month, the Professional for $31.80 per month and the Enterprise for $71.55. The first one is recommended for websites that barely started growing their traffic. It comes with 40GB of storage, 3GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores.

The second one is the absolute bestseller, recommended for high-traffic online shops. With the Professional plan, you get 80GB storage, 6GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores. The Enterprise plan is only recommended for websites and projects that require the most resources. It comes with a whopping 160GB disk space, 12GB of RAM and 6 CPU cores.

The reason why they came up with the idea of business hosting is because they needed an in-between solution. Although businesses can choose from plenty of shared, VPS and dedicated plans, it often turns out that neither of them is the perfect pick. Hostinger is decided to create a perfect solution by introducing these business plans. In this article, we are going to show you the main features that come with each of these plans. If you search for something similar for your growing website, then keep on reading and try out their services if you liked our review.

The Main Benefits of Business Hosting

If you take a look at the specs offered by each of the Business Hosting plans at Hostinger, you might think there is nothing special about them. After all, there are many hosting providers that offer similar specs for the same price. But there is much more to a web hosting plan then the mere hardware. Hostinger provides you with numerous powerful features on their cloud platform no matter which business plan you choose.

The greatest thing is that you don’t even need to pay for them, which is definitely not the case with most of the other companies. If you need the extras without paying a dime, then pick Hostinger for the same premium experience. There are some features that come with all plans including a free SSL, a free domain, reliable customer support and daily backups in case something goes wrong on your website.

Get Refunded Within 30 Days

This is a huge advantage in case you are not sure whether your Hostinger hosting plan will fit to your needs or not. You can read countless reviews about the provider, but the only way to find out how well their services work is to actually try them out. The provider gives you 30 days to test their performance and try out all the features, which is plenty of time. If you are not satisfied, you can instantly get your money back.

Some companies start to ask questions when someone wants to unsubscribe, wasting people’s precious time and making them wait for their money. At Hostinger, no one will bother you if you decide to look for another provider. At the end, what you have is a genuine trial version of the plan which is pretty uncommon in the web hosting industry.

Hostinger Customer Support

Their tech support team can be reached through two channels, including live chat and tickets. Their live chat is available around the clock, so you can start talking with them whenever you want with quick response times. The average wait time at the Hostinger customer support is only one or two minutes, which is quite impressive. They not only answer your questions and provide help, but they also ask you whether you have some additional issues and show you some of the tutorials related to the topic.


There is also the Hostinger knowledge base for beginners or those who want to find a quick solution to a general issue. Their thorough articles are presented in a step-by-step style with numerous helpful screenshots. On top of that, you can access their forum support as well. On these two sites, you can find everything that a DIY person would like to see for a web hosting service.

They made it easier to find articles with a search bar where you need to type in a few keywords and the accurate results will be displayed. If you add it all up, they have a highly effective and active customer support serving all of their clients.

SSL, Malware and Spam Protection

Since the plans you can sign up to at Hostinger are already quite cheap, you might question the level of protection you can get from such a provider. Fortunately, they provide top-notch security features which are remarkable from such a low-budget company. Their most beneficial plans are the Business Hosting plans, giving every user a free SSL certificate for a lifetime.

SSL can help you a lot by encrypting the data that flows between the server and your machine. This makes it unable for everyone to get to your private information. When you are only working on your website data, then there is no risk involved, but for other occasions, SSL is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, you can’t get a free SSL with the other Hostinger plans. For those who still want one, there is an option to buy it for only $9.99, which also adds up to a pretty cheap price overall.

But here comes the real deal. You get SpamAssassin and BitNinja for free as a bonus for all the available plans. As its name says, SpamAssassin is an anti-spam tool for the email addresses that you have on your domain. BitNinja is a different type of software that prevents the server from being attacked by brute force and DDoS attacks. The software also has a machine learning function that memorizes the IP from which the server was attacked and shares the information with the other servers.

Typically, you would need to pay a significant amount of money to get security software like BitNinja up and running on your server. This time, you can get it for free. One of the downsides of Hostinger’s security is that they provide no WHOIS protection with your domain names. People can find the domain if they want and check out who the owner is. If you don’t want such information to be exposed, you should find a different registrar.

User-Friendly Control Panel


While most web hosting providers choose the default cPanel interface, Hostinger decided to try something else. They applied their own design to the control panel, hPanel to improve its functionality. The result is a completely beginner-friendly, minimalistic interface with well thought out navigation. If you are new to web hosting, you are going to love this one. You will realize how easy it can be nowadays to establish an online presence without any experience.

There is no tech jargon involved. The control panel welcomes you with a colorful menu where you can check out and manage your accounts, domains, VPS servers and SSL certificates. It is designed in a way that allows you to quickly get your tasks done without any confusion. If you compare it to the typical cPanel layout, it turns out that this custom one made by Hostinger is much simpler and probably faster.

In addition, you will have instant access to their live chat support. By clicking the icon at the bottom right of the page, you can open the chat and start typing. It is similar to a Facebook chat, logging your text messages so that you can read them afterwards if you want.


If you sum up all the features and the powerful hosting plans offered by Hostinger, it becomes clear how they got so popular. They get a huge number of positive customer reviews and a growing number of satisfied customers each day. It is recommended for everyone from bloggers to huge businesses. They provide a wide range of security solutions, CMS support and reliable customer support. Their team is ready to help you diagnose the problem your website is facing and figure out a solution as soon as possible.

Once you sign up, you can start working on your website within minutes. Of course, you will need to sign up for a longer period of time to get the best deal with the discounts, but considering their 30-day money back guarantee, you will have plenty of time to think. Even without the discounts, we would say that Hostinger offers quite affordable plans compared to most of its competition.

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