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Host1Plus Review

We’ve created this Host1Plus review to give you a comprehensive overview of the company. In this review we’ve covered the plans and pricing, hosting features, customer support as well the pros and cons of Host1Plus. Please read our review below to decide whether Host1Plus is a good choice for you or not.
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Host1Plus is a highly successful web hosting company based in Lithuania and the UK. It all started back in 2008 and the company has grown into one of the top providers out there with plenty of positive customer reviews. Now they have more than 40,000 customers that happily use their services from all around the World.

They are not expensive at all compared to many of the other providers, yet they provide high quality services. With their huge network of data centers around the globe, it is really not questionable whether you get the same high quality service in your region or not.

People working at Host1Plus realized that there are lots of poor hosting providers available. This is why they are so dedicated to provide a reliable service and useful features. Although they are mostly specialized in Cloud and VPS hosting for businesses, they offer dedicated servers and reseller hosting options as well.

Host1Plus has a wide range of plans available, making it suitable for bloggers, small businesses and bigger companies as well with guaranteed stability. They have a huge number of loyal customers that have been using their services for years, which further proves their reliability and effectiveness. Now let’s see the features and prices that Host1Plus has to offer.

Host1Plus Overview

Host1Plus has its data centers established in America (California and Illinois), Germany, South Africa and Brazil. This makes their services reliable in terms of speed because their data centers are pretty much spread out all over the World. In case you want to change these locations, you can do it even with the cheapest plan.

The hardware they offer is top notch and differs depending on which plan you pick. Host1Plus uses SSD hard disks for their VPS hosting plans while the number of CPU cores go up as the plan gets bigger. They use various Intel Xeon processors depending on which location you choose, but the difference is insignificant.

The great thing about Host1Plus is that they let you combine their plans if it provides you a better solution. On the other hand, if you don’t have that big of a budget to begin with, you can buy a cheaper plan and then upgrade it later.

When it comes to OS, the users have plenty of choices: Suse, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian. They are also very generous with the control panels since you can choose between Direct Admin and cPanel as a shared hosting subscriber.

Host1Plus Plans and Pricing

Host1Plus VPS Plans

The main specialty of Host1Plus is definitely VPS hosting. They are among the top providers when it comes to VPS and it is affordable as well. They have 6 different plans for VPS hosting, including the Custom option where you can create a specific configuration that mostly suits your needs.


You can start with a Bronze membership if you want to try out their services. The price is as low as $5.20 and what you get is a 1-Core CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 60GB Hard Drive and 1TB Bandwidth. Host1Plus highlighted their most popular plan which is the Silver plan. It upgrades the CPU to 2 Cores, gives you 2GB of RAM and 100GB of disk space with 2TB bandwidth for only $8.80 a month.

If you are interested in their most powerful VPS plan, check out the Diamond plan which is $66.40 and gives you 8 CPU Cores, 16GB of RAM, 1000GB of disk space and 12TB bandwidth. It works well for bigger businesses that need a bit higher specs. Of course, all the plans support the popular Linux operating systems and offer backups as well.

Host1Plus Cloud Plans

Host1Plus offers a wide range of Cloud plans for Windows and Linux users. If you need a high-performance and flexible Cloud hosting provider, you should check out their plans and you will most likely find one that suits your needs.

Upgrading and downgrading Cloud services has never been easier. With Host1Plus, you can do it in seconds and it will prevent you from paying more for resources that you don’t even need. There are 6 plans available for Linux and 4 plans for Windows users.

There is no separate “Custom Plan” but you can customize these plans as well in their Client Area which means lots of flexibility yet again. They have invested a lot in DDR4 RAM memories that have error-correcting code implemented and of course the Intel Xeon E5 processors.

Linux Cloud Plans range from $6.40 to $124.80 monthly and there are plenty of configurations to choose from. Starting with the 1 Core CPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB hard drive plan, you can scale everything up to 8 Core CPU, 32GB RAM and a 1000GB hard drive which is crazy strong.

Windows configurations are a bit different but you get the same performance with the biggest plan for sure. They start from $20.00 and you get a 2 Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 100GB hard drive and this is also their most popular Windows plan. Through their 4 plans, you can scale it up to 8 Core CPU, 32GB of RAM and 1000GB disk space. It has the same specs as the most expensive Linux plan and it costs $121.60 each month.

Host1Plus Reseller Plans

There are 3 Reseller hosting plans offered by Host1Plus. They provide you with their Cloud servers and API and then you add them to your customer management and billing system. You will be also a white-label reseller, so your brand name will be always visible to your customers.

With all of the reseller plans, you will get a personal manager as well. You can contact the manager for information about sales training, products and other questions. In the reseller store, you will be the one who determines the prices, discounts and special sales.

To become a Reseller Partner at Host1Plus, you only need to fill out a registration form and you are set. There is no registration fee and the manager will contact you shortly after registration. The three available plans are the following:

  • Personal – 5% Discount based on volume, Up to $4,999 benefit, free events and webinars
  • Business – 10% Discount based on volume, $5,000-$14,999 benefit, priority support
  • Enterprise – 15% Discount based on volume, $15,000+ benefit, joint marketing campaigns and custom API calls development

Host1Plus Hosting Features

Host1Plus is one of the reliable web hosting providers with great customer support and even the prices aren’t that high. Once you take a look at their features, you will be definitely convinced to try one of their plans at least for a month. As you can see, there are many reasons to pick them. Let’s sum up the most notable features that Host1Plus has to offer:

  • People who are not familiar with coding can have problems when they want to set up their blog or CMS after joining a VPS plan. To prevent this problem, Host1Plus offers plenty of scripts for One-Click Installation for various CMS platforms. All you need to do is just to click the button
  • Not everyone relies on the same operation system and people working at Host1Plus know that very well. With their hosting plans, plenty of the Well-Known Linux OS are supported such as Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and more.
  • You can Keep Track of Resources so there is no need to worry about your website going down because of heavy CPU or memory usage. These resources can be monitored live and you will even get alerts if you are reaching the cap.
  • Host1Plus invested a lot in hardware, providing SSD Hard Drives with every VPS plan. They offer nice scaling with the CPU cores and use Intel Xeon E5 Processors which are very strong. The plans are really flexible so you can even mix up the configuration of two plans if necessary.
  • They also have an Affiliate Program and both their clients and supporters can benefit from it. It’s completely open and you get access to a wide range of advertising tools that you can insert to any site. You can even suggest it to your friends and once anyone spends money through the link, you will also get money to your account.
  • Host1Plus guarantees a 99% Uptime for their clients. You can rest assured that your website will be up and generating revenue all the time, loading web pages in high speed. Of course, the uptime can be also monitored in any moment.
  • Besides the usual credit card and PayPal options, now you can also pay with

Host1Plus Customer Support

At Host1Plus, you have three different choices when it comes to technical support. Of course, there is the standard support service that comes with all of their plans and requires no additional expenses. This ensures a constant monitoring of the service and performance. The support team can also help you with your software and plan options through consultations.

They can be contacted every day by writing a ticket. The next layer of support is a paid support plan with more advanced solutions. The Host1Plus team will be able to manage your cPanel and WHM, to add and configure software at your control panel and to set up LAMP or OpenVPN. Besides monitoring everything for you, you will be eligible for a four hour dedicated support with each monthly subscription.

The third type of support service at Host1Plus is when you pay even more to receive more hours of dedicated support. With this premium service, they will deal with your firewall and network configurations, GRE and web server config and you can also ask for specific monitoring plans.

Pros and Cons of Host1Plus

With Host1Plus, you will definitely get a solid and stable service. Even though they promise 99.5% uptime, what you should expect is a 100% instead – without the scheduled maintenance, of course. A solid uptime is essential for businesses that can lose a lot of revenue in a short period of time if their site is not working.

To sum it up, we have made a list of the most notable pros and cons of Host1Plus that can help you decide whether or not to choose this provider:


  • You can seamlessly upgrade your plan whenever you want
  • They have a money back guarantee if you didn’t like their service
  • The plans are flexible, you can even merge them
  • Backup is free
  • All VPS plans provide SSD hard disks
  • They let you install open source control panels that support Ubuntu


  • There are many ways to get support except phone calls
  • A bit low specs for the beginner plans

Host1Plus Review Conclusion

Host1Plus is a web hosting provider that is globally available thanks to their huge investment in data centers. No matter where you are, their datacenters are fairly near you and ready to provide an outstanding service.

This provider has pretty cheap beginner plans if you compare it to many other providers while offering some useful features. Cloud and VPS shared plans are especially worth it at Host1Plus. The specs you get with each beginner plan are quite weak but it only means that they wanted to favor those clients who only want a private website or own a small business.

All in all, you definitely get your money’s worth. Host1Plus services are reliable, affordable and provide you with the latest tools. You can count on their customer support all day, every day. The fact that you can’t contact them via phone is a bit of a downside, but they compensate it by being helpful and reliable on their other channels.

Host1Plus Review

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