Actionable Ways Companies Can Grow their SMS Contact Databases

What’s the point of a good message if you don’t have anyone to send it to? At  Trumpia, the leading SMS software provider on the market, we’ve observed time and time again that building your contact database is the most surefire way to give your messaging the highest impact and ROI. But if you are having trouble doing so, here are three things we’ve seen work for our very own customers, and one bonus one on top that. With each of these, you could implement them today to get jump started.

1. Give a Reason to Join

First things first. Subscribers need to be given a compelling reason to join your messaging program. That can include offering exclusive access to promotions or events, or the promise that they’ll be the first to know about crucial information. Consider that in one study, researchers found that if offered a reward, coupon, or deal, 44% of consumers were willing to provide personal information like their mobile phone number to a retailer.And once you get them to join, continuing to create meaningful and worthwhile content will ensure people stay.

  • Real World Example: By signing up for Zacks Investment Research’s messaging program, subscribers receive stock tips and recommendations. By having it through texting, subscribers were able to receive the tips that much quicker, letting them take immediate action.

2. Diversify How You Collect

There are a large assortment of tools that are designed to help you collect more contacts like Keywords, OSPs, and QR Codes to name a few. Mobile keywords are registered words that you create that customers can text to subscribe. In a pizza shop, when you see a sign that says “Text ‘SLICE’ to 99002”, “SLICE” is the mobile keyword. OSP stands for online signup page, and are typically multi-field forms that customers can fill out. QR codes are the unique, square shaped barcodes that customers can scan with their smartphone to instantly subscribe. At the end of the day, it’s simply about increasing the number of opportunities. If you give customers more options for how they can opt-in, you increase your chances of collecting their number by that much.

  • Real World Example: Super One Foods operated both a mobile keyword and an OSP, which customers could fill out at kiosks around their store. By using this two pronged approach, they were able to collect over 6,845 contacts in a matter of months.

3. Advertise on Other Channels

A common strategy that may seem obvious that routinely yields results is to make sure you advertise your program on physical signage across your store. Put it on cards or banners, and have your cashiers draw attention to it. After that, if you already have an email distribution list or social media pages, advertise on those. Social media content in particular has the added benefit of being easily shareable, letting you tap into your subscriber’s friend groups too. Call to actions on websites have also often been a strong method for driving traffic to messaging programs. And lastly, for those of you with even larger budgets, don’t be afraid to promote your program through TV and radio ads too.

  • Real World Example: A Chick-fil-A location in Virginia created a mobile keyword to collect more contacts. They then preceded to advertise it on their online blog, social media page, online networks and on various restaurant signage. In all, they collected over 2,000 contacts.

(Bonus Strategy) Offer Deals for Referrals

This is a strategy that seems to have been commonly adopted by email services, but has yet to catch on for SMS campaigns. It essentially works by giving existing customers a reward for bringing new customers to you. In an online signup page, under where the subscriber enters their phone number, you can have another field in which they can enter the number of whoever referred them to you. For a mobile keyword, when someone texts your keyword to your number, you could have the automated response prompt them to text you back with the number of their referral.

Sophorn Chhay is the marketing guy at  Trumpia, a mobile content delivery service that allows users to customize their one-to-one marketing efforts by interconnecting and optimizing all digital platforms. As an innovator in two-way SMS/MMS marketing, Trumpia’s mission is to empower brands and public figures with interactive access to their audiences, reaching targeted affinity groups in a personal way. Trumpia delivers world-class content such as video, ticketing, polling, products sales, contests and giveaways.

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