10 Reasons You Should Choose GreenGeeks for Your Business Website

GreenGeeks is a web hosting platform that provides top-notch web hosting services and is designed so that your specific needs and success are the number one priority.

This hosting provider has been on the scene, keeping customers happy and satisfied for more than a decade.

By choosing GreenGeeks for your business website, you get a sea of opportunities for your website to grow. The process starts by choosing between basic hosting options that range from shared hosting, reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Apart from the basic options, GreenGeeks offers security and storage space as well. Some of the features available on their plans are hosting an unlimited number of websites on one account and site backups.

1. Website Layout

The layout of their official website is simple yet informative so that every person can understand it. This can be done without needing to activate any specific background knowledge, which is a great reason to think about choosing GreenGeeks.

They don’t use a complicated lexicon while explaining their services, which shows that they really care about the customers and are always putting the clients’ needs first.

2. Go Green

Their environmentally-friendly service is only one of the numerous reasons to choose GreenGeeks. The CEO of the company, Trey Gardner is very straightforward with the clients about pollution.

Some of the ways GreenGeeks is fighting against environmental pollution are listed below:

  • As the name of the company suggests, the company annuls their carbon footprint, or, in other words, uses renewable wind electricity to run the websites on their servers.
  • By being an EPA Green Power Partner, they are obliged to use green power to minimize the negative impacts of environmental pollution. Nowadays, they are one of the eco-friendliest web hosting providers in the industry.
  • They use power-efficient, up-to-date processors in their data centers.
  • They inspire other businesses to choose a “green” web hosting provider to host their websites on and encourage them to pay attention when it comes to opting for environmentally friendly companies.

3. Choosing Your Data Center

This option gives you the opportunity to choose from five data centers in the world to host your website, two of which are located in the U.S., Phoenix, and Chicago. Additionally, there are two in Canada, Montreal, and Toronto and one in Europe, in Amsterdam, Holland.

Whichever center you choose, the benefits of these hosting platforms are the same. Some of them have high scaling performance, providing great speed and highly secured data to clients. And all of that is based on eco-friendly technologies, as mentioned before when we talked about why using GreenGeeks is the best for your business website.

Every data center has certain features and specifications:

  • Excellent backup plans and generators, so that the data is safely stored.
  • Auditor’s financial reports and statements are available on request.
  • Fire suppression systems and mechanisms, but also climate control systems and sensors that control the temperature are employed.
  • Security is guaranteed by using a biometric and key card security system.
  • Technicians and engineers who work in data centers keep track of events that take place throughout the day.

4. Customer support

One of the reasons to choose GreenGeeks is their 24/7 customer support.

Customer support agents try to be at your disposal and respond to every question as professionally as possible.

However, if you prefer to look into the matter yourself, there are tons of articles, tips, and tutorials for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. Email configuration is also available on their website which can come in handy when you need a quick solution to your problem.

There are three main ways GreenGeeks has chosen to communicate with the clients:

  • Live Chat

As far as live chat is concerned, it is available 24/7. Every agent is knowledgeable and ready to help without any delay since people are eager to immediately find out what is going on.

Agents know the company’s rules and are very detailed in their explanations.

  • Phone

Even though this is a bit outdated approach, there is something for everybody at GreenGeeks.

If you prefer hearing the explanation for yourself and if you like to be thorough and ask a lot of sub-questions, this option is the best one for you.

Issues are resolved in about 15 minutes, and phone support hours are quite reasonable.

GreenGeeks technicians are available from 9 AM to midnight on weekdays, and on weekends from 9 AM to 8 PM. Not bad, right?

It seems to me that you can’t be wrong if you choose GreenGeeks for your business website.

  • E-mail

Efficient and responsive technicians are ready to give you a helping hand.

There are different e-mails to choose from, depending on the problem. If you want to contact sales, support, billing or affiliates team or report abuse you can do it.

 5. GreenGeeks and Speed

Due to the latest technology GreenGeeks use, their server speed is excellent.

What they promise, they really deliver and that’s why they are the best for your business website!

Some of the reasons to choose GreenGeeks can be seen on the list below:

  • Using SSD hard drives instead of HDD, providing greater protection and performance.
  • 50 times better page loading time with optimized web and database servers.
  • Applications are served with better, tailor-made, in-house caching technology.
  • CDN, distributed servers allow you to have faster load times depending on your geographic location.
  • Enabled HTTP/2 and PHP 7, faster in-browser load times and execution times.

6. Free Domain Name Transfer and Website Migration

Another important feature and reason for choosing GreenGeeks is their completely free service of transferring data from your old hosting account to your new one. You will also receive detailed instructions from the GreenGeeks’ Site Migration team.

It usually takes anywhere from 1h to 48h to complete the process, and it all depends on the account size.

Another option that is available is to transfer your domain name, which is also free of charge.

When doing this, you have to provide certain pieces of relevant information such as: how was the domain registered, the expiration date, authorization code, is it locked or privately protected and are you the administrative e-mail contact.

7. Security

GreenGeeks guarantees that the data on your website is safe and secure, so it could be said that it is their strong suit.

For years, security has been one of the focal points of the company’s services and one of the reasons to choose GreenGeeks.

The servers are PCI compliant, redundancy is provided, there are pro-active server monitoring and real-time security scans, protection from spam is enabled, accompanied by automatic updates and nightly data backups.

The enhanced security can be seen in the following features:

  • A container-based approach is used, which means that every account has its own computing resource and secured virtual file. Due to this, accounts can’t affect one another, despite data traffic.
  • Accounts are unable to access other accounts thanks to the Secured virtualized File System.
  • Threats are easily identified by using real-time security scanning, advanced clustered threat analysis, and proactive server monitoring.

8. Pricing and what it includes

When it comes to pricing, the services GreenGeeks provide are affordable and you can choose between three types.

First, let’s talk about what you can get for the basic three options of Web hosting and WordPress hosting.

One of the reasons GreenGeeks is great for your business website is that you get a full refund after a 30-day trial period if you are not satisfied with the services.

Now, let’s go back to prices.

  • Shared hosting

Shared hosting comes with more than 20 features available, including unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The price of the Starter package is $9.95 per month.

When you upgrade to the Premium package, you get SSL certification, more physical memory, inodes and e-mails per hour.

  • Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is better for businesses that control more than one hosting account.

The main price of Reseller 10 Package is $19.95 a month; you get unlimited bandwidth and SSD web space. Accounts are provisioned on the platform and WHMCS billing system license is included.

The main difference between Reseller 10 Package and Reseller 50 Package is the number of control panels.

  • WordPress hosting

WordPress Starter Package is now only $2.95 per month.

You get unlimited disk space and bandwidth, e-mail accounts and hosted domains and a lot of other features.

The only difference between the Starter, Pro and Premium Package is that you get better performance when upgrading to these packages.

For instance, if we compare the Starter and Premium Package, you get 4X better performance if you choose the Premium Package.

9. Scalable Computing Resources

Last but not least, VPS upgrades are the thing of the past.

If you have a website that is growing, highly scalable VPS are invaluable.

One of the reasons why you should use GreenGeeks for your business website is if you want to scale it up to be more powerful.

By choosing to host your website on GreenGeeks’ platform, you still experience the same advantages as before, such as technical support, server maintenance, security, and backups.

10. Servers & 99.9% Uptime

Servers purchased by the company are of the highest quality.

The servers possess Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors that have 64GB DDR3 Ram with large SSD RAID-10 storage arrays.

Uptime is the most important feature for the company because it is the most important feature for the clients.

When hardware is damaged, there are nightly backups, so the data is safe until the websites are up and running.


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