Getting Started with Google Web Hosting

Building a website these days is easy and fun. If you decide to build a website by yourself from scratch, there are many tools available to help you out. From website builders through to content management systems, the pallet of website building application is enormous.

Today, I will introduce you to Google web hosting, and will show you how to create a website, email address, host images, videos, documents and other applications on Google.

Create your website with Google Sites

With Google Sites, you can create and host a website for free. This however, does not give you too many options to do with the website. There is couple of templates available you can choose from, but none of them look very professional. This is more for hobby and personal website. If you are looking to build your website with a professional site-builder, eHost has the perfect solution with over 1000 professional templates available.

Anyways, back to Google site building tool, here are the steps you have to follow to build your website with this free site building tool:

1. Choose a “domain”, actually a folder name on a sub domain

create google website choose template

2. Choose a free template you like

choose free template

3. Edit your website’s pages, create new pages

edit web pages

4. Upload photos, customize layout, add text

add images change text

5. Publish your site and share it with your friends

Free email service with Gmail

Google also allows you to host your emails with them via the Gmail service. This is a very popular, free email service, used by individuals as well by businesses. It is very handy to have a gmail account, because here you can receive emails from other email addresses as well you can send out mails from your other accounts that are added to gmail. To add a professional email address to Gmail, you will have access:

Settings > Accounts and Import > Add another email address you own

Once your email is set up correctly, you will be able to access emails via your business email from anywhere.

Host your images with Picasa web album

picasa web album free image hosting

If you are a photographer, or just want to store you family images online, the Picasa web album is a great way to manage, categorize and share your images with your friends. Picasa is a free online storage where you can upload as many images you want, can make your albums public or can restrict them to specific users. You can also add other users to your album to manage it. Picasa is a great tool to store your images online for free.

Upload your documents to Google Docs

For documents, presentations, excel tables or PDF files you can use Google docs as storage. Here you can upload and manage your files easily. You can restrict or give permission to your files to other users. If you need to store your files for quick access, Google docs is a great storage option.

Hosting applications on Google Project Hosting

google code project hosting

If you are a developer and working on an open source project, at Google Project Hosting you can upload your application for free. This was a very popular way to distribute source code over the internet in the past, but since GitHub has become popular, the Google Code is not used as much anymore. On top of that, Google decided to shut it down on January 25th, 2016. So if you have any projects hosted here, you should export it to GitHub. The tool offers a quick export feature that will automatically push your code to GitHub.

Upload your videos to YouTube

Whatever is a personal video taken on your vacation, or about your pet, or why not about your cute baby, and want to share with your friends, Youtube is the best platform to use. Youtube is also used by business, whose marketing strategy relies on video production and content creation.

Uploading videos to youtube instead of your hosting account can save up a lot of bandwidth and processing time. With Youtube, you can deliver your videos much faster to your target audience. Almost zero loading and waiting time, while on regular hosts this can be much longer.

Youtube is also used by many individuals who create video content for a living. Vlogging, creating video tutorials, making prank videos, has become so popular that most people switched to youtube instead of watching TV.

Final words: Is Google hosting right for me?

Google is one of the biggest tech companies. They create, test and improve their services all the time. Some of their services may not be as popular, while others are used daily by millions all over the world. Whatever you are an individual or business owner, you should consider using some of Google products, such as gmail, youtube and picasa. For website building, however you should consider getting a regular webhost, where you will get your own domain, professional email address and quality web design template. You should check out iPage for smaller websites, or InMotion hosting for larger business sites. For WordPress hosting I would recommend checking out BlueHost.


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.