How to Get More Customers for Your Online Store

After you created your online store as you wanted it, it is time to get more and more customers for your online business to increase your product sales and your revenues. There are different useful tips and tricks that can really help you improve your visits and your number of customers such as: internet marketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, social media and SEO.

Use of Internet Marketing

First of all, you really need to make research, especially regarding the level of customer satisfaction so you can ask your existing customer for feedback regarding your products, website, shipment, payment and other important aspects of your business. Don’t forget to ask your customers their age, gender, job, education, location, if they make the decision of buying alone or they consult with somebody and other similar things that you can use to filter them. You can also view the reports your website is generating regarding the number and value of sales, unique visits, what products are popular and so on. After you researched you customers, websites and products it is time to research how people find your products, maybe from referrals, social media, e-mail, text messages or word of mouth. In this step you identify what your customers and business needs and you connect the dots between them.

get more customers with internet marketing

Based on your research, you can focus on the most popular products to grow sales, but also on the least popular products to change them into something more attractive. You can even use customer filters so some products can be eligible only for women and others only for men for example. Depending on how people find your products you need to focus more or less to improve.

You can create mobile or browser games that are cheap, to make a simulation regarding your products sales for example you can make a game where people can design clothes and in this case you can see what colors and clothes they prefer.

After research, you need to focus on building a serious brand where products, features and services are well detailed and well customized so your brand is unique. This brand name and logo can be used at everything you make from reports, simulation games to products, websites and so on, making your shop even more popular.

Another way to use internet marketing is the affiliation where you give your customers an affiliation/referral link for other people to register and you offer your customers discounts or even money in exchange. Internet service provider companies, especially hosting companies, use a lot of these marketing methods to increase their number of customers, but also to increase their number of orders for each customer.

The most used method to increase customers are ads, either Google Adwords or others. You can select which type of website you want your ads on, the images and the text for your ads. You need to understand the value of time to succeed with this method, so don’t put ads at 3.00 in the morning because almost nobody will see them and you still pay them. Depending on your products, you should consider seasons for winter or summer products.

At every sold item you can offer a bonus one, low in value, but interesting enough to make your customers buy more because they like the idea of receiving bonus items, such as a simple calendar for office products.

You can offer free shipping if the order is bigger than a specific value or if the client is from a specific country like pizza companies usually offer for their clients in cities.

You can create fidelity programs where loyal customers get discounts or even free products because they are your clients for several years or because they bought various products from your online store.

Depending on how much you invest in marketing and where you invest, you can bring a lot of popularity near your brand, but also you can spend a lot of money and get 0 results so you need to really use your head.

The Power of E-mail Marketing

how to get more customers email marketing

Depending on the platform you use either WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart or others, you can use additional plugins for newsletters and even MailChimp integration for improved newsletters. Each CMS has plugins specific for newsletters where you can create templates and to schedule messages for your customers.

MailChimp also offers different reports and you can even send manual newsletters using Gmail that offers the possibility to integrate your personal e-mail with the one of your online store e-mail. Using Chrome browser and Sidekick plugin you can see statistics regarding your manual e-mail such as who opened or not the newsletter.

It is very important to write the content of the newsletter in a proper way starting from the header with shop logo and title, then next you can use two or more columns to feature the desired products where you put a thumbnail for each product and a short description. Don’t forget to put in footer buttons to social media and links for Contact page, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Shipment pages and other important static pages.

With MailChimp you can make lists depending on filters so you can create different e-mail templates for male customers, under aged customers and so on and then to automatically schedule to send them at different hours.

You Should Definitely Consider Mobile Marketing

more traffic with mobile marketing

A very useful marketing method is the mobile one where you can send text messages to people asking them to enter to your online store or you can even call them and have a little chat with them regarding their needs and maybe you can offer them products from your store. There are call centers who make these sort of calls and there are different online platforms where you can schedule text messages and customize them as you wish.

You can get phone numbers if you buy databases from other service companies or from the internet if they are available or you can try collect them with a proper contact form on your website.

You need to take care because sometimes people aren’t pleased that somebody they don’t know call them and have their phone number.

Connect with Your Potential Customers through Social Media

Another very used way to increase the number of customers for your online store is social media where you really need to make accounts, profiles and pages. Some of the most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

get more sales for your website with social media

Facebook offers you a business page for your store, but you can use also create a personal profile page to promote your shop. You can even post text, images, special animated images named gifs and videos with products and news regarding your website. Depending on the CMS you use for your online Store you can use modules for Drupal or plugins for WordPress that offers the possibility to automatically send published pages to Facebook and other social media. Facebook offers reports, message center, chat and even their own ads where you can make ads with your customized images and text sending customers to your post, business page or directly to your online store. On your Facebook page, you can create special button such as Contact or Shop that sends customers directly to the specific pages. If you use special Facebook third-party apps you can improve your business page even more creating polls, feedback forms and other things.

Twitter is usually used by teenagers and has a text limitation of 160 characters exactly as a text message, but people tend to offer more attention to Twitter messages because are shorter than other messages from different social medias. In Twitter and in Facebook you can create lists of friends/followers so you can make the New York list or the Male list and so on. For short announcements and brief product spoilers you should definitely use Twitter.

Instagram is used by mobile devices and usually people put pictures with themselves but you can put a picture with you and one of your product presenting it in a funny and creative way.

Since Youtube is for videos, you can use it create tutorials, reviews, previews and even news videos for your store and host them on your channel.

Each of these social medias have one or more mobile apps for users, Facebook has even four apps, a Messenger for chat, a Page Manager for business page, a Facebook app for the wall and a Group Manager for groups where you can manage your own group created for your online stop.

SEO – Optimizing Your Website for Organic Web Traffic

generate traffic and sales with seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contains all the methods I already wrote, but also different techniques to write content and to structure pages such as bold, italic or underline words, keywords, descriptions, titles, friendly links, headers and so on.

Also SEO has an off-site part where you manage link exchanges, banner exchanges, guest posts and other ways to send customers to your website from other ones. A good idea is to write ads with your products to different classified ads or to make useful comments through blogosphere where you wrote the store’s homepage also.

The most useful SEO trick is to have a blog where you can write what others wrote about your products and brand but also your own personal opinions regarding your products.

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