Can You Really Get More Clients With YouTube?

Producing valuable content is a surefire way to get attention on the Internet. We want to get the word out so that more and more people can hear about it. We want to gain their trust by giving them information about what we do, how we do it, how they can help themselves and more importantly, how WE can help THEM.

While providing value to everyone who comes across our content, we seek the chance to turn them into our clients. That starts out by us giving them something for free, something they can use, something they’ll surely find valuable. If we manage to get them to say, “Hmm, this is actually pretty impressive!” we have made the first step to getting a new client.

However, doing so requires some valuable information and we still have to package that information into a format that will engage the user. This further encourages them to consume our content and they might even consider buying what we have to offer.

The most powerful formats are the ever classic written content, images, infographics and video. Here, we are going to talk about the latter; how you can create videos and leverage the power and the boost they can give to your marketing endeavors.

How YouTube Videos Can Attract Clients

What do you do when you want to gain knowledge about something? You use Google of course, the largest search engine on the Internet. It’s sure to help you get what you want. But do you ever think about using the second largest search engine in the process?

No, I’m not talking about Bing. It’s YouTube that has the second largest search engine and it exclusively serves the users with video content. But that isn’t the only thing that makes it a worthy investment of time and effort.

Consider this. How would you rather consume anything? Read through multiple sentences and waste energy on reading and processing words or do it simply by a watching video, enjoying commentary and having an overall more lively experience?

Over 70% of Internet users prefer watching videos to reading; hence your answer why leveraging the benefits of YouTube and the video medium is an awesome idea for your business. ComScore’s study found that 167 million people watch online videos on a regular basis in the United States.

Who wants to read through long articles and reviews when you can watch helpful YouTubers instead? It is the place where the most “How to” questions are asked and where people look for the best answers.

Also, and this might come as a surprise, we are all human beings. Any sort of information presented with a face and a voice, a personality, has a lot more influence over us than any kind of written word. Using video helps us immensely in gaining people’s trust.

Video drives engagement, it has the power to make people listen and learn. It has a lot more potential than books and newspapers, in terms of user experience.

Studies show that video content drives customer interaction, increases referrals, drives sales and builds brand. According to some only studies, about 95% of every company that used video content has been satisfied with the results.

So how can we use that to our advantage?

We obviously have the potential and the power to influence our users, so how can we do it in a way that is beneficial for both them and us?

If you use YouTube the right way, you can reach people who would have been unreachable otherwise. This is because of the emotional power that a video packs. You can use this platform to let clients find you comfortably.

How Can You Properly Engage Your Audience?

Videos provide a lot of creative space for you to show your visitors and potential customers something that they want to see and that will inspire them to reach out to you.

Show Them What You and Your Company Do

People love to take a look behind the scenes. They’ll be interested to see little details of your company, even what a usual day in the office looks like. They will love to hear long talks about how you conduct business, how you treat your colleges, business partners and clients. Potential clients just love to get inside your head and hear about your world view, what you know about your industry and how you function inside it.

Create the video in a way that it speaks to THEM; give your audience tips and show them why they should be interested in your brand and doing business with you. Make these videos in a conversational way. Ask them questions like:

  • What do they need help with?
  • What do they want to know or see?
  • What questions do they have for you?

Invite them to start a discussion in the comments. Also, advise them to ask you questions through their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Rather than trying to figure out what people want or need, ask them directly. Creating these videos will give your brand a face and a voice, something that is incredibly valuable in the long run and will eventually gain you more clients.

Make It About Them, Not You

Don’t waste their time by listing your products and services or any of that stuff. Think about what you can offer to them right then and there. Use your experience and seek to help certain people, such as someone who tries to build a business from scratch.

Have a Target Audience

Trying to make viral videos that everyone will know and love isn’t a bulletproof plan. Your business isn’t built for anyone and it probably isn’t based on entertaining cat videos or social experiments. You don’t want to focus on millions of people who would watch your video, entertain themselves and move on. You’ll want to focus on a small percentage of people who will actually use and pay for your services.

Define who these people are and how you can catch their interest.

Mix It Up With Different Types of Videos

Whatever you’re doing on the Internet, writing books, posting photographs or making videos, the more content you produce on a regular basis, the better things will work for you. It’s not just about making the same types of videos over and over again; you’ll have to diversify your content as much as possible.

Be flexible in your approach and think about the various angles you can approach your subject from. Think of anything relevant and make videos about it. Share some of your personal life as well, where you live, people you hang out with, and new people you have met. Share just about anything that you think is worth sharing with your audience.

Gary Vaynerchuk gave a simple yet valuable advice for all content creators on the Internet, “document versus edit”. It’s much easier and more useful to do simple vlogs that require minimal editing, than produce content that requires long hours of editing.

So document your journey, give your potential clients something to be excited about.

Use Clear Call To Actions

You shouldn’t make 5 to 10 minute videos about you talking about yourself and your work. They aren’t just eye candy; they have been uploaded for a purpose. What do you want them to do for you?  Send you an email? Subscribe to your email list? Follow your Facebook or Twitter page? Whatever it is that you want, you can always ask them at the end of your video in a form of a clear call to action.

Just be sure to make the process as easy and as straightforward for them as possible.

Keep Your Videos Short And Straight To The Point

Users will be looking to solve a problem by learning something through a video or seeing something interesting. So it is important that you skip any useless rambling and get to the subject of your video as quickly as possible.

People want things fast on the Internet and they won’t be shy to click away from your video if you bore them or if they think that you’re only using click bait instead of offering actual value.

So, depending on what kind of content you serve them, keep your video as short as 2-5 minutes and only make them longer if it’s absolutely necessary.

Be You, Be Authentic

While this might sound a bit cliché, it is one of the things that will get people to watch you. No one wants to see you act out roles and play pretend in front of your camera. They want to see the real deal. They want an honest opinion from a person who is willing to give it to them.

Neither you nor your videos have to be perfect. There is a reason for the saying “Perfection Kills Progress” and in an environment like YouTube, there is a lot of truth to this statement. If you work too much on creating the perfect video, instead of just being yourself and doing what you want, you’re actually killing your progress.

Guess what, imperfection is a human characteristic, sharing some bloopers and goofy stuff will only make your audience like your videos more. This will help you gain even more trust, eventually.

So make sure that you’re speaking your own mind and not using someone else’s script. Don’t try to give people what you think they will expect and talk about the truth instead. This will take you a long way and as I already mentioned, it helps in gaining people’s trust. This way, you can eventually establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry or niche.

Edit Your Videos

Note that I said “minimal editing” in the “document vs. edit” section, but editing your videos properly is of key importance. You have to make sure that they are ready for presentation and that they offer a quality viewing experience. Add subtitles and some minor effects that are a perfect match for your content.

Also, make sure that you’re filming your videos in a nicely lit room and keep them short and snappy as well.

Do Live Videos and Sessions

YouTube, Facebook and Google Hangouts offer the possibility to engage with your audience through a live video session. You can set up Google Hangouts to automatically broadcast your session on YouTube as well. You can hold a long Q and A with your audience, answering every question they have.

You can also hold live webinars or a free class, where you teach them something new and let them ask you live questions. Create an individual Google Event, a page even and ask people to join.

It’s needless to say that live video is an incredibly powerful, probably the most powerful feature that drives the most engagement and gets the most attention from your audience.

Be Consistent With Posting Your Videos

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter have been designed to give more attention to those profiles that post content more often.

The more videos you post, the more views and attention you’ll be getting. It’s that simple. It will also send a positive message about you and your business and give the impression that your work is fast and efficient. It will also keep visitors coming back for more.

This is one of the surefire ways of establishing yourself as a reliable source of information.

Make Tutorials

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people are looking to learn new skills from YouTube. Anything you already know how to do might be valuable for someone else around the world. Tutorial videos are much better than videos where you showcase your products.

Focus on Keywords

Keywords are the words that users type into the search bar when they’re looking for some kind of content. Consider their search terms and think about how they would look for the video and the information you offer.

If your video is titled “How To Make a Birthday Cake” then your targeted keywords would be “birthday cake”, “make cake”, “bake a cake”. Put plenty of keywords into your video’s description box, tags and headline box.

Post Videos To Your Blog

YouTube can also be used to attract a lot of traffic to your website by leveraging its huge community. You probably have a website, so why wouldn’t you direct some of your viewers to it?


Don’t ever overlook the marketing power that video possesses. Written content is still very effective, yet every marketing plan has proven to have better results by implementing video content as well. Fortunately, producing video is easy and free, so anyone can do it with a decent camera. Although it does take creativity and skill to produce good videos, but that is something you can learn in the process. Making videos is a very powerful way of marketing a business and building a brand, so you’ll definitely benefit from investing time and effort into it. If you keep in mind at least some of the tips we gave, you’ll be successful!

I hope that this article answered your question and was fun to read through!


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.