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Gator Website Builder Review

Here you can find my review on Gator Website Builder, the all-in-one site building tool offered by HostGator. If you want to setup a simple site, a blog or online store, with Gator you can get it done easily. Try out Gator today!
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HostGator just launched their brand new product: the Gator Website Builder. The frustration-free, drag and drop website builder enables their users to build and launch a website with ease.

What is Gator Website Builder?

Gator is the all-in-one website building and hosting solution, filled with tons of useful features. This website builder is very intuitive, easy to use and help its users to get started quickly.

The Gator site builder is available with 3 plans:

  • Gator Starter Plan – from $3.84 / mo
  • Gator Premium Plan – from $5.99 / mo
  • Gator eCommerce Plan – from $9.22 / mo

Each Gator plan comes with the following features:

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Web hosting
  • Free domain name
  • Customizable templates
  • Website statistics and analytics
  • Marketing ad credits

In addition to these features, the Gator Premium Plan includes priority support, while the eCommerce Plan is built for setting up an online shop.

Whether you want to build a simple website, a blog or online shop, Gator offers you everything you need to get started online.

The Gator website builder is backed by HostGator’s powerful and reliable web hosting service. You can upgrade your hosting plan as your website grows.

Why You Should Choose Gator?

I know that all the hype is around building websites with WordPress. According to builtwith.com, WordPress is powering over 22 million websites.

WordPress is very easy to use, but still there are many people, who find WordPress too techy and too complex for their needs.

There are many users, who want to build a simple website without spending hours to learn a software such as WordPress.

For them, Gator is the perfect solution.

Here are 10 reasons you will love Gator Website Builder:

  • Drag-and-drop elements.
  • More than 200 professional design templates to choose from.
  • Mobile-friendly design templates.
  • Stock photo library included and integrated.
  • Integrated website analytics and tracking.
  • Easy blogging feature.
  • Build an online store using our ecommerce functionalities.
  • Add and manage all your social media accounts.
  • Website Security with free SSL certificates.
  • No ads (unlike other website builders).

How to Get Started with Gator Builder?

Getting started with Gator is very easy. The signup process takes just 1 minute:

  1. Choose a domain name you want to register (you will get it for free)
  2. Choose a plan that is suitable for your needs
  3. Fill-in payment and billing information
  4. Click the Confirm Purchase button

After successful payment, you will receive the confirmation email, which contains all the login details to your account.

Now, you can go ahead and start building your website:

  1. Login to your control panel and go to My Sites
  2. Click on Create Your Website button to get started
  3. Choose a design from the library
  4. Use the drag and drop editor to edit and customize the chosen template
  5. Create the pages you need: homepage, contact page, about page, etc…
  6. Add a blog to your site and publish a blog post (you can add multiple ones)
  7. Publish your website by pressing a button

You can always come back to the editor and perform new modifications if you want.

The Gator eCommerce Store

If you want to setup store to sell online, you will have to purchase the Gator eCommerce Plan. The other two plans do not include this feature.

To enable the store function, in the editor mode, go to the “Store” page and click the start button.

The store has all the necessary features you will need to sell online such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Coupons
  • Sales reporting
  • Invoicing


Overall, Gator is a great website builder, offering all the basic features that you need to set up a website and certainly more advanced ones too.

You can choose from a number of quality and modern templates, which can be customized to your preference.

Unlike other website builders, Gator is very advantageous:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Large number of beautiful, responsive designs
  • It is cost effective, starting at only $3.84 / month
  • Can accept PayPal through the Store
  • Customize almost any aspect of your site

Gator website builder is perfect for individuals or small business owners, looking to setup a website on their own quickly, without the time-consuming process of learning WordPress or other content management system.

Gator is not for you, if you want to expand your website in the future and need other functionality than a blog and online store.

Gator Website Builder Review

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