7 Free Stock Photo Sources to Tune Up Your Website’s Content

Having images on your website is essential; however an image in high quality can be quite expensive. There are different big stock agencies, like Shutterstock with its 89,000,000 quality images, or Dreamstime with more than 300,000 photographers and 44,000,000 photos.

Both agencies offer different plans to their users, for example you can buy 5 images at Shutterstock for $39. If you need many images, you need to pay quite a big amount, so it is better to find a free alternative to get images.

In this new series we will show you free image sources where the images that you are going to find can be used for personal and commercial use too. Using these online resources you can keep your costs low, so you can use your money to upgrade your website, instead of paying for images.


bigfoto com free stock images

Bigfoto.com was launched in 2000, when there were not too many big image sharing websites on the internet. The site owners wanted to collect and share great photos with everyone, that’s why they chose that site name.

The site layout is super simple, the menu items are named after continents and different themes, and there is a Misc menu item available as well. The submenu items are various, for example America menu has 8 submenus: New York City, San Francisco, California, Las Vegas, Florida, Canada, Eskimos and Rio de Janeiro, while Africa menu’s submenus are: South Africa, Egypt, Mauritius, Ghana and Tunisia,

Bigfoto has a really simple copyright policy; you can use its images for free, both for personal and commercial purposes. The only thing you need to do is add its links to your website, indicating that the site is the source of the images.

In case you don’t have a website but you want to use the Bigfoto images, you should click on the Facebook like or Twitter buttons on the website instead.


clker com free clip art for any use

Clker.com is a website, where users share their vector clipart and photos with each other, under public domain license. The site’s copyright policy defines that Clker’s images can’t be used for adult related purposes, expressing hate towards people or groups, derogating, humiliating or condescending towards people or groups.

The site also has a simple, but unique layout and design. At the top of main page you can find the free clipart categories, while the free picture categories are listed below. You can also see the newest clipart and image pieces on the main page, as well as the most popular clipart files.

Clker.com is more than a website where users can upload their clipart or images; it has a Draw menu item, which launches an advanced paint tool. You can draw your own clipart with different tools, such as a pencil, line, rectangle, ellipse, etc. The use of this special paint is quite simple, and you can also control it and switch between the tools by pressing the related button on your keyboard.

By saving your freshly made clipart piece, you automatically dedicate it under public domain.

Clker.com is definitely one of the best places, where you can find clipart in all categories.


death to stock free premium images

DeathToTheStockPhoto is a really unique image source. Unique, since you can’t browse the images, the website rather chooses different ways of sharing images.

Once you arrive to the website, you will only see some text and a text field, where you can enter your email address. By pressing the “Sign me up!” button, you subscribe to the site’s newsletter, through which you will receive free images each month.

After subscribing, you will be redirected to a thank you page, where you get a free pack of images. By clicking on the downloading link, a zip file will be downloaded with 10 high quality images. At the time of writing the zip package contains 10 images with and impressive 5184x3456px resolution.

The end user license of Death to the Stock Photo can be downloaded from the site, it shows that the given images can be reproduced, inserted into collections and distributed freely.


every stock photo free image download

EveryStockPhoto is a search engine where you can search for images with special licenses. The site is online since 2006 and offers free membership too. It is recommended to register an account, since members can rate, tag and comment the photos.

The website uses several free licenses to display the free images, like several Creative Commons, GNU, public domain and other free license types. You can see the licensing information on all images’ subpage; it is shown under License tab. Those photos which are listed from an Everystockphoto partner, Fotolia are marked with a dollar sign and are available for sale.

Everystockphoto.com comes with a really simple layout; the main page shows a random image, some welcome text and a counter: at the time of writing this article there are 29,368,215 free photos in its database. On the left side you can see the most popular search terms too.

The website has a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account, however they are totally outdated. The last blog post was written on 19 October 2011 and there was no activity on their social media pages in the last 2 years.

Everystockphoto could be a good choice if you need photos even in the weirdest topics; however there are many low quality photos in the index as well.


foter premium stock photos for free download

Foter is a website which uses the Flickr API. This means that all of the Flickr images, which are under Creative Commons license, are shown on the website. The service also has a WordPress plugin that can be added to your WordPress site for free.

The layout of the website is very user friendly and easy to read. The main page shows a big search field, the main categories and some info text.

Each photo has a profile page where you can see the photo in a larger scale at the upper left corner. The right side of the page shows the available dimensions, with download and embedded links. By clicking on an embed link a new popup window appears, where you can set and align the size of the image. By clicking on the “Get the code” button you will get the customized html code, with automatically added copyright information.

Other details are also shown on the photo profile pages, like the original dimension, aspect ratio,       the author’s name, title and the original URL of the image. There is also a Check license box that shows the main details of the assigned license (is attribution required, can it be used for commercial purposes, or if modifications are allowed).

You can filter the images of a category or a search result by relevance, license type (commercial use or non-commercial) and color.


freerange good photos totally free

FreeRangeStock.com arrives with a really great and modern look where photographers can upload their own Google Adsense codes in order to earn money. The site has thousands of free images that can be used for commercial purposes too. Only redistribution, offering images for sale or offering them as parts of printed products are prohibited.

On the main page you can see the newest photos and also the categories, there are 30 of them. The search function lets you search for images by keywords or category, while you can sort them to see the newest or most popular items as well.

On Freeangestock all images have a subpage with the details. The detail page contains the image title, photographer’s name with a link to his/her portfolio, image information (dimension, size, views and ID), related categories and keywords. You can download the images from there or send them to PIXLR for editing.

PIXLR.com is an advanced online image editor tool where you can alter your images in many ways. Once you are finished with editing the image, you can download it to your computer.


free digital photos download

FreeDigitalPhotos.net lists free stock photos and illustrations, which can be used for websites, eBooks, newspapers, apps and many other uses as well. The images on the website are strictly checked to ensure that all of them are of the highest quality.

The pictures can be downloaded in smaller resolution (400px width) for free, but in this case attribution is required. The other option is paid, which is like the 400px version of the image but without attribution costs $3.

There are other available dimensions of the images for sale too, for example medium (640px) version for $5, large (1024px) version for $8 and high resolution (7360px) for $10. Extended license of images are also available for $75. The latter license is required for those usage methods, where customers choose the product because of the image (for example T-shirts, greeting cards, etc.).

Freedigitalphotos.net’s layout is very modern and super easy to navigate. The contrasts are great; the white-red-grey color combination is totally up-to-date. On the main page you can see a slider with hand selected images and also the thumbnails of popular and new images.

The site uses a clear, multilevel category system and the subpages of the images are detailed. It shows the chosen image in average size, with title, author name, date of upload and ID. On the right side you can see the above mentioned image dimensions and prices, while at bottom there is the description and the keywords.

This image source can be useful for those people, who are looking for hand-picked, high quality images for commercial use, even though they will need some money to buy them.

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