6 Free But Still Awesome Font Sources

Using great fonts is almost as important as having great images on your websites. Similarly to beautiful photos, special fonts can be bought for money. However, if you follow our new series about free font source, you can find new and amazing fonts for your website.

In this part we will write about 6 free but still awesome font sources, like Creative Market, Behance, FontCab, Fontennium, Fontstruct and Edge Web Fonts.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a marketplace for photographers, designers, web developers, programmers and other professionals, where they can sell their products to people. Currently there are more than 14,000 individuals who sell their best creations.

There, you can buy photos, graphics, templates, themes, fonts, add-ons and 3D objects. The font variety is quite impressive; there are fonts from more than 9,000 independent creators. There are vector fonts and web fonts as well; the price of these items varies from $2 to $500.

All items have a detailed subpage, where you can see which font or fonts are included in that package. The number of likes, author image and name, more items from author, license type, and date of creation, file types and sizes are also shown on the page. You can read the details as well.

Creative Market offers free goods as part of their marketing strategy, every week you can download 6 free items from their website. At the time of writing the website offers a free font, a WordPress theme, an add-on, a sampler graphics, a package of T-Shirt mockups and a motorcycle themed template.

The free items are as good as the others, so you won’t get weaker fonts and you don’t have to worry about that. To download the free stuff (and also to purchase items), you need to register an account, but you can use your Facebook account as well.


Behance is a website, where you can find professional products in 68 categories. It is one of the most common websites for pros to build up a portfolio and show off their talent. Tens of thousands of breathtaking designs, templates, images, etc. are listed on Behance so you can spend days exploring to find the right one.

The website does not offer a purchase option and there are no Font categories, but you can still use it to get free fonts. The only thing you should do is to visit the link above, and start searching based on the names of the entries.

This way you will get a search result page with many boxes, and you can select your favorite items and open them to read the details. On Behance each item’s subpage is different, and they can also be totally unique, as they are made by individual users.

Once you choose a free font, open the related subpage and read the details. In most cases there is a detailed description about the font itself, and a few images which will show how the font looks like. The creator of the creation also describes how you can get the free stuff, in most cases he or she asks you to like his/her Behance page or Facebook page and then you can download the font from Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud service, or write to the author’s email address.

Behance is a great option to get freebies and has an amazing portfolio of free and non-free items.


FontCab is the place that you definitely need to visit if you need free fonts for commercial use. The owners of the website wanted to create a place on the internet, where regular people and entrepreneurs can find free fonts in good quality, and they successfully accomplished this mission.

You can see hundreds or even thousands of free fonts on the site in 14 categories. The website layout is super clean and easy to read, the colors are eye-friendly.

Each font has a details page, where you can see the font face on an image, served along with the download link. If you want to leave a comment about the font, you should register an account on the website, it is powered by WordPress so you can really make one in a few seconds.

The details pages have tags and nothing else. As we mentioned before, it is a super clean layout where you can get your fonts in a very simple manner.

Even though FontCab is smaller than Behance or Creative Market, you should check it regularly or follow it via social media channels to be notified about the newest free fonts.


Fontennium is quite an old website with an old-school design and layout from the mid-2000s. The reason why it deserves a mention is its collection of historical fonts. You can’t find modern or web 2.0 fonts, but can download fonts in styles of alchemy, art nouveau, Celtic, Egypt, magic, Roman and more.

The old fashioned layout lists only the categories, which show the related font types below each other, with their corresponding images. There are no details pages, but you can download the fonts by clicking on their image, and receiving them in zip format.

If you are looking for historical fonts then Fontennium is definitely your site!


Fontstruct is a community website where members can create fonts by using the site’s advanced tool and share them with each other. The tool can be used for free for everyone and users can design fonts using geometrical shapes.

The site’s layout is nice and right on the main page; you can see an animation about how to use the font creator tool. The page also lists the last blog entries and newly created fonts.

There are almost 40,000 free user created fonts on the website and more than 3,600 were picked by staff as well. The fonts can be browsed by categories; there are 12 of them. You can list the available items by sorting them according to sharing date, number of downloads, balanced rating, rating, date of last edit, number of comment or favorites, number of characters or in alphabetical order.

Each font has a details page, where you can see the name of the creator and a counter also shows how many people liked the item so far. In the center area you can see the all of the font assets, so you can check which letters were added into the package. There are other counters as well, which show the number of downloads, comments or glyphs.

You can also find the description below the font preview area where user comments are also shown. To download the free font or comment on any pages you should register a free account first. It is a super quick process; you should choose only a username, a password and enter your email and after solving the captcha code, you can finish the registration with a click on the Sigh Up button.

Because the site is powered by a community, you will surely find really crazy fonts as well. For instance, at the time of writing there is a font in a style of Tetris bricks and also another one, which uses different kind of hearts instead of usual letters.

The fonts are covered by different license types, like Creative Commons or FontStruct licenses. You should check the exact license info at each of the fonts, since for example, Creative Commons allows you to use the items for commercial use, while a FontStruct license does not. And this is a really important difference!

Edge Web Fonts

Edge Web Fonts is powered by Adobe, the software giant and it is totally visible on the website layout. The design is great and usability is as convenient as possible.

There are more than 500 available web fonts which are powered by Typekit, Adobe’s commercial font service. This means you can be sure that all fonts meet the highest standards of quality and readability.

You can browse the fonts by clicking on the Get started button on the main page, or by choosing the Fonts menu item at the top. By doing this, you will be redirected to the list of fonts where you can sort them using several filters.

The fonts can be filtered by classification, like Sans Serif, Serif, Slab Serif, Script, Blackletter, Monospaced, Handmade or Decorative. You can list items as well, which are recommended for headings or paragraphs.

Selecting the fonts by applying different properties, like weight, x-height, uppercasing, width, contrast or figures is also a possibility. There is also another filter that can be used for filtering by language support. Currently you can look for fonts which support the Catalan, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian or Swedish languages. You can select one or all of the languages as well.

By clicking on a font type, a Use Selected Fonts window appears where you can see the details of your chosen font or fonts. The system auto-generates a HTML script element, which should be added to your website’s <head> section. By adding it, you won’t need to download the fonts; the script will download it remotely, from Adobe’s servers.

You will get font-family declarations automatically to each of the selected fonts, and you should use these declarations in your website’s CSS elements or files.

Adobe’s Edge Web Fonts is clearly your website if you need modern web fonts and you don’t want to struggle with downloading fonts and adding them to your webserver. The only thing you should do is choose one or more fonts and start using the generated CSS declarations.


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