How to Find the Quality of a Web Hosting Service Provider

First step to find a proper web hosting service and a domain name register for your website is to make research on the Internet so you will start asking friends and reading other online reviews about multiple hosting companies and their services, after that you will go the hosting companies website and look for further details such as price, resources, support, and so on.

There are at least 5 ways to find out if the quality of a specific web hosting service / company is good enough for your online project:

Originality – What Business Model They Apply?

Usually, a business to succeed needs to be original as much as possible offering creative and ingenious services or products presented in a different way and not identical like other competitors, the same case should be available to web hosting companies, but some of them don’t respect the first rule and they copy the entire competitors website, but also their entire infrastructure, prices, and service packages trying even to scam clients and to steal their card information and personal information.

If you see a web hosting company that has an original website with an unseen design, with beautiful colors, special animations, awesome menus, widgets, banners and interesting sidebars, icons and text, you found a nice web hosting company which proves how professional it is.

Originality is the first step because it shows if the team behind the hosting company really knows to do what it should know, additionally if you are looking also web developers to create your website besides hosting it and adding a domain name, their website should be really professional and unique.

Why you would use a web service company which doesn’t have its own ideas and it is lacking originality?

Is the Support Helpful?

You’ve already chosen a nice company that has an original website, but you should contact their support team regarding additional information and even make your order, only to test how the person behind the computer reacts to your questions and what type of person is he.

The ideal support team should answer to your ticket, e-mail or another type of request almost instantly offering you full responses without letting vital or not so vital information missing and, of course, they should be very polite and maybe offer other communication channels between you and them like Skype or telephone.

Sometimes, your problems can be a real pain in the ass, but still the support should make their job because they are paid and you also have paid for the products or services. In this case, if you see a member of the support team struggling with your problem, you should try to Google the problem and maybe suggest him the solutions you found through the internet or you can suggest him to send your problem to his boss that supposedly is better qualified to resolve it.

If your support doesn’t seem to answer to your problems fast enough or it isn’t even online or it doesn’t answer at all, then you chose the wrong company and you should search another one especially if they aren’t polite and don’t find answers to your questions or solutions to your problems.

Price, Renewal Cost, Hidden Fees

One of the most important motives to choose a good web hosting service / company is the price that sometimes is even the primary reason, people choosing web companies with bad support team and without originality just because they are cheap, but they don’t realize that their own business will be in the same manner: cheap, without originality and with a bad support. So, without quality.

Most of the time, if the price is too low, you should see that something is strange and you should either investigate further more to find out the reason of the price either avoid it because you really don’t need it.

You need to find the proper mix between all five elements that define quality so you should look at least after a web host company that has an average price, an average originality, and professionalism, an average support team, makes an average maintenance over their services and has an average quality. It is not a good idea to let one of them to be lower than average and the other to be higher, you should stick at the same level for all five elements.

Do They Regularly Maintain Their Servers?

After you set your budget and found a company with a proper and professional support team and originality, you should see how often the chosen company makes maintenance operations and if they upgrade their servers and services.

You need to take care because some of the companies use the “Maintenance” reason every time there are problems so technically their resources aren’t too good enough. In this case, some of them offer you multiple free features meaning that they want you to forget about the problems they just had, but even if you accept these free features you may have problem with them due to technical problems and then your website will be offline, making you lose clients, revenue, visitors and so on.

What about Performance & Uptime?

The last element is the quality of the services, so you should look after the ping, lag, and uptime, but also you should know that originality together with support, price and maintenance mixed will offer you quality. The real question is what type of quality? A good one or a bad one? For this, you need to follow the above tips and tricks and you need to really make a research and, in the end, a final report regarding all web hosting companies together with their prices, quality, support and other important elements. You can even create a table in Excel or other similar software and to compare each company and to mark the important things you found for each one by either bolding or changing the font colour to red, for example. Also, it is a good practice to not choose a web hosting company just following one single review or advice, you properly will choose wiser if you heard and read multiple reviews and various recommendations.

Don’t forget about things related common sense such as true prices, polite and social communication and a good solution for every kind of possible problem with the web host company is to register everything they say, either by copying emails, chat messages, Skype and Yahoo messages and tickets in a document or even to record Skype and telephone calls. Also, you should save invoices, contracts and other documents that you have made.

In the end, if you really have big troubles with the chosen company you should go to the authorities and try to find together the best suitable solution for you.

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