How to Find Best PHP Web Hosting Provider?

Accordion to Wikipedia, PHP is the most popular server side programming language to build websites with. In October 2010, about 75% of all websites and in February 2014 over 82% were using PHP. This popular, open source programming language is used from small trough to big, high complexity and large traffic websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and others.

The most popular content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are also built with PHP. OpenCart, osCommerce and other well-known open source shopping cart scripts are also using PHP language.

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Because PHP is so widely spread, many programmers choose to learn PHP as their first programming language. Believe it or not, all web hosting providers has support for PHP. So if you want to publish your PHP website or script online, literally any host can do the job. There are however couple of things to consider when buying PHP web hosting service.

Having such a large number of providers offering PHP hosting can drive the end user into an uncertain position. Evaluating each company’s features, php settings, prices and support is an endless task. To save you time, I made a list of the main aspects to consider for a PHP web host; I have also made a list of the best PHP hosting providers that I use.

Recognizing a good PHP hosting company

The choice of a PHP host does not differ much from the selection of a regular website hosting. First off, you need to know your own needs. What is important for your project and what you expect from a web host? In my opinion, your potential hosting provider should give answers to the following questions:

  • What versions of PHP are available on their servers?
  • Which extensions are available, is there possibility to add others?
  • How often backups are performed?
  • Does the host offer support for PHP?
  • Is the hosting package affordable?

If the hosting provider that claims to be a good PHP host but does not provide enough information to above questions, probably you should just move on. Now let’s analyze each question individual and find out why is important to know about PHP version, extensions, backup, support and price?

find php web hosting provider

PHP version: the host you are going to work with should offer multiple php versions, so you can decide which will be used on your account. It is important to have the option to update to latest PHP version as well. A hosting company that offers only older versions of PHP is not a good host. Updates are very important not only for security but also for performance improvement. It is also good to know when the company is performing a version update on their servers, because if you are running older version scripts, an update can lead into PHP errors and you want to avoid this by update your code.

PHP extensions: each hosting provider offer a number of PHP extensions. But does the install new extensions when user requires them? If your script or website needs a specific extension to run, make sure that your potential host has it installed. Regular users do not care about this, and probably extensions are not listed on the promo page. So if you cannot find information on a certain PHP extension do contact the host’s technical support. If they don’t know what you are talking about, do not bother with that host.

Backups: you should always have backups of your website and scripts. Even if the hosting firm offers daily backups, you should also have a copy of your PHP scripts and database eventually. Backups are good though, because you can do a quick role-back if something happens with your site.

PHP Support: usually a regular host account is not allowed to install new extensions or new php versions, so it is important to have the online support to help you out with that. To test their ability and skills in PHP, just ask them PHP related questions before you sign up. If they know the answers, you will be in good hands.

Price: when selecting a hosting plan, price is not the prior decisive element, but at some point you should take in consideration the cost of your hosting package as well. If you are going to purchase a shared hosting plan, the cost should be somewhere between $5-10 per month. Some hosting companies such as InMotion or BlueHost offer discounts for new customers, so you may take advantages of this as well. The cost of a VPS hosting plan starts at $20 paid on a monthly basis, while a dedicated PHP server may cost $150 per month. Please note that in the hosting industry higher price does not mean better service, in fact it is a rip-off.

Conclusion and recommendation of good PHP hosting

Probably you will have more questions to ask your potential host. Do not hesitate to do so, make sure that the hosting firm will serve you in any possible way; you are the customer and you chose them for a reason, so they should provide.

#1 InMotion Top PHP Web Host

InMotion is a good choice for any PHP project, their shared business hosting plan starts at $4.19 per month and they also offer VPS and Dedicated servers.


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